The Romper Review

Last night for the fathers birthday he wanted to eat out at a place i’ve been to a couple of times called The Romper (just off Wilmslow Road near Manchester Aiport and next to Aviation Viewing Park).

The Romper is your traditional English pub owned by the Chef & Brewer company and boasts ‘ freshly prepared pub food and high quality drink at great value’ – i’d say that was spot on.

We were greeted by what i presume was the Duty Manager who enthusiastically sat us a window seat for 4 which had views of their outside dining area and informed us of the 2 waitresses who would be serving us for the night (a nice touch i feel should be adapted in every restaurant). Drinks were ordered quickly with a large glass of red, pint of Greene King IPA, pint of Amstell and a Pepsi arriving as we looked through a wide variety of starters, pub favourites, fish, steak and burgers as well as the chef’s recommendations.

3 of us plumped for the individual Seafood Platter (£5.80) which came with a selection of both breaded and fresh prawns, mackerel, scampi and salmon with tartare sauce to dip whilst my sister ordered the Prawn & Salmon Cocktail (£5.45). The platters arrived on a long wooden board with two dishes at either end and sauces, bread and butter in the middle. Set out rather differently compared to what i expected of one plate with them all thrown on. One bowl had the fresh prawns, smocked salmon and sweet-cured mackerel whilst the other the piping hot scampi and breaded king prawns. It may not sound a lot but it filled you up enough to be ready for your main without regretting what you ordered. The prawn and salmon cocktail went down well with the added salmon which i rarely see on prawn cocktails a plus.

Plates were cleared and mains arrived in adequate time despite the tables around us filling up rather quickly. Two Gourmet Burgers (£9.25), Grilled 8oz Gammon & Egg with extra Pineapple (£7.45)  and Teriyaki Surf & Turf (£8.55) were all presented well with large portions to wet the appetite. I myself had the Teriyaki Surf & Turf  which was presented well on a square wooden board with the fries, teriyaki sauce and 9oz rump steak / battered king prawns each on a separate dish. I had my steak medium rare and it was nicely marinated in a teriyaki sauce and piping hot. 3 prawns rested on top and finished with what i believe was pak choi. All were gone by the end of the meal with my only criticism being that the steak did go a little cold near the end. The two burgers, which were stacked high with both rump steak and chicken breast and a fried egg on top, looked delicious  and were well received, whilst the gammon, which also looked very impressive with the egg and pineapple grilled on top, was more than enough to what you would expect a pub to deliver.

Plates were cleared and desserts were offered but politely declined as the two courses were more than enough, although i overheard a couple ordering a Sticky Toffee & Butterscotch Pudding and nearly re-considered!

Overall the four of us had enjoyed the night with nothing but praise for the food that we ordered and the speed of the service we encountered. As we walked out, despite the restaurant being full (on a Wednesday too) staff still found the time to say their goodbyes to us and we left a very good atmosphere behind.

I’d recommend The Romper for both couples, families and even large parties as they cater for all, with a well priced menu, outdoor seating and both friendly and knowledgeable staff to create an atmosphere you’d want to go back to again and again!

Check out there website –

Individual Seafood Platter
Teriyaki Surf & Turf

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