Magellan Gin Tasting Notes

Have you always wondered if gin was practically colourless? Well Magellan gin will give you a surprise.

Using the inspiration of Ferdinand de Magellan in 1519, who circumnavigated the world to explore the ‘spice islands’ and the several barrels of cloves that were brought back, the Magellan gin is hand crafted in small batches using natural exotic botanicals at the Angeac distillery in France. Using the rich wheat grain of Capet from the Beauce valley and the spring water drawn from the Gensac spring in the Cognac region that is naturally filtered through grande champagne limestone, the two are triple-distilled by hand in a copper pot still. Eleven botanicals (cloves, juniper, cinnamon, cassia, coriander, orange peel, liquorice, grains of paradise, cardoman and nutmeg) are sun-dried and added to the head of the still and the spirit is distilled for a fourth time. Once the distillation process is complete, the Magellan gin is infused with natural Iris root and flower which gives the spirit its distinctive blue colour.

So this award-winning (Gold medal in the Super-Premium category at the Gin Master competition 2008) gin looks good, but how does it taste?

Magellan Gin

Magellan Gin – 44%

Very light on the nose with a sweetness being released slowly. Lots of floral flavours of cloves and juniper creates a fantastic longevity with a good burst of freshness but does end with a heavy dryness.

With lots happening if you were to have Magellan on its own, does it create any obstacles in creating a cocktail? Try out some of these recipes and judge for yourself!

Pacific Blue Martini



Ingredients –

60ml Magellan
Splash of Vermouth

Method –

Shake and strain into a Martini glass. Garnish with lemon peel

The Cerulean

Glass –


Ingredients –

75ml Magellan
15ml fresh lemon juice

Method –

Place 4-5 ince cubes into Martini glass. Stir and strain over ice with garnish of lemon twist

If you fancy getting your hands on a bottle, you can purchase one here. And check out the rest of the photos from my photo shoot at The Circle 360 via my Facebook page.

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