William Grant & Sons UK Launches #RaiseEmUp2015


William Grant & Sons UK launches #RaiseEmUp2015, a campaign which will give fans the chance to win Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets and exclusive merchandise at participating bars and stores.

The promotion asks entrants to ‘Raise it, Snap it and Share it’ by ‘raising a glass’ in support of their team and sharing it as a tweet or Instagram image using the hashtag #RaiseEmUp2015.

The campaign will run across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and on http://www.RaiseEmUp2015.com with 40 pairs of tickets to be won, including two pairs for the Final at Twickenham on 31st October. Draws for winners will take place on a weekly basis giving away tickets to group matches, quarter-finals and semi-finals*. Tickets to the Final at Twickenham stadium will be drawn on October the 20th.

Each week, merchandise including t-shirts, caps and Gilbert mini rugby balls will also be given away as prizes. Consumers in participating bars will be given a “Snap & Win” card when they purchase a drink from the William Grant & Sons UK portfolio of brands for a chance to instantly win branded merchandise.

The campaign will be communicated via 3000 #RaiseEmUp2015 promotional kits that will go into selected bars and in stores the campaign will be communicated via 600,000 neck collars on participating William Grant & Sons UK brands.

With Rugby World Cup 2015 on track to be the biggest and most viewed to date, this ticket offering is sure to engage new and existing audiences with this incredible Tournament and William Grant & Sons’ UK portfolio of premium brands.

Gary Keogh, Marketing Director, William Grant & Sons UK said: “We are incredibly excited about our association with Rugby World Cup 2015. This Tournament is one of the world’s greatest sporting events and we’re looking forward to engaging millions of rugby fans with our portfolio of brands in and around match venues, at bars or at home.”

The campaign microsite http://www.RaiseEmUp2015.com is live from 24th August for fans to share their best entries.

From Brittany To Bunnahabhain: Artists ‘Seas The Day’ As They Set Sail In Boat Which Will Become Whisky Barrels


Bunnahabhain Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky announces Hogshead 733 – a collaboration with contemporary artists Maxime Berthou and Mark Požlep to produce the first ever whisky finished in casks made from a former fishing boat.

The two men have embarked on an epic 733 mile sailing quest which will see them battle the high seas from Trebeurden in Brittany, France, all the way to Bunnahabhain Distillery in Islay. Inspired by adventure, craftsmanship and love of whisky, Maxime and Mark have spent the last two years painstakingly restoring a wooden, Brittany fishing vessel from 1941 back to its former glory.    

Bunnahabhain is steeped in seafaring history, with the whisky’s iconic Helmsman and his maritime stories having inspired the brand for generations.

Set to arrive in Islay at the end of September, the journey will not stop there. Soaked with adventures and the salty sea water, the oak boat will be dismantled and carefully crafted into handmade whisky casks. The casks will be filled with Bunnahabhain and the precious spirit will then be finished in the casks before being bottled and sold.

Maxime Berthou said: “The inspiration for this project stems from the human longing for new discoveries and nostalgia for traditional, handmade craftsmanship, something we’ve moved away from in today’s modern society.

“For Mark and me, this is a journey about transformation, adventure, passion, labour and whisky. It has taken us two years to get to this stage and we are excited to finally be on our way to Bunnahabhain.”

Alison Gibb, Global Marketing Manager at Burn Stewart said:

“We are really excited to announce the Hogshead 733 collaboration with Maxime and Mark. Bunnahabhain, with its rich tradition of nautical tales, makes us a natural partner for the project. We wish them lots of luck on their journey and look forward to welcoming them at Bunnahabhain Distillery.”   

Follow Mark and Maxime’s journey on Bunnahabhain’s Twitter (@bunnahabhain) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/Bunnahabhain).

Buffalo Trace Northern Final 2015

Buffalo Trace

One of the world’s best known bourbon brands, Buffalo Trace, came to Manchester this past week to secure a northern bartender a trip of a lifetime to America, courtesy of creating a unique British twist on an American classic cocktail. Hosted by Ross Thompson of UK distributor Hi-Spirits, and judged by the Buffalo palates of UK Brand Ambassador Tim Giles, Liverpool’s own Jim Brailsford and last years winner Amir Javaid, currently head honcho at Harvey Nichols Second Floor Bar in Manchester, 11 competitors from across Chester, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool converged at Gorilla to impress.

Mike Holmes with his creation BBLT
Mike Holmes with his creation BBLT

First to step up to the challenge was to be Mike Holmes of Bourbon and Black in West Didsbury. Using the classic Mint Julep as his inspiration, his creation of BBLT (or bourbon, bacon, leaves and tomato) saw him combine mint, Buffalo Trace and poppy shrub syrup within a mixing glass and stirred over smoked ice. After straining into a bean can, a sprig of mint, a vine of tomatoes and candied bacon adorned the crushed ice top.
Rebecca of The Wash House in Manchester showed her idea on a dessert based cocktail named the Aristocity Flip. Using Buffalo Trace, a spoon of Dewars marmalade, King’s Ginger liqueur, Earl Grey syrup, a pinch of cinnamon, fresh lemon and apple juice, Becca shook the ingredients over ice and strained into a coupette. Offering a garnish of apple crisps with buttered Buffalo Trace to dip, a small cone of ice cream (Cheshire Farm and Buffalo Trace syrup) attached to the glass and a cinnamon dusting over the cocktail itself, she offered the judges an idea that could entice women to enjoy whiskey cocktails!

Lewis Cooke of Epernay, Manchester was up third, twisting a Boilermaker and Bourbon Sling by using Buffalo Trace, Antica Formula, a lemon and oat shrub plus a couple of dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters. Shaken over ice and strained into a crystal cut highball glass, he topped the recipe up with BrewDog’s Dead Pony Club expression and placed a dehydrated lemon wheel and a sprinkling of citrus hops on top. Alongside came an offering to the judges of salted caramel and pecan ice cream, complete with Buffalo Trace salted caramel sauce. Say hello to the Stirling Shandy!
Almost Famous of Manchester stepped up after Lewis in the form of Jonathan Leathley, seeing his twist on a Root Beer float that he called the Brown Buffalo. Showing a de-constructed recipe of Mr Fitzpatrick’s Sarsaparilla cordial, Sacred spiced English vermouth, lime juice, Eager apple juice, homemade vanilla syrup, Fentimans Curiosity Cola and Buffalo Trace, shaken over ice and strained into a glass tankard over ice, he floated on top salted caramel and maraschino cherry ice cream.

The first Leeds representative in Tom Finnon of The Hedonist Project joined the competition, creating his Buffalo8.
Using inspiration from the brands heritage, he came up with using a homemade vermouth that had beetroot as a dominant flavour, chargrilled pineapple syrup, Owney’s NYC rum, a couple of dashes of bitters and of course Buffalo Trace. Shaking over ice and served over a large cube of ice within a goblet, this twist on the Manhattan saw Tom garnish with dry ice and a model of the HMS Mayflower.
Jon Lee of Jake’s Bar and Still in Leeds was to be next to impress, bringing to the bar a twist on the flip named A Breakfast Flip For A King. This saw Buffalo Trace, egg, Kent English porter, golden syrup, Angostura Bitter and King’s Ginger liqueur combined, shaken and strained into a tea cup, complete with a crème brûlée sugar dusting and a stag biscuit to accompany.

Joe Ballinger with Old Fire On The Meadow
Joe Ballinger with Old Fire On The Meadow

Niall McGloin, also of Leeds but this time representing Smokestack, showed his Julep Twist by bringing together a rock candy syrup that had been marinated within rhubarb, homemade custard bitters, fresh rhubarb and Buffalo Trace. Using the aged-old method of crushing ice that he called the ‘wack-a-mole’ way (beating a wrap of ice with a mallet), he filled a sweet tin with the ice and swizzled the ingredients within. His recipe, named Buffalo Rock, came adorned with rock candy and dehydrated rhubarb for a garnish.
Ben Halpin of Blind Tiger became the first to enter the stage from Liverpool, with his recipe named Buffalo From Across The Pond. A twist on a Sazerac, he used his grandmothers own marmalade, Buffalo Trace, lemon juice, almond milk, homemade sarsaparilla bitters that were infused with Buffalo Trace and fresh anise. Mixing the ingredients within a mixing glass over ice, he served his drink on a piece of turf, alleged to have been dug from the Kentucky plains themselves, via a leather drinking pouch.

Calum Adams of Bar Lounge in Chester offered the judges an inspired recipe by Mark Twain (the author of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and its sequel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) that saw his twist on the classic Whiskey Sour named Quite Frankly Dear, I Don’t Give A Dram!. Using a Bergamot and Assan tea reduction, a handful of cascade and nelson hops, Taylor’s port, fresh pink grapefruit juice, egg and Buffalo Trace, he shook the ingredients over ice and strained into an ice filled wine glass.
Joe Ballinger of Berry and Rye in Liverpool was to be the tenth to show off, with his version of the Mint Julep that he called Old Fire On The Meadow. This saw mint leaves, Peychaud’s Bitters, oaked smoked nettle infused cider syrup, homemade redcurrant wine and Buffalo Trace come together within a crushed ice filled copper tin. An extravagant garnish of wild flowers for the vessel to be served upon and red currants adoring the drink itself, a lid was put over whilst Joe added oak wood chipped smoke into the chamber.

Mani Dosanjh of Tariff and Dale in Manchester was the last to be up, with his Afternoon Tea With The Buffalo’s seeing Buffalo Trace combined with Earl Grey infused neutral spirit, Earl Grey syrup, rose liqueur Luxardo Maraschino liqueur and Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas bitters, all shaken over ice. This twist on the Whiskey Sour came served within a tea pot and ladened with fresh homemade corn bread and a lemon zest sprinkle.

From L-R: UK Brand Ambassador Tim Giles, Amir Javaid, Jim Brailsford, Joe Ballinger, Ross Thompson
From L-R: UK Brand Ambassador Tim Giles, Amir Javaid, Jim Brailsford, Joe Ballinger, Ross Thompson

11 fantastic recipes, but who came out on top? Third place saw Rebecca of The Wash House in Manchester and her Aristocity Flip, whilst Tom Finnon of The Hedonist Project in Leeds came second with his creation Buffalo8. But it was to be Joe Ballinger of Berry and Rye in Liverpool who would impress the judges with his Old Fire On The Meadow, a twist on the classic Mint Julep.

Joe won himself a trip to Kentucky and the chance to represent the northern bartenders of the UK alongside the rest of the Buffalo Trace competition winners, including London and Scotland.
If you fancy trying the winning recipe for yourself, head down to Berry and Rye in Liverpool and seek out Joe, I’ll see you at the bar!

© David Marsland and Drinks Enthusiast 2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog/sites author and owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to David Marsland and Drinks Enthusiast with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


Bowmore Mizunara Cask Finish Brings Together Two Of The World’s Most Famous Whisky Islands


Bowmore Islay Single Malt Whisky is proud to announce the launch of Bowmore Mizunara Cask Finish, the first-ever Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky to be finished in precious, hand-crafted Japanese Mizunara oak casks. Set for global release on 1 September 2015, the limited edition Bowmore Mizunara Cask Finish brings together two of the world’s most renowned whisky islands – Islay, Scotland and Japan – to create a refined, elegant and complex Single Malt unlike any other before it.

With only 2,000 bottles produced, Bowmore Mizunara Cask Finish is a skilled marriage of Scottish strength and passion with Japanese elegance and refinement. Although cultures and languages differ, craftsmanship is revered and understood in both Islay and Japan. As the first Islay Single Malt distillery and a pioneer of innovation, Bowmore is proud to combine the best of the east and west as the first distillery to mature Scotch whisky in Japanese Mizunara oak casks.


Bowmore’s renowned Malts have been distilled on the Scottish island of Islay since 1779, making it the first of Islay’s eight distilleries and one of Scotland’s oldest. Produced in exactly the same way for over 200 years and matured in Bowmore’s legendary No. 1 Vaults, Bowmore is widely acknowledged to be among the finest, most beautifully balanced Single Malts in the world.

On the other side of the globe, Japan has also become renowned for its superior quality of Single Malts and excellent craftsmanship. In the north of the country, Japan’s revered Mizunara oak is left to grow for up to 300 years before being handcrafted into casks using time-honoured techniques known only to a select few. Notoriously difficult to work with but prized for its flavours, casks made from Mizunara are among the rarest, treasured and most sought after in the world.

To create Bowmore Mizunara Cask Finish, a selection of the very finest Mizunara oak casks handcrafted in Japan embarked on the 6,000 mile journey across two oceans to Islay before being laid to rest in Bowmore’s No.1 vaults. This limited-edition release represents one of the first occassions in which Japanese distillers have spared their precious Mizunara casks for a whisky outside of Japan. Bowmore was chosen due to its long and proven history of innovation and craftsmanship reflecting the same skills and values that have been passed down from generation to generation to create the Mizunara oak casks.


Fifteen Years In The Making, Tullamore D.E.W. Launches Tullamore D.E.W. TRILOGY


Tullamore D.E.W. – the original triple distilled, triple blend Irish whiskey – has launched Tullamore D.E.W. TRILOGY, a 15-year-old blend of its oldest, richest and smoothest Irish whiskeys. The pinnacle of the Tullamore D.E.W. range, Tullamore D.E.W. TRILOGY uses whiskey laid down at the turn of the millennium that has been matured and perfected in three different types of wood, delivering a compelling, premium Irish whiskey of distinct character and taste.

Tullamore D.E.W. TRILOGY was created as a celebration of whiskey-making, and designed as the perfect accompaniment for those moments that truly matter. Inspired by the power of three that defines Tullamore D.E.W. Original – a blend of three whiskeys that is three times distilled and matured in three cask types – Tullamore D.E.W. TRILOGY uses three unique woods, including Rum casks, a first for Tullamore D.E.W. Reflecting its position at the top of the Tullamore D.E.W. range, the packaging is black and carries a specially designed Trilogy symbol to denote triple distilled, triple blend, triple wood. Tullamore D.E.W. TRILOGY’s lovingly-crafted process and beguiling flavour profile position it as the perfect gift for occasions that deserve to be truly celebrated.

Tullamore D.E.W TRILOGY is inspired by the wisdom passed down through three generations of the Williams family, a family that passionately honed the three unique crafts of distillation, blending and maturation in finest oak. By maturing the triple distilled, triple blend whiskey in a combination of traditional refill, ex-Bourbon and ex-Oloroso Sherry casks and finishing it in carefully selected Rum casks; this new blend delivers a complex yet smooth taste.

John Quinn, Global Brand Ambassador for Tullamore D.E.W., said: “In Tullamore D.E.W. TRILOGY, we mark the craft that has been passed along in every bottle, since Daniel E. Williams introduced his Tullamore D.E.W. brand to the world. Through this, we celebrate our heritage of true craftsmanship and continued commitment to perfection.”

He continued: “Tullamore D.E.W. TRILOGY evokes the senses in a very distinct way. On the nose, there’s a nutty oakiness interlaced with a hint of tropical fruit. Creamy and full-bodied, this new blend excites the palate with elements of fruit, nuts and spice. Tullamore D.E.W. TRILOGY is finished in Rum casks to deliver a long, intensely rich and satisfying finish. Every sip is a journey.”

Tullamore D.E.W. TRILOGY is a 40% ABV triple distilled, triple blend, triple wood Irish whiskey, available in Dublin airport and selected outlets around the world.

Britpop Cocktail – W London Celebrates 20 Years Of The Oasis vs Blur UK Chart Battle


This August, raise a glass to the past with W London – Leicester Square’s Britpop Cocktail, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the renowned British music movement and the iconic Oasis vs Blur UK Chart battle.

Created by W London’s mixologists using the very best British flavours, the cocktail combines the freshness and prominent juniper tones of Beefeater Gin, the sumptuous ripe berry essences of Ciroc Red Berry, the subtle nutty flavours of Maraschino liqueur, topped with a dash of Cherry Bitters to give the tipple its bold rock ‘n’ roll red tone.

The Britpop Cocktail also coincides with the launch of W London’s Britpop Collection, a library of vinyl records curated by DJ Lauren Laverne that are available to guests on room service delivery.

Whether you are meeting friends for drinks, on a date, the Britpop cocktail is the perfect excuse to relive the iconic era.


50 ml Beefeater Gin,
20ml Ciroc Red Berry
15ml Maraschino liqeur
2 dashes of Cherry Bitters


Pour in the Crème de Cerise, combine all ingredients, shake and stir and serve in a rocks glass over ice.

Available at the W Lounge at W London – Leicester Square for £10 until 24th August.

‘From Dream To Dram’ Kingsbarn Distillery Bottles New Make Spirit

Kingsbarns New Make Spirit with barley and glasses

Kingsbarns Distillery is delighted to announce that bottles of its new make spirit are now for sale at the Visitor Centre.

The Visitor Centre was opened on St Andrews Day 2014 by the Wemyss family owners and the founder, local man Douglas Clement. Distilling started in January 2015 and the Distillery Manager and his team are so delighted with the quality of the spirit being produced that it was decided to bottle the spirit for all to try.

Scotch Whisky has to mature for at least 3 years and a day in oak casks and so the launch of the new make spirit will give visitors and curious whisky drinkers a unique chance to sample the spirit before it is filled into casks to mature. The New Spirit Drink is bottled at 63.5%, the same strength at which the casks are filled and available for sale in 20cl bottles priced at £14.95.

Distillery Manager, Peter Holroyd, is delighted with the new bottling and commented: “It’s a great pleasure to share our new spirit with visitors. The spirit itself is an elegant, fruity and floral spirit and I can’t wait to see how it is going to develop into Scotch whisky over the coming years. I recommend that water is added to enjoy the fruity flavours at their best.”

Tours of the distillery include a taste of the new make spirt and can be arranged by contacting: +44(0)1333 451300 or booking on the website http://www.kingsbarnsdistillery.com

National Rum Day With Zacapa

Zacapa - The Rooster

The Rooster – Oblix at The Shard


50 ml Zacapa XO
40 ml Spiced Orchid Vermouth
15 ml Banana Liqueur
1 Spray Coconut Perfume

Inspiration: The Rooster is the embodiment of the vibrant culture of the streets of Ron Zacapa’s homeland, Guatemala and is the inspiration behind this cocktail. The team behind the bar at Oblix created this exclusive new serve; combining the rich and smooth flavours of Ron Zacapa’s most premium XO variation, aged 2,300m above sea level in the ‘House Above The Clouds’, with native banana, coconut and spiced orchid flavours; to evoke the vivacity, produce and people of the local streets, where the Rooster’s courage and bravado shines.
The Rooster cocktail is priced at £24.50 and is now available at Oblix.

Zacapa - Le Vieux Connaught

Le Vieux Connaught – The Connaught Bar

Inspiration: Newly launching at London institution The Connaught Bar, renowned for its ultra-stylist décor and mouth-watering cocktails, the Ron Zacapa 23-based Vieux Connaught was inspired by the classic cocktail created in 1938 by Walter Bergeron at the Carousel bar in the Monteleone hotel, named after New Orleans’ French quarter: ‘Vieux carrè’. Providing an interactive and aromatic serve for guests, the drink is served bottled on a beautiful mirrored tray and smoked with saffron, with its smoky and spicy flavours evolving with time. Served on the rocks and garnished with orange peel to perfectly compliment Zacapa’s rich tones, saffron smoke finishes the drink with a layer of elegrant fragrance, evoking the essence of the exquisite spirit.
The Vieux Connaught cocktail is priced at £17 and is now available at The Connaught Bar.

Zacapa - The Radical Notion

The Radical Notion – Artesian


30 ml Zacapa Reserva Limitada
50 ml Americano Cocchi
5 ml Suze
1 dash Grapefruit bitters
1 dash Peychauds bitters
10 ml Minus 8 verjus

Inspiration: Conceived by multi-award winning Alex Kratena, Head Bartender at Artesian at The Langham, voted The World’s Best Bar three years in a row, the new Radical Notion cocktail features the very special Ron Zacapa Reserva Limitada 2014, the second in a series of vintage limited editions to be released with a blend of exquisite hand-selected rums aged between six and 24 years. The incredibly smooth and rich mahogany blend combines perfectly with Americano Cocchi, Suze, and bitters, and is finished with zesty grapefruit in a martini glass to enhance the flavours of more than 20 herbs that infuse the rum.
The Radical Notion cocktail is priced at £17 and is now available at Artesian Bar.
Zacapa - Pacaya

Pacaya – American Bar at The Savoy

Inspiration: Inspired by the fertile land of Ron Zacapa’s homeland, the new Pacaya serve at The Savoy’s world-famous American Bar is named after Guatamala’s active complex volcano. The serve features a complex blend of smooth Ron Zacapa 23, Lagavulin 16yo, silky Crème de Cacao, Port and Botrytis sweet wine, reminiscent of the powerful volcano. The flavourful and intricate drink is insfused over Binchintan charcoal, an ancient Japanese method used to purify water, and is served on hand carved ice in glassware specially adorned to represent the iconic Guatemalan landmark.
The Pacaya cocktail is priced at £25 and is now available at the American Bar at The Savoy.

Bar Convent Berlin (BCB), One of the World’s Premier Bar Shows, Announces Its Ninth Edition


Bar Convent Berlin (BCB), one of the world’s premier trade fairs for the bar and beverage industry, today announces its ninth edition that will take place on October 6-7, 2015. An estimated 200 exhibitors will showcase about 500 brands to 10,000 attendees that are expected from 35 countries, including the U.S. BCB is held at Station Berlin, the iconic landmarked railway station. It provides an ideal backdrop for meetings between key industry players and newcomers, ranging from bar owners and bartenders to international manufacturers and distributors of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, equipment and bar accessories. This year, a nighttime Mixology Market event will kick off the show on October 5.

More Attendees, More Exhibitors and More Floor Space

BCB is growing and is adding new companies and an additional demonstration bar. Some 200 exhibitors and numerous brands representing the spirits, non-alcoholic beverages, beer, and bar accessories sectors have already booked their spaces several months ahead of the show.

“We’re very confident that this year’s trade fair will once again grow by leaps and bounds,” says Jens Hasenbein, Managing Director, BCB. “As in the past, we’re focused on two aspects: matching up the right companies with the right target groups and offering a top-notch program of tastings, lectures and seminars. Our selection of exhibiting companies provides our show with a distinctive profile within the premium segment.”

In order to meet growing demand, the BCB team is implementing an expansion into a new hall. Hall 8 will feature two tasting forums and a “Made in GSA” area. Presented in cooperation with the magazine Mixology, the space will be dedicated to products from Germany, Switzerland and Austria and offer samples of more than 60 spirits, liqueurs, bitters and soft drinks. The cocktail creation that wins the “Made in GSA” competition will also be featured here. In addition, the expansion into Hall 8 will give Brew Berlin room to spread out. BCB’s beer area will get its own space in Hall 3 this year.

Europe’s Trade Fair for the Bar Business

About 10,000 trade visitors are expected to attend BCB, including top international bartenders. Last year, 26 percent of trade fair visitors were bartenders, 16 percent bar owners and 9 percent bar operators and managers. The beverage and spirits industry also made a strong showing with 20 percent. Nearly half of visitors said they were focused primarily on new products, while another 21 percent were looking for new business contacts and 16 percent were most interested in onsite seminars and workshops. For a quarter of the visitors, the most important reason to come to the event, which brings together all the key industry players, was to network.

Global Industry Gathering Place; A Focus on Brazil in 2015

After Mexico, Poland, Peru and the U.S., the ninth BCB will be devoted to yet another major beverage nation. This year’s guest country will be Brazil. For visitors, this means an up-close look at the enormously varied uses of the popular spirit, Cachaça, as well as additional beverages from the rising, resource-rich country. In addition, former guest countries, Peru and the U.S., will return.

“Internationality begets quality. That’s why we care so deeply about bringing even more nations to BCB,” says Petra Lassahn, Event Director, Reed Exhibitions, who now works alongside Hasenbein to manage BCB. “Exhibitors get an opportunity here to present their products to international markets and visitors get to discover new products from around the world.”

More than half of the approximately 9,400 trade visitors last year traveled to BCB from outside Germany, including the U.S., the U.K., Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Austria, Finland, the Czech Republic and Denmark.

About Bar Convent Berlin (BCB)

Since its founding in 2007, Bar Convent Berlin (BCB) has emerged as one of the leading international trade fairs for the bar and beverage industry. Every year, a who’s who of the German and European bar and beverage industry meet in Berlin for two days to establish new contacts, catch up on the latest product innovations and attend educational seminars. Launched in 2013, Brew Berlin adds a beer-in-bars platform to BCB. BCB was created by bar and beverage experts Jens Hasenbein, Bastian Heuser and Helmut Adam. Reed Exhibitions, a leading international trade fair organizer, came on board in 2015. The trade fair will take place at Station Berlin on October 6-7, 2015. About 10,000 trade visitors are expected to attend. For more information, please visit http://www.barcovent.com.

Green Spot Château Léoville Barton

My love affair with the Irish Distillers range continues as they release a unique Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, the first to be finished in Bordeaux wine casks. Ever.

Below is the press release that was sent to me, and I’ve included my tasting notes as I was kindly sent a sample to experience:

Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard has unveiled the first ever Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey to be finished in Bordeaux wine casks, Green Spot Château Léoville Barton. The new release adds an innovative, new dimension to the classic Green Spot expression, which is already renowned among whiskey lovers for its exceptional quality.

Set in the heart of the Saint Julien appellation in Bordeaux, one of the most revered winemaking regions in the world, Léoville Barton is a grand cru Château renowned for producing world class wine. Léoville Barton is overseen today by Anthony and Lilian Barton, direct descendants of Thomas Barton, a ‘Wine Geese’ winemaker who founded a wine merchant company in 1725, after migrating from his native Ireland.

Green Spot can trace its roots back to Dublin-based wine merchants, Mitchell & Son, who matured, bottled and sold the original Green Spot under bond. Established in 1805, Mitchell & Son aged whiskeys bought from John Jameson’s Bow St Distillery in Dublin in their own casks up until 1968, when the practice of selling whiskey to bonders in cask ceased. From that date, Green Spot was bottled by Irish Distillers who also produce Yellow Spot 12 Year Old and now the new Green Spot Château Léoville Barton.

Initially matured in a traditional mix of ex-Oloroso sherry, new Bourbon and ex-Bourbon barrels the whiskeys were then transferred into the ex-Bordeaux wine casks for between 12 and 24 months. This imparted distinctive, floral flavours of varying intensity, resulting in a perfectly balanced whiskey.

Kevin O’Gorman, Master of Maturation at the Midleton Distillery, commented: “With its fresh taste profile featuring notes of green apple, vanilla, toffee and liquorice, Green Spot has been a favourite among Irish whiskey lovers thanks to the Mitchell family since the 19th Century, so it is an honour to launch a further extension to our Spot family.

“Maturing Green Spot in the Château Léoville Barton wine casks provided a fascinating assortment of floral and wood characteristics on the nose and palate, which give way to a long, spicy finish reminiscent of the terroir in France and Ireland. I hope whiskey fans enjoy this latest addition to our growing Single Pot Still family and join us in toasting this new whiskey resulting from of our shared Irish heritage.”

Anthony Barton, owner of Château Léoville Barton, added: “We are delighted to collaborate with the Midleton Distillery to create the new Green Spot Château Léoville Barton. Having been born in Ireland, whiskey is very close to my heart, and wine has been in my family for hundreds of years, so it is an enormous privilege to be able to merge the two now and share our heritage with the Mitchell family with such an exceptional result.”

Bottled at 46% ABV, Green Spot Château Léoville Barton is available from June in five markets, including Ireland, UK and France, at the recommended selling price of $65 per 70cl.

So, how does it all fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Green Spot Château Léoville Barton – 46%

Ripe notes of red apple, forest floor and scorched damp oak on the nose. Dry berries follows near the finish. Bold, sharp notes of spice, oak and apple combine well on the palate. A thick texture, with grain notes coming through, followed by a bold, deep red wine finish that offers a smooth, lingering sweet finish.

A very complex expression here, and one that is perfect for the whiskey fan. Perhaps for the drinks cabinet at home, and perfect for when the winter nights start to roll in.

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