Pink Pigeon Tasting Notes

Theres some spirits in the world that take their name from various sources. Bacardi has the Catalan wine merchant Facundo Bacardí Massó, Tanqueray has Charles Tanqueray, Amarula is named after its primary ingredient and Pink Pigeon after a rare Mauritian bird. Theres a Pink Pigeon in the world I hear you cry? Yup, these endangered birds fly freely on the Isle of Mauritius and have inspired the name of this spiced rum where some of the worlds finest sugar cane is produced.
To carry on the trend of rarity, Pink Pigeon is also one of the very few rums in the world that is distilled 5 times compared to the usual 3, and is also produced in the oldest distillery in Mauritius, first founded in 1926. Pink Pigeon also uses the second most expensive spice in the world, natural Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar and Reunion Islands, that is blended for six months by Master Blender Alain Chatel. Launched in Mauritius in December 2010 and the rest of the world in February 2011 by the Indian Ocean Rum Company and Berry Bros. & Rudd Spirits, it has become a staple of the premium rum category as well as giving a vanilla twist to many a classic rum cocktail.

So with it standing out from other premium rums in both is production and name sake, how does it fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Pink Pigeon – 40%

Instant soft vanilla hits the nose with smooth hints of exotic spice following. Both evolve slowly as it hits the palate with slight kicks of the spice around the edges as it gives an extremely long finish. Very balanced between the sweetness of the vanilla and hints of nutmeg.

Pink Pigeon is recommended to be served in the classics of Daiquiri’s or Mojito’s, or even slightly chilled, however to become more adventurous, ask your bartender to serve up one of these recipes –

Pink Pigeon Punch – serves 4



Ingredients –

200ml Ping Pigeon
2 Lemons
20ml Agave Nectar
200ml Watermelon juice
Ginger Beer top

Method –

Pour all ingredients into a jug and top with ginger beer.

Pink Pigeon Punch

Passionate Pigeon

Glass –


Ingredients –

50ml Pink Pigeon
50ml Lychee Juice
1/2 Pressed Lime
1 Passion Fruit
Ginger Beer

Method –

Shake all the ingredients together and top with ginger beer

Some great recipe ideas from this already award-winning rum, winning a gold medal for ‘Best Packaging’ at Harpers’ Wine and Spirit Design Awards 2011 and a bronze medal at this year’s ‘International Cocktail Challenge’. So if your after something a little different, rather unique (As part of the conservation effort, Pink Pigeon Rum
is a contributor to the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation) and to be fair doesn’t break the bank either, it’s the perfect addition to not only your own collection, but to a drink in your favourite bar.

Special thanks to The Circle Bar 360 for the back drop of the bottle photos.

Check out Steven James’ take on the rum world here.

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