Chairman’s Reserve ‘Sprint to the Finish’ Cocktail Competition Announced

Chairman's Sprint Header July 2014

St Lucia Distillers, as a member of a Commonwealth Country, has organised a cocktail competition with a difference in Scotland.  In conjunction with their UK distributors, Emporia Brands Ltd, they have invited a number of leading bartenders from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen to take part, competing for a chance to go to the 100m finals session at Hampden Park on Monday 28th July.

The bartenders have been asked to come up with an original Chairman’s Reserve cocktail, using any of the four expressions available, which have all been posted on the Chairman’s Reserve UK Facebook site:

The challenge is for these bartenders to market their drinks through their bars and social networks for a one week & ‘Sprint to the Finish’.  The cocktail creation that has manages to attract the largest number of likes at the end of a week, on Thursday 24th July, will be the winner and we will accompanied to the Blue Ribbon event (men’s 100m finals) by the Chairman of Emporia Brands, James Rackham to enjoy prime seats for the event in a corporate box at Hampden Park.

The runners and bartenders in this race to the Games include; -

  • Danny Whelan – Kelvingrove Cafe (Glasgow)
  • Alex – Amicus Apple (Aberdeen)
  • Mike McGinty – Treacle (Edinburgh)
  • Matthew Ronald – Blue Dog (Glasgow)
  • Jon Hughes – Bramble Bar (Edinburgh)
  • Adrian Gomes – The Tippling House (Aberdeen)
  • James Grant – Bond 9 (Edinburgh)
  • Lewis Thomson – Clouds & Soil (Edinburgh)
  • Rosie Paterson – The Voodoo Rooms (Edinburgh)

The only requirement regarding the drinks they have been asked to make, is that the base spirit must be one of the four Chairman’s Reserve expressions (Chairman’s Reserve Finest, Chairman’s Reserve White Label, Chairman’s Reserve Spiced or Chairman’s Reserve ‘Forgotten Casks’).  The nature and style of their creations was left entirely to the participants and as a part of their marketing exercise, to decide whether to appeal to bartenders, consumers, St. Lucians or lovers of the Commonwealth Games.


Sibling Distillery

Sibling Distillery

There’s plenty of brands, especially gin, that attempt to cause a stir upon their arrival. Some fall flat, most succeed. However, crossing over from a bartenders favourite to the actual buyers of the brand, the customers, can be a difficult task. I’ve seen many brands become a ‘must-use’ within recipes or signature serves, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the customer will be convinced to depart with their saved pennies. You see, it takes research, knowing your audience ultimately, to really hit the mark with a new product. Wednesday 4th June saw one such brand of gin reap the benefits of such development – Sibling.

The Battledown area of Cheltenham, England is the home of Sibling Distillery, a venue I have had the pleasure of visiting to learn a little more about the ins and outs of this family owned venture.

Oh, and there ages range from 15 to 22 years.

SiblingWho says you need to be old and wise to create a spirit? The team of Clarice, Digby, Felix and Cicely, aka the Elliot-Berry clan, have used a combined total of 30 years experience within the hospitality trade to launch Cheltenham’s first ever commercially available gin. Growing up around their parents love of beer, or more precisely the family owned Battledown brewery, the craft creation has always been in the blood of the siblings. The start of the gin journey though can be culminated through to one stand-out point; perfume. Clarice’s love and enthusiasm to enter the world of perfume creation indirectly started the road to Sibling gin, as her nose of the best botanicals brought together a harmony of flavours that would ultimately define Cheltenham’s foray into the spirits market.

With the Cicely tending bar at weekends and Felix working a full-time job with a design company, they were able to understand the market better, working out the flavours most associated with customers through a variety of concepts, as well as testing the boundaries with ideas that would stand out amongst all others. All three turned down the offers of university to focus on the distillery, with Digby, the youngest at 15, set to join once he finishes school. Cicely, my guide for my visit, said herself that she has always wanted to run her own business, departing away from the more usual answers like hairdressing when looking ahead in life.

The botanicals

Back onto those flavours. One aspect that impressed me the most is that cost doesn’t matter. If the vanilla pods are not the best they can source, then it won’t be used. Ultimately, Madagascar offer such a variety that is worthy of being included in the recipe, despite not being the cheapest available. The same can go for the juniper berries, lemons, blueberries and oranges. Even the bottle had a look in, more on design over cost. When was the last time you heard someone say “I would like this, this and this laid out this way with these over it”, then ask for the cost? Oh, and then think that cost does not matter and to sign it off for production? It’s a rarity.

From these statements, you’re probably expecting Sibling gin to be rather expensive, but to be honest, it’s really good value for money. To see the work that goes into the production of Sibling gin, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t mind giving this new spirit a go.

Have I also mentioned that it’s rather unique too?

SiblingThe story just gets better as they produce within their crystal distillery, a stunning revolutionary design made of glass and steel, ultimately the first of its kind in Europe. This allows them to monitor, observe and improve the gin at every step of the 12ft tall piece of stunning machinery. The botanicals are held in a woven basket (carter head) during the vapours descent to the condenser, which within this giant piece of what looks like Mecanno, offers the ultimate flavour experience desired by the siblings. The eight hour, three times distilled process of neutral grain spirit, which they create themselves, goes against most producers option of purchasing ready-made neutral vodka. But again, the attention to detail and the desire to not cut corners when creating the ultimate gin really shines through. Local water filtered through a layer of Fuller’s Earth in Cheltenham is used to reduce to the strength of 42% abv.

SiblingSo how does the gin actually fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes -

Sibling – 42%

Smooth, rich vanilla notes on the nose, with a slightly sweet orange hit on the finish. The vanilla kicks off the palate, but soon develops the rest of the botanicals. Slightly dry, but the vanilla and blueberry offers a smooth, bold and ultimately fresh offering. Well-rounded with a slight sweetness creates a long experience.

A genuine cracker. The use of vanilla offers a different perspective to the category, and creates a gin that’s worthy enough to be drunk neat, or within a cocktail.

Thicker Than Water
Thicker Than Water

Thicker Than Water

Glass -


Ingredients -

8 Mint Leaves
50 ml Sibling Gin
30 ml Rose Water
15 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
Fresh Lavender

Method -

Combine the lemon, rose water and lavender with Sibling Gin in an ice filled glass and stir. Serve with fresh mint.

Sibling gin has offered the world something a little different. Even the way they are marketing it to customers is an intriguing way to look at it. No release of any kind until only a few weeks before the launch date, and the launch itself attended by the public, instead of the usual trade only you see these days. They are also organically growing, with no push into London yet unless called for.

To be fair, they can only create around 180 bottles a week. I’d rather give them a chance and create me something I’d enjoy, than cut corners just to meet with demand. Either way, one to definitely make room for in your drinks cabinet, and to impress your friends with know you know how unique Sibling Distillery really is.

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Celebrate Black Tot Day With Pusser’s Rum Grog

Pusser's - Pusser's Grog

31st July sees Pusser’s Rum celebrate the historic Black Tot Day at The Beach in Camden’s Roundhouse. In honour of the event, navy seadogs and patrons alike can experience the classic naval cocktail, the Grog, with a special Pusser’s twist.

How to make the ultimate Pusser’s Grog:

1) Pour 2oz of Pusser’s rum into glass full of ice
2) Add 1 teaspoon of unrefined dark cane sugar
3) Squeeze half a lime into the glass and stir
4) Garnish with another wedge and serve

When rum became the substitute for beer and wine within the Navy, the Admiralty noticed that sailors were becoming too drunk from their daily ration. However, in 1740, Vice Admiral Vernon ordered that the rum ration be watered down; men did not take this decision lightly and renamed the daily tot as ‘Grog’; a dismissive nod to the grogram cloak Vernon wore. Throughout the years, this drink has been modified to suit a sweeter tooth, hence the adding of sugar and lime.

Global Rum Ambassador, Ian Burrell, explains, “the Grog is such a key rum cocktail, its history and heritage make it really important in the rum scene. When I was younger, I used to drink sugar, water and lime, and sometimes I would add rum – not even realising I was making a Grog. It’s such an easy and simple drink to make, but tastes great.”

Join the Pusser’s team and sample this classic cocktail on the 31st July 2014 at The Camden Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8EH.

Chivas Regal Announces The First Chivas Master

The CHIVAS MASTERS 2014 New York

American bartender, Masahiro Urushido, has been revealed as Chivas Regal’s first ever Chivas Master, winning the iconic whisky brand’s inaugural bartender competition in style at the NoMad hotel in New York (15th July 2014).

Urushido was announced as the winner following a tightly-contested final which saw him impress an international panel of judges with his ‘The New Pal’ cocktail to secure victory over the 12 other international competitors. He wins the opportunity to work in partnership with Dave Arnold, inventor and co-founder of Booker and Dax, a food science development company and lab dedicated to finding solutions to real world food, beverage and cooking issues. The partnership will see Urushido and Arnold collaborating on an inspirational concept which will be revealed at the next Chivas Masters final in 2015.

The New Pal
The New Pal

The 13 finalists were all winners of the national Chivas Masters heats, which took place around the world following the competition’s launch in April this year. During the national heats, competitors were tasked with creating a new classic cocktail that would stand the test of time – just as Chivas does – inspired by one of the four great cocktail eras; the Classic Age (1880-1920) which saw the birth of Chivas Regal; the Post War Boom (1945-1965) during which time, Chivas 12 was introduced; the Disco Years (1975-1990) which saw the brand become a truly global icon, and the present modern Age of Revivalism.

During the two-day final, the bartenders were asked to re-create one of the cocktails that earned them a place in the final and also compete in a series of challenges designed to test their creativity, style and mixology skills. Highlights of these challenges included a milk-based cocktail pairing with Momofuku Milk Bar; a cocktail pairing with a dish from Momofuku Ssäm Bar, experimenting with carbonation with Dave Arnold; and presenting classic drinks at The Dead Rabbit.

The judging panel was comprised of leading experts in the world of food and drink, including Ago Perrone, Director of Mixology at the David Collins-designed Connaught Bar in London; Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry from The Dead Rabbit in New York; and Max Warner, Chivas Global Brand Ambassador.

Dave Arnold praised the overall performance of the competitors during the final round commenting: “There were 13 talented bartenders for the judging panel to consider. These are professionals from some of the most iconic venues in the world so I would like to congratulate all of them for participating. The cocktails prepared by Masahiro were particularly impressive, and I look forward to working with him in the coming months.”

Masahiro Urushido commented: “It’s an honour to be chosen as the first Chivas Master. As a bartender, I am well aware of the long heritage of Chivas so immersing myself into the history of cocktails to create a drink that can stand the test of time has been very inspirational. I am excited to share this experience with my fellow bartenders and to introduce my ‘The New Pal’ cocktail to my customers in New York. I hope that it encourages other bartenders around the world to create new Chivas cocktails inspired by the great classics”.

Max Warner, Global Brand Ambassador for Chivas Regal, commented: “From Australia to Israel, Chile to China, there was talent from all over the world involved in the competition and we are very excited with the success of the inaugural Chivas Masters.

The global cocktail scene is seeing a growing interest in classic-inspired modern cocktails and, as a brand proud to be nurturing the bartending community, we look forward to continuing to inspire the on-trade to create great cocktails steeped in heritage, such as the one created by the very talented Masahiro Urushido.”

All competitors who took part in the final are now to conclude their trip with a visit to the world’s premier cocktail festival ‘Tales of the Cocktail’ in New Orleans, where Chivas is sponsoring the Best American/International Cocktail Bar at the Spirited Awards.

For more information visit:

5cc City Of London And Bespoke Whisky

5cc Whisky

I love exploring. Working in the drinks industry I get to encounter plenty of concepts that are created to amaze, divulge and ultimately get you talking and even giddy. Some fail, granted, but most succeed in their own way. A recent visit to London though offered up a venue I’ve heard plenty of, but never had the pleasure of experiencing.

Located beneath Harrild & Sonsat on Farringdon Street, 5cc City of London presents itself as a rather intimate cocktail bar. Low level lighting sets the mood, and the central bar shows off its impressive whisky collection, the reason for my visit that evening. I’d been presented with a chance to divulge my senses into the 5cc City of London’s new whisky menu, featuring over 90 bottles from across 12 different countries.

Morning Dew
Morning Dew

Taking a seat in the leather backed bar stools, my pilot for the evening would be the knowledgeable Andrei, who whipped up a recipe named Morning Dew, combining Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon, lemon, elderflower, star anise syrup, egg white and topped with an absinthe spray, housed within a glass filled cut glass tumbler and a folded cucumber strip to garnish. As expected, a soft absinthe and cucumber blend on the nose, with light elderflower and soft citrus on the palate. Short, slightly dry and with slight kicks of the absinthe and Four Roses on the finish.

Whilst enjoying, Andrei explained that the bar now prides itself from stocking whiskies from as far as Sweden and Japan, India to New Zealand and Canada, Australia and Wales. Its most extensive though is of course the range from Scotland and America, and looking over the prices, are affordable too. With this, Andrei cracked open four expressions, poured within a snifter glass for the full effect. In true tasting style, below, I give to you my tasting notes -

Copper Fox Rye – 45%

Matured in first and second fill bourbon casks along with new and used apple wood and oak chips in 12 months.
Smooth rye base on the nose, as if you were walking through a field of rye itself. Fresh, natural cherry lingers, but becomes more dominant once onto the palate. Light, with a slight apple flavour makes this a short, yet approachable whiskey.

Suntory Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel 2013 – 48%

Aged in 180 litre casks which used to hold bourbon and matured in a warm moist climate, and the last in the Cask Collection series.
Light, aromatic aromas of peat and stewed apple, with hints of a copper rum scent following. A big kick of a blend of bourbon flavours, including vanilla, heavy wood and pot-still copper. Falls away quickly though.

Scapa 16yr – 40%

On the nose there’s lots of sweet honey aromas which move onto the palate and combine with ginger to create a rich and long-lasting finish.

Mortlach 16yr - 43%

A sherried single malt matured for 16 years. A low-level smoke, fresh, lingering on the nose. A sharp hit or ripe fruit to begin, with apricot notes creating a mouth-watering texture. Hints of copper and dry fruits dry off the finish.

5ccA cracking set of whiskies, all offering something a little different, but personally a winner would be the Copper Fox Rye. I’m sure though that this opinion would change if I splashed out on some of the rarer versions available, or what the venue call ‘Whisky Porn’, including a Japanese Exclusive Laphroaig 1980 Sherry Cask, a port Ellen 30 yr 1982 Rare Malt and a Dunglass and Littlemill (Signatory) 1967.

Heaven I’m sure!

As are the places to enjoy. Depending on your mood you can join me at the bar on the leather stools, or sit within the cubby holes. Booths and private alcoves behind the bar are also available, but whatever your preference, the mood will be set. And it’s not just whisky that they list for your delights, but a good range of gin, vodka, tequila and rum are available to create the likes of the Mary Pickford, Don Collins and the B&B Sour.

Service from Andrei was to be fair spot on, and a very enjoyable conversation was had over my hour or two with his hand-selected whisky flight. Give him a shout if you ever get the chance, and wander around the world with a glass of something good in your hand.

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Stolichnaya Rolls Into Summer With The Stolichnaya Lemonade

Stoli Lemonade Original BS

Stolichnaya Premium vodka, the world’s most original vodka, introduces the original serve of the sum-mer, The Stoli Lemonade. A splash of Stoli poured over ice with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a touch of sugar, topped with soda water and served in a Mason jar – simple, refreshing, original.

As easy as stirring all the ingredients with ice, The Stoli Lemonade can be enjoyed at home with friends and will be available in bars nationwide. To create the original Stoli Lemonade simply mix the following ingredients:

2 parts Stolichnaya Premium Vodka
1 part fresh lemon juice
1 part sugar syrup
2 parts water (still or sparkling)

Build in an ice-filled Mason jar and stir. Garnish with lemon wheels.

Stolichnaya Premium vodka will be on tour throughout summer, giving everyone the opportunity to try the cocktail for themselves in the most original of settings and, best of all, for free! A customised 1950s Cit-roen H Van will be popping up around London’s most iconic squares, serving free samples to lucky passers by:

Dates of the Stoli Lemonade Van Tour 2014. 12 – 7pm each day

Sat19/ Sun 20th July Boxpark, Shoreditch
Sat 26th July Westfield London (Southern Terrace), Shepherd’s Bush
Sat 2nd Aug The N1 Centre, Angel
Thur 7th Aug Reuters Plaza, Canary Wharf
Sat 9th Aug Old Spitalfield’s Market, Shoreditch
Thur 14th Aug Exchange Square, Broadgate

For the ultimate refreshing experience the H Van will also be serving a bespoke and limited edition Stoli Lemonade sorbet. Stoli have teamed up with leading artisan gelateria, Gelupo, to create a zesty, sorbet using real lemon rinds to add a sharp and clean finish. Blended with Stoli® vodka and natural sugars, it is the ultimate decadent and refreshing scoop to cool down with this summer. Stoli® Lemonade sorbet will be available to purchase in-store at Gelupo for the duration of the summer.

Follow @StoliUK on Twitter and keep an eye out for #StoliLemonade for full details of in-store sampling, national competitions, recipes, live imagery from events and original insights into what’s happening in the UK this summer.

Whether you’re spending your summer at home, socialising in your favourite bar with friends or enjoying one of our unique pop-ups, The Stoli Lemonade is the perfect refreshing cocktail.

Ballantine’s Announces The Winner Of The Bar Project

Ballantines The Bar Project - winning concept

“L’Epicerie”, a grocery-themed bar designed by Moroccan-born Abderrahim El Afsar, will be brought to life by Ballantine’s in the heart of Paris this autumn

Ballantine’s, the world’s No 2 Scotch whisky, today announced the winner of The Bar Project; an innovative and entrepreneurial challenge that took place in France earlier this year, offering consumers the unique opportunity to devise a concept for their own dream bar. The Bar Project by Ballantine’s saw more than 100 bar concepts submitted – via Facebook – by the French public. A jury including Simon Baldeyrou, CEO of Deezer in France and Laura Leonard, a renowned interior designer, selected their top three entries, which were then put to the public vote, with “L’Epicerie” achieving almost 50% of the overall votes cast.

The winner of the challenge, as voted for by the public, is Abderrahim El Afsar – more commonly known as “Abdou” – whose Moroccan-inspired, grocery-themed bar concept will now be brought to life by Ballantine’s this September, within famous Parisian club “Le Chacha”.

Abdou’s unique cocktail bar concept “L’Epicerie” enables the customer to select their own fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, with these ingredients then forming the base of their own sophisticated and delicious cocktail. Infused with plants, spice jars, fruit baskets and bouquets of fresh herbs, “L’Epicerie” evokes the sense of a Moroccan ‘night food market’. Customers will be able to browse the bar’s inviting shelves, filling their shopping basket with the finest ingredients of their choice. The experienced mixologists behind the bar will then create an innovative whisky cocktail with these ingredients, selecting the most appropriate expression from the Ballantine’s range to match, which customers will be able to drink around the large host table that forms the centrepiece of the bar.

Abdou El Asfari, the winning designer of this impressive concept, was born in Morocco and went on to become Head Bartender at several well-known bars in the country. He moved to France in 2013 to continue to practise his passion in luxury hotels and at private parties, always staying true to his Moroccan roots and taking inspiration from the country’s opulent spices, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Abdou commented: “I have always dreamed of creating my own bar and, thanks to The Bar Project by Ballantine’s, it’s finally come true. I have learned so much through the whole experience, and I can’t wait until the grand opening of my bar this September!”

Peter Moore, Global Brand Director for Ballantine’s, added: “The Bar Project has been a hugely successful pilot initiative for Ballantine’s in France, and we were pleased to see such high quality entries from across the country. L’Epicerie is a hugely innovative concept and one that reflects Abdou’s own Moroccan heritage and back-story. We hope to now see some of our other Ballantine’s markets continuing the success of the campaign and launching The Bar Project in their own country, giving our customers around the world the chance to participate.”

“L’Epicerie” will open its doors to the public on the 4th September 2014, on the first floor of Le Chacha, situated in Paris’s first district.

For more information about The Bar Project by Ballantine’s, visit

Chivas Regal Gets Set To Select The First Chivas Master

Chivas Masters

On Tuesday 15 July 2014 in New York City, Chivas Regal, the world’s original luxury whisky, will announce the global winner of the inaugural Chivas Masters competition.
Launched earlier this year, the competition has seen the world’s best bartenders from 13 countries compete for the title, whilst in search of the next generation of classic cocktails. Throughout the competition competitors have been asked to craft a modern classic drink inspired by four great cocktail eras; the Classic Age (1880-1920) the Post War Boom (1945-1965), the Disco Years (1975-1990) and lastly the modern Age of Revivalism.

Over the course of the two-day final, a panel of industry experts will conduct a series of workshops and challenges to test the creativity, style and mixology skills of the competitors. Max Warner, Chivas Global Brand Ambassador will be joined by an esteemed panel of judges including Ago Perrone, Director of Mixology at the Connaught Bar in London to select the final Master. The judges will be assessing competitors on performance, knowledge of cocktail culture and creativity, and will be looking for a cocktail that can stand the test of time to become the next cocktail classic.

The winner of the Chivas Masters title will be announced at a cocktail evening at Nomad, New York, and will be presented with a grand prize on the night of 15th July. All competitors taking part in the competition will conclude their trip with a visit to the world’s premier cocktail festival ‘Tales of the Cocktail’ in New Orleans, where Chivas is sponsoring the Best American/International Cocktail Bar at the Spirited Awards.

For more information visit:

Finalists include:

Alistair Reynolds, Hawksmoor Spitalfields London, UK
Chabiz Cadiz, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Santiago, Chile 
Cross Yu, The Epic, Shanghai, China 
Diogo Quinaz, Liquid Consulting, Cascais, Portugal 
Gilad Livnat, Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar, Tel Aviv, Israel 
Joe Villanueva, W Hotel, Hong Kong 
John Samaras, Dalliance House, Kifissia, Greece 
Laura Marnich, Zuma Restaurant, Dubai, UAE 
Marcus Philipp, The Albertina Passage, Vienna, Austria
Marian Krause, Spirits Bar, Cologne, Germany 
Masahiro Urushido, The Saxon and Parole, New York, USA 
Mitsuhiro Nakamura, The Peninsula, Tokyo, Japan 
Sam Egerton, Palmer & Co, Sydney, Australia

Tullamore D.E.W. Raises A Glass To Celebrate Exciting New Chapters

Tullamore DEW

In preparation for the opening of its new distillery this September, Tullamore D.E.W. Irish whiskey has launched the ‘Parting Glass’ campaign, a global online search for the best toasts to mark the beginning of life’s new chapters.

The ‘Parting Glass’ is a time honoured way of marking the closure of one life chapter and celebrating the beginning of the next. As Tullamore D.E.W. celebrates its new chapter, it is inviting people to share their own parting glass moments online to be in with a chance of winning a trip to Ireland toattend the distillery opening celebrations this September. For a chance to win, people need to share a video or image of their parting glass moment with Tullamore D.E.W. via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, adding #PartingGlassUKto the entry.

To coincide with the competition and inspired by the award-winning short film ‘A Parting Glass’ featuring a group of guys ahead of their friend’s wedding, Tullamore D.E.W. has created a series of shareable videos featuring the same characters celebrating a variety of parting glassmoments. From a toast to a new home through to a raised glass to a new job,these videos can be personalised and shared with friends via

Caspar MacRae, Global Brand Director, Tullamore D.E.W., commented: “The new Tullamore distillery opening is a true ‘Parting Glass’ moment for us – marking an exciting new chapter in our 185 year history. As we raise a glass to this momentous occasion, we look forward to seeing the milestones happening in the lives of our fans and inviting the best entrants to join us in Ireland for some very exciting celebrations in September”.

Toasts can be submitted directly via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using #PartingGlassUK. The prize window for submissions runs from 9th July 2014 until 6th August 2014. For more information please visit

The Bombay Sapphire Ultimate Gin & Tonic Terrace At Rosewood London Opens This Summer


Tuesday 22 July – Friday 29 August 2014

This summer, iconic gin brand Bombay Sapphire has partnered with London’s newest ultra luxury hotel, Rosewood London, to transform its alfresco drinking and dining terrace, located in the grand courtyard into ‘The Bombay Sapphire Ultimate Gin & Tonic Terrace’.

Inspired by Bombay Sapphire’s 10 exotic botanical ingredients and the journey taken to the ends of the earth to source them, the six week long pop-up experience will allow discerning drinkers to celebrate and creatively explore the regions travelled, resulting in the must-visit summer destination to enjoy ‘The Ultimate Gin & Tonic’. Fitting seamlessly with the elegant and distinctive design of Rosewood London, ‘The Bombay Sapphire Ultimate Gin & Tonic Terrace’ promises an intriguing and conversational alfresco environment to discover and experience the exclusive cocktail menu.

Combining English heritage with contemporary sophistication, Rosewood London has the feel of a stylish London residence, more akin to a British manor house than a hotel and is filled to the brim with a quirky collection of curiosities. Guests enter via a gated carriageway, which leads to the peaceful inner courtyard, where the ‘The Bombay Sapphire Ultimate Gin & Tonic Terrace’ will be situated. Bombay Sapphire’s journey of discovery will be brought to life in the re-design of the terrace that imitates the quality, detail and style of a bespoke yacht, showcasing an exclusively commissioned fabric design created by acclaimed illustrator, Jonathan Chadwick.
The intricate pattern tells the story of the exotic botanicals and regions of origin that lie behind this renowned gin.

‘The Bombay Sapphire Ultimate Gin & Tonic Terrace’ will showcase a varied menu of cocktail twists based on ‘The Ultimate Gin & Tonic’, which will take guests on an exhilarating sensory journey through the Mediterranean, Africa, China and Indonesia. To celebrate this partnership, the ‘Sense of Place® Gin & Tonic Twist’ cocktail, which has been especially curated to honour the hotel’s philosophy of enhancing guests’ experiences by reflecting and celebrating the local
culture, history and location, will be revealed. The Bombay Sapphire ‘Sense of Place® Gin & Tonic Twist’ draws on the shared British locale of Rosewood London and the London dry gin for its inspiration as well as a selection of unexpected ingredients which give a nod to all things British. The experience will also feature a food-pairing menu conceived by Bjorn van der Horst, Rosewood London’s director of food, beverage and kitchens, which complements the selection of cocktails and can be enjoyed at the elegant terrace.

At specific times during the week, Bombay Sapphire brand ambassador Sean Ware will be on hand to take guests on an interactive journey through the world of Bombay Sapphire. Cocktail
lovers will learn the intricacies of the spirit and have the opportunity to touch, smell and taste the exotic botanicals that have been vapour infused to create the unparalleled taste of Bombay Sapphire Gin.

‘The Bombay Sapphire Ultimate Gin & Tonic Terrace’ at Rosewood London will be open daily from 12pm until late, from Tuesday 22 July until Friday 29 August 2014. There will also be occasional live music that can be enjoyed at the terrace. ‘The Bombay Sapphire Ultimate Gin & Tonic Terrace’ will also be available for private corporate and event hire.

The Bombay Sapphire Ultimate Gin & Tonic Terrace at Rosewood London, 252 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EN

For enquiries please visit:

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