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An essential part of Drinks Enthusiast is giving the rest of the UK the chance to experience the delights that the drink world has to offer. With this, I have developed a portfolio of brands that I focus on and promote to the wider community, primarily in the north of England. Of course, I will happily share any brand that wish to make a mark on the UK, but the brands below are names that you will see in most of my promotional activities –


Langley’s No.8 is a unique gin made with a secret blend of 8 botanicals, harvested at their freshest. It is hand crafted & distilled in a small English-produced pot still. Blended by expert craftsmen with 100% English Grain Spirit and delivers a smooth, rounded finish with just the right balance of alcohol.
The Old Tom expression was released 2016, featuring 11 botanicals to a traditional recipe.


rhum-st-barth-3-typesRhum St. Barth

Three expressions of agricole hailing from the island of St. Barts. Created using filtered sugarcane juice and matured within re-charred ex bourbon, Cognac or whisky barrels.

Range include Blanc, Ambre and Authentique.

14390948_1107406612678788_113164285531111931_nWarner Edwards

W.E. are Tom Warner and Sion Edwards – great friends and craft distillers. Both sons of farmers who met at Harper Adams Agricultural College, they decided several years ago to swap the big world of fresh produce for an exciting venture of their own – creating a legendary farm-distilled gin. Produced in small batches, this handcrafted elixir is crafted using a combination of the natural spring water from the Warner family farm in Northamptonshire, pure grain spirit, 11 glorious botanicals and elderflower handpicked from the Warner and the Edwards farms in England and Wales.

Range include Harrington Dry, Sloe, Elderflower, Melissa and Rhubarb.

product-rangeDouble Dutch Mixers

Double Dutch started by Dutch twins Raissa and Joyce de Haas, offers an innovative range of premium soft drinks that are specifically developed to compliment higher quality gins, vodkas and tequilas. Double Dutch currently offers 7 carefully crafted flavour combinations – Watermelon & Cucumber, Pomegranate & Basil, Indian tonic water and a slimline tonic water plus Cranberry Tonic, Ginger Beer and classic Soda. All Double Dutch drinks are 100% natural, low in sugars and made with the highest quality ingredients, making these the perfect enhancement to your spirits.



Aprendiz was born for those who wish to be initiated into the mystic journey of mescal and learn the art of art of living intensely. Each bottle contains the magic that accompanies Pescador and Santa Sabia distillery family. After this travel, you will be able to find the wisdom within yourself. Every sip is a world to to make the most of.

pisco_lad1Macchu and La Diablada Pisco

Macchu Pisco is a Peruvian pisco made from Quebranta grapes and then rested for one year to allow the spirit to mellow and reveal its true character. It’s sister La Diablada is a blended pisco made from Italia, Moscatel, Quebranta and Torontel grapes. Each of these is distilled separately and then rested for two years.

Maestria Brands – Junique and Vermood, Kentos and Enosis Mastiha

Junique (17% ABV) is a unique combination of white wine and natural juniper extract. An impressive co-existence which gives us a rich, special flavour – a result of the cooperation of M. Iliopoulos, A. Oikonomakos and Tentoura Castro distillery.

In 1939, Panagiotis Hahalis aromatised vermouth with herbs from Chios island and transferred the distillery and its recipe from Chios to Patras which is famous for its muscat grape varieties. Today, from the cooperation of the Tentoura Castro distillery, A. Oikonomakos and M.Iliopoulos, VERMOOD emerges, in which the old recipe is perfected and acquires a modern mood.

Enosis (30% abv) is the premium and superfine liqueur of the Chios Mastiha Growers. This rich liqueur brings together a fresh bouquet of herbaceous tones, woody essences and minerals, tied together by a sophisticated sweetness. It can be enjoyed chilled and also has tremendous potential as a versatile and unique spirit for mixed drinks.
Kentos (20% abv) is the premium and authentic mastiha liqueur of the Chios Mastiha Growers. It is a crystal clear spirit with a unique sweet taste, whose full range of herbal tones and tree essences are beautifully pronounced when served chilled and neat in a shot glass.

Brands I have worked with previously include –

Chairman’s Reserve, Casco Viejo, Gabriel Boudier, G’Vine, Excellia, Siete Leguas, Sette Vie, Roberto Cavalli, Esprit de June, West Winds, Maidenii, Snow Queen

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2 Replies to “Brand Development”

  1. Je vous propose mes competences. Andrea Gogova, linkedIn, facebook (en phase terminale)
    étouffé d’olives sous une chute d’huile d’olive
    égorgé d’olives sur les pates (cake avec pates de panda)
    olives dans la gorge (d’épices) (gâteaux salés)
    surf d’olives sur les pates
    olive au fond d’une gorgée de vodka noire
    vodka glacial: olive dans une goutte (sorte de sucettes à la vodka)
    des olives aux mains (avec des rillettes)
    e-touffe des pates aux olives noires sus et sous parmesané
    salmon étoufé d’olives
    scene, fete:
    duel d’olives et vodka noirs en absolut
    funérailles d’olives au cercueil ventilé
    olives dans les cellules
    trot d’olivettes au cantal
    glissade d’olives dans les fauilles de riz

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