Hendrick’s Unusual Month of Reverse Courtship Review

Last Thursday, Hendrick’s gin rolled its way into Manchester’s Northern Quarter, and to the rather Hendrick’s esq venue of Apotheca. The reason? Hendrick’s were celebrating the unusual month of reverse courtship by holding special classes revolved around the do’s and don’ts on marriage proposal. Enjoying a couple of Hendrick’s and tonic’s whilst we waited for everyone to arrive, we all wondered what the night might entail. It turned out that we would be split into two groups, the girls stayed upstairs for the ‘Ladies School of Nuptial Conquest’, whilst the guys were taken to the downstairs bar area for the ‘School of Scoundrels’. Now I have to admit, this article will be rather bending towards what happened during the ‘School of Scoundrels’ as both classes were played out at the same time.

Mr David Pipers explaining the nights events

After making our way downstairs and enjoying another Hendricks and tonic, Mr Sebastian Fellows, our teacher, introduced us to his right hand women Violett, who would be demonstrating the art of how to avoid the inevitable question that women can ask. Scenarios played out included the various opportunities that women can grasp while enjoying a slow dance (for example, just as the lady is about to pop the question, you spin her away!), the nervous twitch a man can suddenly develop that leaves the woman feeling a tad uncomfortable, ‘the drop’ – where as she’s about to propose, you suddenly drop and catch her and completely change the subject, and the last act of being caught totally unawares – counteracted by asking your own question (the ruder the better) which culminates in a slap. Mr David Pipers, ‘Hendrick’s Commander of Special Operations’ and host for the evening, also gave his own tip on how to counteract your lady – repeat everything she says in a sexual innuendo tone, eye brow raising for effect!

Sebastian had us all interacting and taking part in the scenarios, asking us to come up with various reasons and excuses to counteract this unusual proposal. Once ready, we were then taken upstairs and ‘unleashed’ upon the waiting ladies and their unsuspecting question, complete with a Hendrick’s ‘guys only’ cocktails, the aptly named ‘Last Word’.


Violett and Sebastian going through the scenarios

Last Word

20ml Hendrick’s Gin
20ml Maraschino Liqueur
20ml Green Chartreuse
20ml Fresh Lime Juice
Combine all in shaker and shake hard over ice. Strain into ice filled Rocks glass and garnish with a slice of cucumber.
Adapted from a cult classic cocktail – prohibition era. Created at the Detroit Athletic Club. Not that well documented, but normally served straight up in a martini glass. Shouldn’t work when you look on it on paper, but works a treat – nice balance of spirit, herbal and sweetness. Finish that lasts forever – and hopefully till your lady gives up!

Due to the amount of interaction Hendrick’s had us involved in, I have uploaded all the videos of the ‘lessons’ from both the ‘School of Nuptial Conquest’ and ‘School for Scoundrels’ here.

Check out my Facebook page for more photos of the event here.

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