Patrón Tequila Announces the Global 2019 ‘Margarita of the Year’

DynastyMargarita_onWhiteAfter months of voting from all over the world, Patrón Tequila has revealed that the Dynasty Margarita, created by Jay Khan from Hong Kong, has been voted the 2019 ‘Margarita of the Year’.

Jay Khan, bartender at COA in Hong Kong, created a stunning twist on the Margarita, inspired by ingredients that are native to or influential in Chinese cuisine. The Dynasty Margarita is a blend of the ultra premium Patrón Silver tequila, Patrón Citrónge Orange liqueur, St-Germain, fresh lime, ginger syrup and fresh lychees.

The search for the Patrón 2019 ‘Margarita of the Year’ kicked off with eight of the world’s top bartenders showcasing their very own twist on a perfect Margarita, each inspired by the flavours and culture of their home town. People were invited to vote for their favourite, and the website showcased beautiful imagery and cocktail videos to encourage people to try the Margaritas for themselves.

Talking of his cocktail, Jay explains: “The Dynasty Margarita took inspiration from the beautiful scenes of my city, Hong Kong. Ginger and Lychee are very traditional Chinese ingredients, and combined with the fresh agave notes of Patrón Silver tequila, it creates a citrusy and sweet margarita. I wanted to bring to life traditional Chinese ingredients and to showcase the true versatility of the spirit and of the margarita. I am so glad that the public were able to see the inspiration behind my creation and grateful for all the votes that made my cocktail ‘Margarita of the Year’ 2019. I’m so excited to continue making Hong Kong proud and showcasing all that it has to offer through delicious and exciting cocktails.”

Lee Applbaum, Chief Marketing Officer of Patrón Spirits International, talks of Jay’s win: “I have been constantly impressed by the talent and creativity each bartender has showcased throughout the entirety of this year’s campaign. The Margarita is an iconic cocktail that is perfected when made with Patrón Tequila. We are constantly striving to create new and exiciting twists to this cocktail and each of these bartenders have helped us further achieve this goal through their innovative creations. To choose the winner of 2019’s ‘Margarita of the Year’ would have been a difficult task for anybody, but the public have spoken for who they believe deserves the title and it most certainly does not disappoint.”

Enjoying a Dynasty Margarita will transport you to the vibrant streets of Hong Kong.

To try the Jay Khan’s Dynasty Margarita why not make one at home with this recipe:


30ml Patrón Silver tequila
10ml Patrón Citrónge Orange liqueur
10ml oz St-Germain
15ml Fresh lime juice
7ml Ginger syrup, such as Liber & Co.
7ml Lychee syrup*
+ Grapefruit salt rim**
+ Lime twist for garnish
*Lychee syrup: empty a can of peeled/pitted lychees into a blender. Blend until
completely liquified, then strain through a mesh strainer to remove solids.

1. Rim a rocks glass with grapefruit salt
2. Combine liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake to chill
3. Strain onto fresh ice in a rocks glass
4. Garnish with a lime twist

The 5th Patrón Perfectionists Cocktail Competition Launches for 2019

Perfectionists - Yeray Monforte's Wind cocktail

The Patrón Perfectionists Cocktail Competition is back with an even broader global reach, as this year contestants will hail from thirty countries and Cruise Liners across six continents, to compete to create a cocktail worthy of a perfectionist.

Inspired by the perfectionists who craft each bottle of Patrón, the competition is aimed at those in continuous search of perfection. Patrón is looking for bartenders who demonstrate its respect for craftsmanship, attention to detail, an unwavering commitment to perfection and want to see these values brought to life through their cocktail creations and presentation.

The Patrón Perfectionists Cocktail Competition is more than an ordinary cocktail competition. Through the initiative, Patrón builds and supports a community that brings bartenders together through the shared desire to make great drinks that also transcend the Tequila category and elevate the sometimes-misunderstood spirit to new heights.

Entries for the competition are open from 7th May 2019,12:00 CST with international finals taking place from September until November 2019. Entrants from the US to the UK, Mexico to the Middle East, Canada to Australia – and many markets in between – will take to the bar in the hope of being crowned their national Patrón Perfectionists Cocktail Competition winner.

All 22 winners will head to Mexico in January 2020 to compete in the global finals week. The grand finals are then also hosted at the home of Patrón Tequila, Hacienda Patrón in Jalisco, Mexico.

Lee Applbaum, Chief Marketing Officer, Patrón Spirits International said: “Having reached the fifth year of this competition, it is a testament to the ever-increasing creativity of bartenders across the world and a consistent interest in demonstrating their passion through Patrón Tequila. Patrón Perfectionists is more than a competition, it is a journey that we take each and every bartender who enters on. The aim is that they leave as inspired as we are, if not more, by handcrafted tequila. I am so looking forward to seeing how the entrants this year will to showcase the craftmanship and sheer perfection that goes into every bottle of Patrón Tequila.”

Talking about his experience, Yeray Monforte, last year’s Patrón Perfectionists Cocktail Competition global winner, from Dr. Stravinsky in Barcelona, Spain said: “What an incredible journey – I am so thrilled with this victory and the resonating title in the industry as well as a great reward for the commitment and the passion that led me through the research and creation of my perfect Patrón cocktail. From submitting my entry to competing in front of the judges during the final, the Patrón Perfectionists Cocktail Competition has been an unforgettable experience.”

Matthew Sykes, Senior Director of International Marketing, Patrón Spirits International said: “2019 is a milestone year for the brand. In just five years Patrón Perfectionists Cocktail Competition has grown from a single country competition in the UK to now a program that spans six continents, involving more than 32 countries and Cruise Liners. Over the last four years we have seen more than 6,000 bartenders enter and over the next few months we expect to see more than 5,000 register for this year’s program.

“We are looking to educate, inform and inspire many thousands of bartenders who are keen to learn more about the world’s most exciting spirit category and compete against the best in the world. We are inspiring bartenders to create moments that really matter to consumers, through drinks experiences that surprise and delight them, by creating, then presenting amazing cocktails that showcase the premiumness and versatility of Patrón.”


Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai Campaign Returns to Celebrate 75 Years of the Mai Tai


Chairman’s Reserve St Lucia Rum is calling for entries for the 2019 Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai Challenge, with the prize of a visit to St Lucia in 2020 at stake.

Between now and August, bars are asked to create their own version of this classic rum cocktail, with four finalists going head to head at a London venue in September.
For details of how to enter, contact Emporia Brands, or go to:

2019 marks the 75th anniversary of the Mai Tai, when Vic Bergeron – “Trader Vic” – created a drink in his bar in Oakland, California, for visitors from Tahiti. Their reaction to the first sip was a cry of “mai tai roa ae!”, which can be roughly translated as “out of this world!”. The original included two very different rums – one molasses, the other Agricole – with flavours of citrus and almond, which provides plenty of scope for innovation. “We had an idea to encourage bartenders to play with Chairman’s Reserve in the Mai Tai cocktail because of how well we believed our rums fit the profile of this traditional tiki cocktail,” says Sergin John Baptiste, Marketing Director of St. Lucia Distillers.


The Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai Challenge is a UK bartender competition that launched four years ago with Emporia Brands. The competition is back again for 2019 after last year’s excellent challenge and final, where Café Pacifico from London were crowned the winners at The Magic Roundabout in Shoreditch and received the amazing prize of two places on the Chairman’s Reserve Rum visit to St. Lucia, following in the footsteps of previous winners Milk in Reading and Alvino’s in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

The 2019 Mai Tai challenge will follow the same format – simply create a signature Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai serve, register it on the website, then promote it in your bar throughout July and August and on social media. The four teams scoring the most points will be invited to the UK final, during which they will create their own pop-up bar and re-create their signature Mai Tai serve to the trade and consumers. The bar with the most votes will win the once-in-a-lifetime trip to St. Lucia.

“I was taken aback by the passion these skillful bartenders had for Chairman’s Reserve,” comments Margaret Monplaisir, Managing Director of St Lucia Distillers. “Their attention to every detail, their enthusiasm, and knowledge of Chairman’s Reserve was remarkable.”

#BenevolentColours Launched By The Drinks Industry Charity

#benevolentcolours 8

#benevolentcolours is a new campaign by the drinks trade charity, The Benevolent, to raise awareness of the ‘It could be me’ campaign aimed at getting as many members of the drinks industry to sign up to donate £5 a month.

On May 21st 2019 the trade is invited to dress up in either red, white or rosé (or a mix of all three) at The London Wine Fair in Olympia to show support for the campaign. For those attending The London Wine Fair, The Benevolent will be on stand E60 alongside the WSTA and will have a sign-up station together with a photo booth nearby on stand G61 complete with red, white and rosé coloured accessories to capture the spirit of the day.

The campaign is being brought to life through a unique PR collaboration of Dillon Morrall, emma wellings pr, Limm Communications, Phipps Relations and R&R Teamwork. Michael Saunders, Chairman and Chris Porter, CEO of The Benevolent who brought the group together said, “We wanted to get the best creative minds round the table to help to raise awareness of all the great work that the Charity is involved with. Top of the agenda was creating awareness of the ‘It could be me’ campaign and encouraging individuals to sign up to donate a small amount every month. The Charity is under constant pressure as it delivers financial support to those in need and regular donations are vital to the success of our work.”

Companies are encouraged to join the colourful community vibe and get staff involved in dressing up and signing up to the campaign. For every picture posted on Instagram, Twitter of Facebook #benevolentcolours @drinkscharityuk, the PR collaboration will donate £1 to The Benevolent.

Copal Tree Organic Distillery Launch Copalli


Copalli, an organic, single estate rum sustainably produced at a new craft distillery in the Belizean rainforest has launched in the UK. Redefining the craft rum category and made from three simple and pure ingredients; rainforest canopy water, yeast, and non-GMO heirloom sugar cane, Copalli challenges drinkers to think sustainably and ask #WhatsInYourRum.

Arriving in perfect time for 2019’s UK ‘rumnaissance’, Copalli will be a key contributor to the rum industry’s projected growth this year, offering two liquids; Copalli White Rum, a smooth rum as good on the rocks as it is in a Daiquiri, and Copalli Barrel Rested Rum, a rich, sweet rum aged in American oak ex-bourbon barrels. With no artificial flavourings, added sugar or colouring, and using hand-cut sugar cane sourced from its neighbouring Copal Tree Farm, the terroir of Copalli’s Belizean birthplace has a delightful impact on the final flavour profile of the rum.

Already gaining momentum in some of London’s best bars the organic, single estate rum is available now in a variety of delicious serves in Quaglinos, The Gibson and Laki Kane, aligning perfectly with its focus on sustainability.

Georgi Radev, Creative Director of Laki Kane, said:
“Copalli Rum is a truly organic rum made in the middle of the Belizean rainforest using fresh sugar cane juice and this really shows in the aroma and taste. When you open the bottle, the fresh cane aroma coming from it is just mesmerising. It really feels like you are there at the sugar cane fields in the rainforest. The taste is very delicate for Agricole rum, you taste the fresh sugar cane, with floral, fresh and fruity notes. This is absolutely perfect for a Daiquiri and a Mojito. It’s amazing for fruity tropical drinks, but you can also use it in classy cocktails like a Negroni and Martini.”

Conservation, sustainability and philanthropy are not typically synonymous with rum, but Copalli offers them by the barrel-load. The single-estate rums are honourably sourced, distilled, barrelled, aged and bottled all at The Copal Tree Distillery situated in the heart of 20,000 acres of tropical rainforest in Belize, while the sugarcane used to produce the rum is grown on the Copal Tree Farm. The distillery is zero-impact and supports full-circle conversion of waste from production to agricultural inputs.

With a rising tide of craft distilleries fueling the growth in rum, Copalli has taken it a step further, infusing their philosophy of conservation and sustainability in the bottle. The Copal Tree Distillery has been donated in trust for the benefit of the people in the Toledo District, whilst collectively the Distillery, its neighbouring eco-venue, Copal Tree Lodge and The Copal Tree Farm are operating as the largest employer in Southern Belize, providing over 100 jobs to local residents in a clean and safe working environment.

Copalli’s two grades of product can be sipped on their own or as a base for classic and modern rum cocktails:

White Rum (42% ABV)
A double distillation of fresh sugar cane juice—crushed within two hours of being cut—the white rum is made with a blend of pot and column distillation with a long resting of the finished product on stainless steel.

Barrel Rested Rum (44% ABV)
The Barrel Rested Rum is made using double distillation of sugar cane juice, and exclusively full-bodied copper pot still distillation with French technique. It is aged in American Oak bourbon barrels.

Set to be a huge hit with rum lovers and drinks connoisseurs alike, Copalli is available through Masters Of Malt; Copalli White Rum, 70cl, £33.50 and Copalli Barrel Rested, 70cl, £41.30.

Florence Opens Its Doors To The Fourth Edition of the Florence Cocktail Week

Cocktail week D1-79

Following the success of its past editions, Florence Cocktail Week (FCW) will make its return from the 6th to the 12th of May. Founded and organized by Paola Mencarelli and Lorenzo Nigro, the weeklong event dedicated to mixology “Made in Florence” serves up a sundry calendar consisting of master classes and night shifts, featuring Italian and international guests, round tables and gatherings aimed at professionals and enthusiasts.

Now in its fourth edition, FCW has established itself as the most anticipated spring event by international and local mixology professionals and cocktail lovers, boasting an always-richer schedule. All of this is made possible thanks to the support of important sponsors and partners, such as Campari, Fratelli Branca Distillerie, Ginarte, Marchesi Frescobaldi, Martini&Rossi, Michter’s, Molinari, Plantation Rum, World Class Diageo and more.

FCW selects the best cocktail bars in Florence and Tuscany, and is backed with the patronage of the Municipality of Florence, which will also act as a partner for the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Negroni, the historic Florentine cocktail renowned worldwide.

During the FCW, every night is a party that brings a vivacious vibe to the city’s establishments, all easily reachable by foot or by bicycle (the Mobike service is available, as always). Thus, everyone can enjoy a completely safe mixology experience – based on personal tastes and preferences – in the unique and evocative surroundings of Florence. All of the events and master classes are free-of-charge and open to the public, with the only cost being that of the cocktails.

30 cocktail bars in Florence have been selected to participate in the 2019 FCW – with an increase compared to 2018 – and each establishment will present a cocktail list featuring 4 cocktails crafted for 4 special categories: a Signature Cocktail (a Negroni with a twist), a RiEsco a Bere Italiano, an I Love Bitter and a Green Drink, for which bartenders are given free rein to their creativity to whip up enticing mouth-watering concoctions.
Quality drinking and drinking responsibly will be the common thread between all of the moments of this densely packed weeklong event.

Le novità del 2019

Round Table on Negroni, with the patronage of the Municipality of Florence

Saturday, May 11, there will be an institutional Round Table by the title “The Century of Negroni. History, protagonists and evolution of the most loved Italian cocktail in the world,” with the patronage of the Municipality of Florence, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Negroni. Doing the honours will be Luca Picchi, author of the book “Negroni Cocktail, leggenda italiana,” and some of the most prominent experts of the Italian and international mixology scene: Fulvio Piccinino, Manager of, expert and writer of Italian spirits, Alessandro Pitanti, Campari Academy Brand Ambassador, Roberta Mariani, Martini Global Ambassador, Mauro Mahjoub from Münich, known in the trade as the “King of Negroni”, and two icons of Italian bartending in London, Salvatore Calabrese “The Maestro” and Peter Dorelli, Educational Officer and National Ambassador UK Bartenders Guild. Guests of honour Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller from London, and David Wondrich from New York, among the main authorities worldwide on cocktail history. The event will be moderated by Federico Quaranta, radio and television host.


Tuscany Cocktail Week | TCW
For the very first time, FCW will also include a selection of 49 Cocktail Bars in Tuscany, which, starting from the week ahead of the event will each present a craft cocktail list consisting of 3 drinks: a creative Signature Cocktail, with which the bartenders will take part in the Final Contest, a Negroni with a twist (to celebrate the 100th anniversary), and an I Love Bitter (Amari/Bitter). At the Final Contest will participate only 10 cocktail bar (1 each city).
FCW Awards Ceremony
The yearly Contest starring the best Florentine bartenders will be substituted with the FCW Awards Ceremony. A party will be held on Sunday May 12th, and for the occasion sponsor companies will award the winning bartenders and cocktails for the different categories.

The final day of this edition is Sunday May 12th, which will also feature the second edition of RiEsco a Bere Italiano, the first edition of the Final Contest of the Tuscany Cocktail Week, the not-to-be-missed Under 25 Young Talent Contest, and the highly anticipated FCW Awards Ceremony.

Not-to-be-missed events

As for previous editions, prominent personalities from the Italian and international mixology scene will take part in the weeklong event, working alongside local bartenders during a series of master classes and night shifts.

Matteo di Ienno, head bartender of Locale Firenze, and Federico Pasian, head bartender of Quaglino’s London, will kick off the FCW on Sunday, May 5 at Locale Firenze serving up a cocktail list dedicated to the 100 years of Negroni, “Peter and Camillo back in Florence.”

But that’s not all, with more exciting events at Locale on Tuesday, May 7 with Antonio Naranjo, Bar Owner of Dr. Stravinsky, Barcelona, and on Thursday, May 8 with “World Class meets The Clumsies” (by World Class Diageo), featuring Vasilis Kristizis of The Clumsies, Athens – 7’ World’s 50 Best Bars 2018.

On Monday, May 6 visit the terrace of Hotel Kraft will host an aperitivo by Marchesi Frescobaldi, while the OOO, The Student hotel Florence will get ready to shake things up with “Bar Milano” (by Martini&Rossi), an event dedicated to Milanese mixology, featuring 11 of the best cocktail bars in Milan, in collaboration with

Guglielmo Miriello, Bar Manager of Ceresio 7

Camilla Bosatelli, Barlady of 1930 Cocktail Bar

Marco Russo Co-Owner of Mag Cafè, 1930 Cocktail Bar, Backdoor43, Barba, and Iter

Federico Volpe, Bar Manager of Dry

Sossio Del Prete, Bartender of Octavius Bar at The Stage Milano

Yuri Gelmini, Co-Owner of Surfer’s Den

Ivan Patruno, Bar Manager of Bulk Mixology Food Bar

Luca Marcellin, Owner of Drinc. Cocktail & Conversation

Mattia Pastori, Owner and Founder of Non Solo Cocktail

Patrick Greco, Bar Manager of Bulgari Bar

Teo Rizzolo, Head Mixologist of Mandarin Bar & Bistrot


And on Wednesday, May 8 the same location will host a selection of the best bartenders from the

Forte Cocktail Week in Versilia.


Tuesday, May 7 will see Paolo Sanna, Bar Manager of Banana Republic in Rome at Rex for

“Scotland Breeze” (by Molinari), and Wednesday, May 8 Francesco Pirineo, Brand Ambassador

Plantation Italia, will be at Santarosa Bistro for “Cheese pairing with Plantation Rum: an unprecedented encounter between rum and cheese” (by Plantation Rum)


Thursday, May 9 at Palazzo San Niccolò, Luisanna Messeri, writer and television pop chef, will give a talk on Caterina de’ Medici and the tradition of Tuscan spirits, titled “Caterina’s Chests. A short, alcoholic history of a Queen;” which will be followed by an aperitivo by Cultural Salon featuring the works of Florentine artist and designer Marina Calamai.


Friday, May 10 Belmond Villa San Michele will host “Drink your habitat,” with botanist Caterina

Candia and bartenders Erica Rossi and Bledar Ndoci (by Fratelli Branca Distilleries), while at

Empireo of the Plaza Hotel Lucchesi palates will be soothed at “The versatility of Ginarte” (by

Ginarte) with Filippo Sisti, Bar Owner of Talea, Milan.


Saturday, May 11 Soren Krogh, Michetr’s Senior Advisor, will be at Rasputin for the master class  “Michetr’s its all about the whiskey” (by Michter’s).


Saturday, May 11 will also see the celebration for the 100 years of Negroni at Hotel Savoy with Salvatore Calabrese, “The Maestro”, straight from London.


On the same day, at the Sala dei Gigli of Palagio di Parte Guelfa, Religion Sociologist Simona Scotti will present “Spirito&Spirits. Religioni e Lifestyles,a volume that collects the materials of the meeting of the same name organized by AIS – Section of Sociology of Religion, in collaboration with Florence Cocktail Week 2018.


Sunday, May 12 RiEsco a Bere Italiano, the Fair for Italian Liquors, Bitters and Spirits will close the week-long celebrations at Fabbricato Viaggiatori, in Piazza della Stazione 50, where small and larger realities will meet and showcase Italian quality products.


The Tuscany Cocktail Week 2019 Contest and the Young Talent FCW19 Contest will also take place on the same day.

The jury will be composed by: Flavio Angiolillo (Co-Owner Mag Cafè, 1930 Bar, Backdoor43, Barba, and Iter), Babis Kaidalidis (organizer of the Athens Bar Show), David Wondrich (New York bar historian and writer), and journalist Federico De Cesare Viola (Brand Ambassador and Editorial Director for Food&Wine Italia). Moderating the event: Federico Quaranta, Radio and Television Host.

Finally, it will be time for the much-awaited FCW Awards Ceremony, and sponsors will award the winning bartenders and cocktails in the different categories.


Straight from the American Bar at The Savoy in London – 2’ World’s 50 Best Bars 2018 – arrive the Senior bartender Pippa Guy, for the final night shift at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze (by Michter’s).


Adding to this week filled to the brim with events, several restaurants will be organizing a series of themed dinners: every night, at Gurdulù guests can savour a special menu called “Spirito Classico”; Wednesday, May 8 Essenziale will feature “Hops and Chefs, Malts and Bartenders;” and on Thursday, May 9 at Regina Bistecca Tuscan classics will join for “Count Negroni meets Regina Bistecca.”


A number of book presentations and in-depth, themed appointments will complete this already-rich event calendar: Monday, May 6, Federico Bellanca and Marco Gemelli will present the book “Toscana da Bere” at Caffè Concerto Paszkowski. Friday, May 10 at Grand Hotel Cavour it will be the turn of Fulvio Piccinino and his “Amari e Bitter. Storia e produzione dagli speziali ai bartender;” and, on the same day, at Caffè Concerto Paszkowski, Paolo Ponzo will talk about his research on Negroni through the presentation: “Negroni Cocktails by Amedeo Gandiglio.”


Lastly, we designed two fascinating appointments, created specifically for this 2019 edition: the Cocktail Walk, on Tuesday, May 7 and Thursday, May 9, featuring a tour of the cocktail bars taking part in FCW, in collaboration with Le Baccanti; and the Tour of the Historic Cafes on Wednesday, May 8 and Thursday, May 9, in collaboration with Ful Magazine and Ricomincio da Firenze.


Hereby is the complete list stating all the participating cocktail bars and Florentine bartenders, as well as their respective Signature Cocktails.


Cocktail Bar – Bartender – Signature Cocktail


Bitter Bar, Cristian Guitti – Brancamente me ne infischio

Cafè 19.26, Simone Zangirolami – Faites vos jeux

Ditta Artigianale Oltrarno, Ginevra Gabbrielli and Simone Zaccheddu – Il mondo dal Conte

Gilli 1733, Luca Picchi – Hippy Negroni

Gurdulù, Cristina Bini – DownTown

La Menangere, Luca Manni – Un Casto Negroni

Locale, Matteo Di Ienno and Andrea Fiore – Il Conte Timido

Love Craft, Manuel Petretto – Old but Fashion

Pint of View, Lorenzo Pizzorno – La cura per l’Imperatore

Rasputin, Daniele Cancellara – A New Silk Road



Dome, Lorenzo Gironi and Domenico Varone – Fretta Biscottata

Gesto, Martina Bonci and Mirco Cicchi – Peter in Gesto

Inferno, Italo Mercurio – Alba n’ Florence

MAD – Soul & Spirits, Neri Fantechi – Internazional popolare

Rex, Virginia Ducceschi and Mosé Giordani – Conte di Savoia

Santarosa Bistrot, Davide Nocentini and Maddalena Vannozzi – Diecimila leghe sotto al Conte

Viktoria Lounge Bar, Paolo Marini and Marco Marini – Da ponte a ponte

000 – Student Hotel, Cosimo Tarducci – Around the world



AC Lounge – AC Hotel Firenze by Marriott, Giuseppe Alessandrino – Dolcemente Bitter

Atrium Bar – Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, Edoardo Sandri and Simone Corsini – Negroni Completo

Empireo – Plaza Hotel Lucchesi, Lorenzo Bianco and Eleonora Contessi – Camillo

Garibaldino – Garibaldi Blu Hotel, Massimo Maietto – Il Conte Ritorna

Horto Convento, Cosimo Nigro – Estratti di Negroni

Irene Firenze – Hotel Savoy, Denis Giuliani – InfusioNegroni

La Terrazza Rooftop Bar – Continentale Hotel, Diego Rampietti – il Moro

Le Pool Bar – Villa Cora, Mirò Abdel Rahmam – Dolce Amaro

Picteau Cocktail Bar – Hotel Lungarno, Marco Colonnelli and Vincenzo Civita – Il Conte di Picche

The Cloister – Belmomd Villa San Michele, Lorenzo Aiosa – Ada

The Fusion Bar&Restaurant – Gallery Hotel Art, Sacha Mecocci – A Negroni Story

Winter Garden Bar – The St. Regis Florence, Christian Pampo – American Boulevard

William Grant & Sons’ UK Brand Ambassadors are back with ‘Unwrapped’ Tour


Following the hugely successful launch last year, William Grant & Sons’ UK Brand Ambassador team are taking their industry-leading initiative – Unwrapped: The Other Side of Bartending – to a further three cities in 2019: Bristol, Manchester and London.

‘Unwrapped’ is an initiative exclusively for the UK hospitality industry, focused on a series of Brand Ambassador-led talks, designed to provide the On-Trade with key insights, knowledge and skills to enrich their careers and personal growth. Discussions range from ‘How to find the courage to be happy’ to ‘The power of storytelling’.

This year the team will continue touring the UK, bringing ‘Unwrapped’ to even more members of the On-Trade. The 2019 series will be kicking off in Bristol on 25th March, followed by Manchester on 13th May, finally hitting London in November.

Last year’s launch event in Edinburgh received an overwhelmingly positive response, attracting in excess of 120 attendees and raising more than £2,000 for SANE.

Sam Baxendale, Owner/Operator at KIN Bar, who attended the 2018 Edinburgh launch event, said:

“It was an extremely enjoyable and enlightening day of socialising and education. I found it different to other training/brand events as there was little to no “mixology” talk. The subjects discussed were those close at heart to each Brand Ambassador. I feel this makes the relevance of Unwrapped more widespread and inclusive to the whole hospitality industry, and not just those focused on cocktails.”

Fabiano Latham, Reyka Vodka UK Brand Ambassador, comments:

“Following the great feedback we received after our ‘Unwrapped’ launch event, the entire Brand Ambassador team are thrilled to be visiting even more cities and engaging more bartenders. Through this initiative we can reach like-minded individuals, share our passion and provide today’s bartenders with tools and advice to best equip them for success in this amazing industry – something which is really close to all of our hearts.”



Arrival for guests


Intro 5mins


Power of story telling


Be your worlds best bartender


The courage to be happy








How to train your nose


Secrets to opening your own bar


How to be newsworthy


Keeping good spirits with good spirits


Adventurivity & ending speech.


Activation begins


Activation ends.

Patrón’s Cocktails with a Conscience

Terraria, Cub close up w bottle[3][1]

This Earth Day, Patrón engages consumers to rethink their cocktails by mixing creativity and sustainability. Showing how to repurpose kitchen leftovers to create quirky concoctions at home, Patrón invites consumers to join Cocktails with a Conscience at The Conduit, the newest Mayfair’s members’ club with a social and environmental purpose.

The ticketed event takes place on the venue’s fifth floor which will be the backdrop to an exclusive sustainable cocktail masterclass followed by an equally sustainable three-course dinner by an equally sustainable three-course dinner designed by the venue’s executive chef Merlin Labron-Johnson paired with Patrón drinks featuring leftovers from the preparation of each dish.

Created exclusively for the evening by The Conduit’s bar operations manager, award-winning mixologist Walter Pintus – the cocktails will offer great inspiration for those consumers who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen with a touch of ethos. From producing a flavoursome saline coffee infusion of blended coffee grounds with salt and water, to creating a blood orange sherbet from leftover squeezed oranges and peels, the evening will showcase how to transform leftovers into beautiful ingredients to mix with Patrón.

Patrón’s Cocktails with a Conscience

Wednesday 24th April 7-10,30pm

The Conduit, 5th floor, 40 Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2YQ

Tickets go on sale on 8th April on Eventbrite, priced at £55 each (includes welcome drink and canapés, cocktail masterclass, three-course dinner and paired cocktails)

It’s Officially Time to Say Yes Way to Rosé

Peach and Raspberry Bellini Pops-0963

Spring has officially sprung! With the weather getting warmer, there’s no better time to freshen up your go to cocktails with something new!

Whether you’re enjoying the warm weather and a Smirnoff Ice Raspberry Peach Bellini Pop during a picnic with your beau or sipping on some chilled Smirnoff Seltzer Raspberry Rosé Frosé on a rooftop with your besties, Smirnoff have you covered.

Raspberry Peach Bellini Pops (Serves 10)

6 ounces Smirnoff Ice Raspberry
8 ounces fresh peach puree
5 ounces Champagne
8 ounces fresh raspberry puree
.527 oz alcohol per pop

Directions: Mix peach puree with champagne and pour into the bottom of 8 ice pop molds. Freeze until solid. Mix raspberry puree with Smirnoff Ice Raspberry and pour on top of the peach layer. Freeze until solid. Could also make multiple layers.

Raspberry Rose Frose-1009

Raspberry Rosé Frosé (serves 2)

2 cans (24 ounces) Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer Raspberry Rosé
12 oz frozen raspberries
1/4 – 1/2 cup (taste test along the way) granulated sugar
.5 oz lemon juice
Lemon peel and slice for garnish

Directions: Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into wine glasses and garnish with lemon peel.

Emily Says . . . . ‘Portobello’

Portobello Road

In her fifteenth feature under ‘Emily Says . . .’, the voice to the Manchester bar scene in Emily Puckering heads for a walk down Portobello Road;

So it turns out I haven’t exactly stuck to my previous promise of leaning away from the gin; it’s just too bloody difficult! So here’s another quick little blog about another one of my favourite gins: Portobello Road.

Portobello Road has dominated the gin scene for quite some time now, and it was five years ago when it all began at no. 171 Portobello Road; the address of Portobello Star, a cocktail bar in Notting Hill. Conveniently, the bar contained a Ginstitute on the second floor that specialised in all things gin. Taking full advantage of this, bartender Jake Burger and proprietor Ged Feltham spent nine months experimenting with different botanicals and flavours until they whipped up the perfect recipe.

Nine botanicals make Portobello Road what it is, and that includes juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, orris root, lemon and orange peel, liquorice root, cassia bark and nutmeg. With the base being an English wheat neutral spirit, Portobello Road is truly a classic London dry gin, alongside its ABV of 42%.

With it being created by a bartender, one would generally have high hopes for Portobello, and I can guarantee it isn’t one that disappoints. On the nose, an elegant and floral aroma is instantly apparent with delicate notes of citrus; clearly from the orange and lemon peel added in the distillation.

As one would expect from a London dry gin, the first taste is initially very juniper heavy. Subtle spices are also present, as would be predicted from a London dry, but the citrus notes take centre stage in the overall tasting experience. The floral notes are left in the nose, which I personally think is a beautiful little addition without giving the gin too much of an overwhelming drinking experience: little is more, remember!

The perfect serve for Portobello Road London dry gin is simply over ice with an Indian tonic (or London Essence Grapefruit and Rosemary tonic if you fancy) and a twist of grapefruit zest.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Portobello Road Navy Strength gin, with a punchy ABV of 57.1%, this little addition is definitely the one for those stronger gin lovers.

Photo Credit: Portobello Road