“Many are the ships wrecked due to Neptune’s wrath. Drink to his better nature and pray that his storms are stilled”.

I do love a good marketing slogan! They capture the brand in one or two sentences, and with the above coming from Neptune rum, you don’t half expect something to blow you away! With this, Neptune has arrived to the UK shores like a breath of fresh air, offering up a rum that is distilled and aged at the renowned Foursquare Rum Distillery within the former 17th century sugarcane plantation in Barbados.

Launched after the first bottle run in May 2017, Richard Davies has created a liquid that mixes both pot and column still variations before being aged within American bourbon oak barrels for a full 3 years. Neptune is then transported to the UK at 63% abv before soft water added to reduce its strength down to 40% abv and caramel to enhance the colour before bottling.

It’s already picking up some fanfare in the awards world, winning Silver in both the Spirits Masters in 2017 and New York World Wine and Spirits, plus picking up a Gold Medal at the China Wine and Spirits Awards earlier in the year.

Question is though, how does it fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Neptune – 40%

A light, tangy note of fresh banana, vanilla and subtle citrus. A soft kick of caramel comes through to the palate, followed by  ripe green fruits, scented orange oils and a fresh lick of molasses. A long, thin finish that makes you grab the bottle for another.

A great Barbadian rum on its own, but how about a variation on the Manhattan for a twist on your rum experience?

cocktails-1Neptune’s Due

Glass –


Ingredients –

60 ml Neptune Rum
15 ml Sweet Vermouth
2-3 Dashes Angostura Bitters
Maraschino Cherry

Method –

Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice, stir well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a Maraschino cherry.

One for the rum collection for sure, versatile and you’ll be in love with the story and label. ‘Drink it on a boat’ sort of rum!

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Emily Say’s . . . . ‘Budvar Hoptails’

The Budweis Mule

In her second feature under ‘Emily Say’s . . .’, the voice to the Manchester bar scene in Emily Puckering looks at Budvar Hoptails: The Budweis Mule;

The beauty of mixology is having the freedom to mix whatever one likes in order to create the perfect drink. And who says one must stick to just spirits in this art?
The art of mixing beer with classic cocktail ingredients is ever growing in the bartending industry today. More and more concoctions are being created, all with the one compound in common; beer. Whether it’s a lager, a pale ale or even a cask, beer is the key ingredient in creating something rather special in the competitive world of mixology.

You don’t have to be a qualified beer guru to have heard of Budweiser Budvar, one of the world’s most famous beer brand. Most commonly known for its infamous pale lager, Budweiser Original, the Budvar brand dates back centuries; all the way back to 1265 to be precise. The town České Budějovice of Czech Republic was founded by Ottokar II, the King of Bohemia, and was granted many important privileges; one of which being able to brew beer. And so the story begins.

The year of 1872 welcomed the export of beer from České Budějovice to the United States, strongly spurred along by millions of Czech locals relocating to the states for a better life; and bringing their thirst for beer with them!
Since then, Budvar has become a global sensation. And it is this global popularity that has introduced Budvar Hoptails; a platform that showcases the greatest beer cocktail creations that bartenders across the world have created.

The Budweis Mule 2

The Budweis Mule: a fiery twist on the classic Moscow Mule.

Glass – Tankard

Ingredients –
2 dashes of Angostura Bitters
Fresh lemon thyme
Fresh ginger
15ml sugar syrup
20ml lemon juice
15ml Cointreau
30ml Tanqueray Export Gin
Bottle of Budweiser Budvar Original

Method –

Firstly, muddle in the lemon thyme and ginger with the sugar syrup and lemon juice in a boston glass – in order to achieve the best flavour! Add the Angostura bitters, Cointreau and Tanqueray and shake hard with plenty of ice.
Single strain over cubed ice, and top with the bottle of Budweiser Budvar Original. Garnish with a lemon thyme sprig and lemon zest.

This exclusive creation was stirred up by Jonah Robertshawe. Coming all the way from Sydney, Australia, Jonah has brought his Australian expertise to Manchester’s bartending scene, where he currently resides at The Botanist. From taking part in the Budvar Hoptails national competition, Jonah’s creation earned himself a name in Budvar and the sales of the Budweis Mule in Botanists across the country, and here is what he has to say about his concoction:

“I’ve always been a big fan of the Moscow Mule style cocktails, but I wanted to work with the flavour of the saarz hops in the Budvar using complimentary spirits, which is the Tanqueray gin, which are then backed up by the citrus notes of Cointreau.”
“However, I didn’t want to stray too far away from the classic Moscow Mule. So rather than ginger beer, I paired together fresh ginger and lemon thyme so the essential flavour of the Mule wasn’t lost”.

The fiery essence of the ginger beautifully complements the bitter-sweet bite that the drink delivers. Rather than sticking to the traditional Mule spec by using vodka, Tanqueray Export gin has been used purely for its floral aroma, which balances the hoppy and fragrant Budweiser Budvar perfectly.
An admirable creation from Jonah Robertshawe, The Budweis Mule offers a tantalising and sensual drinking experience, and certainly something that will be very hard to come by anywhere else.

Credit and copyright:
Budvar Hoptails
Budweiser Budvar Original
The Botanist

Emily Say’s . . . . “Liqueur de Coquelicot”

Poppy & Pomegranate Martini 2
New to Drinks Enthusiast, a voice to the Manchester bar scene in Emily Puckering, a bartender by heart who looks at the ever growing love of spirits, cocktails and beer. Her first post under ‘Emily Say’s . . .’ for the site looks at Liqueur de Coquelicot;

The French family firm that is Maison Briottet has been producing its world famous liqueurs since 1836, and has truly left its mark upon the liquor industry today. Initially beginning as a wine establishment, Briottet became famous for their creation of Crème De Cassis; the universal go-to blackcurrant liqueur. As the years went by and their business expanded, Briottet began the production of flavoured liqueurs and fine spirits.

Now, in 2018, Briottet sells its fine products across 26 different countries and holds a range of over 61 liqueurs, 8 eux de vie and 4 fine spirits. It has become the bartenders ‘go-to’ in flavoured liqueurs, particularly in mixology.

Briottet have truly pushed the boat out with their exclusive Liqueur de Coquelicot; a poppy seed infused liqueur. The wild poppy flower comes from the subfamily Papaveroidease, of the family Papaveracease. Putting aside the technical talk, the poppy liqueur offers a crisp yet subtly sweet taste, initially created as a pre-dinner drink to be mixed with a sparkling wine.

In fact, the poppy flavour originates and is inspired from a French confectionery from 1872, back when the master confectioner Desserey started making poppy flavoured pastilles. They very quickly became a speciality of Northern France, which heightened the popularity of the poppy flower in the world of food and drink.

A fresh and tantalising mixture of the poppy flower, Liqueur de Coquelicot offers the perfect balance between subtle dry notes, alongside a kick of sweetness; making it the perfect counterpart in the art of mixology.

Poppy & Pomegranate Martini
Liqueur de Coquelicot features beautifully in the Poppy & Pomegranate Martini; an exquisite creation from The Botanist.

Glass – Martini

Ingredients –
25ml Egg White
15ml Lemon Juice
7.5ml Basil Sugar Syrup
25ml Pomegranate Juice
15ml Absolut Raspberry Vodka
15ml Briottet Framboise
15ml Briottet Coquelicot
Garnish – Viola Flower

Method – Pour all ingredients into a Boston glass, hard shake, then go on to double strain into a chilled martini glass.

The Poppy & Pomegranate Martini delivers a beautifully crisp drink, with complimentary notes of the sweetness of raspberry and the bitter-sweet aromas of pomegranate. Egg white is the key ingredient in achieving the silky texture, which truly makes this cocktail such a delight. The presence of Liqueur de Coquelicot makes this number the perfect pre-dinner cocktail.

A truly beautiful concoction from the Briottet family, and one that will surely be seen much more in the world of mixology.

Pick up a bottle of Liqueur de Coquelicot for your drinks cabinet.

Image Copyright: Nick Whitby at The Botanist, New World Trading Company 2017



Langley Distillery is famous for the production of many a famous gin tipple, including the aptly named Langley’s, Martin Millers and Broker’s. Third-party contracts have always been the name of the game for the Birmingham based company, but now they’ve decided to branch out and create their own tipple, defined by its heritage and history of the Palmer family.

The Palmers heritage can trace itself back to 1805 in Old Street, London, where the family varnish business were to be founded by William Henry Palmer. Once passed onto his son Walter, the business started to transition into alcohol production, which set the foundations for the company as we know it today with current great-grand daughter Angela, along with her husband, sparking the voyage into gin creation.

Taking the Crosswells Brewery site, itself dating from the early 1800’s and built over an ancient underground water source, the brewery changed itself into a distillery in 1920 and has some of the oldest working copper gin stills in the UK, some of which date back to the early 1800’s!

Palmers gin has been created with Angela in mind, which they say is “infused with Angela’s zest and love for life.” The gin itself has within a blend of 7 botanicals (juniper berries, coriander seeds, cassia bark, liquorice root, angelica root, orris root and grapefruit), the exact recipe of which is kept close to Angela’s son Adam and granddaughter Natalie. Each botanical is weighed out by hand and placed into the aptly-named copper still ‘Angela’ (commissioned in 1903) in a specific order, alongside water and British wheat spirit. The resulting mix if left to infuse overnight.

But how does it fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Palmers – 44%

Light, subtle notes of lavender, parmer violet and grapefruit zest upon the nose, following onto the palate with a smooth start. Orange twist, with hints of waxy lemon, liquorice and an undertone of earthy notes, resulting in a warm kick of juniper berry.

A cracking gin on its own, but one that’s also worthy to be within one of these –

Palmers - White Lady
White Lady

Glass –


Ingredients – 

35ml Palmers London Dry Gin
25ml Cointreau
25ml Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
25ml Sugar Syrup
Lemon Twist to garnish

Method – 

Combine all ingredients within an ice filled mixing glass and stir. Strain into a Martini glass and garnish with lemon twist.

A superb gin that really shows off the history and dedication that Langley’s have had, and have finally put their stamp on their own gin to rival the very many they have created for others over the years. One for the drinks cabinet for sure.

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Thai Square Islington Launches Destination Bar

image001 (1)
Renowned for their top notch authentic Thai cuisine, Thai Square is now out to impress with the launch of their beautiful first floor bar in the newly refurbished Islington branch, officially opening on the 24th November.

With live music from pop/jazz singers Sarah Goodwin & Irene Serra, a happy hour promotion at the bar throughout opening weekend– it’s the place to be for a night out with friends or after work drinks!

Following its closure in December 2016 due to severe flooding after a public water main burst, the restaurant is now almost unrecognisable thanks to the work of managing director Haim Danous. Set over two floors, the bar overlooks the main restaurant – perfect for an after work drink or night out with friends!

Make your way up the sweeping staircase and a statement alabaster bar dominates the room. Dressing room-style mirrors surrounded by exposed lightbulbs cover the back of the bar, adding a touch of art deco glamour with high stool seating, perfect for a pre-dinner or after work drink. Designed specifically to accommodate a live band, four large booths at one end of the bar are positioned to chat with friends while enjoying the performance.

The new bar menu, designed by chef Mannuthat Tanpradit, focusses on small plates, such as crispy fried Duck Spring Rolls or tender Thai grilled pork, Kor Moo Yang. These flavour packed morsels are a great accompaniment to the new drinks menu designed by mixologist Chertchai Banjongrak. Classic cocktails have been given a Thai twist with highlights including the Golden – gin or vodka mixed with St Germain liquer, fresh yuzu juice, rose syrup, champagne and a pinch of gold dust, Bangkok Dangerous – lemongrass & ginger infused vodka, lychee liqueur, fresh lemongrass, ginger & lychee, topped with lychee juice.

On the official opening night (24th Nov), Sarah Goodwin will be singing from 8.30pm-11pm with Irene Serra taking to the stage the following night. Work your way through the delicious cocktail menu with Thai Square’s Happy Hour offer – buy one get one half price on all drinks from 6pm-8pm!

Whether you want a quick drink after work or late-night dinner and drinks, the bar at Thai Square Islington has been designed to ensure the setting is just as luxurious as the drinks.

Address: 347-349 Upper St, London N1 0PD
Phone Number: 020 77042000
Opening Times:
Monday-Thursday 12–3pm, 5pm–11pm (last order 10.30pm)
Tuesday 12–3pm, 5pm–11pm (last order 10.30pm)
Wednesday 12–3pm, 5pm–11pm (last order 10.30pm)
Friday 12–3pm, 5pm–11pm (last order 10.30pm) Bar opens until 3am
Saturday 12pm–11pm (last order 10.30pm) Bar opens until 3am
Sunday 12–11pm (last order 10.30pm)

A Sparkling Line-Up As Fizz Festival Returns To Altrincham In 2017

Altrincham Town Hall will once more host the Fizz Festival and Fizz Festival People’s Choice Awards, now in its third year. Last year’s event was another sell-out success with around 400 people attending.

Where: Altrincham Town Hall, Market Street, Altrincham WA14 1PG
Dates & timings: 18th Nov, 12noon-3pm & 4pm-7pm, 19th Nov 12noon-3pm, 4pm-6pm + Awards.
Tickets are normally £25 with a reduced rate of £15.00 on the later Sunday session. Early bird deals are available for a limited period.

There will be over 100 wines available to try and buy, from Cava and Prosecco through to award-winning English sparkling wine and of course, Champagne. The ticket price includes a free tasting of ALL wines with no need to buy additional tokens. Quite a challenge!

Exciting new producers and suppliers!

This year the festival organisers have attracted some amazing new suppliers to keep the line-up exciting and interesting. They include some of the most passionate and knowledgeable industry experts you’ll ever meet! New for this year are:
· Wines of Brazil: Brazil makes lots of great sparkling wine and you can try them here
· Skyfall: A brand new premium ‘naturally blue’ Gran Reserva from Spain
· Fox & Fox: East Sussex based award-winning winery
We will, of course, welcome back our Award winners from last year as well as local suppliers:
· Veeno: Italian Wine café in Manchester
· Oddbins: A fantastic choice of fizz from their Chorlton based store
· Booze & Burn: Manchester based maker of candles in recycled champagne bottles
Fizz Festival People’s Choice Awards
The Awards attract a huge amount of excitement and each visitor will have the chance to vote for their favourite wines, with the Awards presented at the end of the festival. Categories are:
Best Champagne: Sponsored by Slater & Gordon, Manchester
Best Sparkling Wine UK: Sponsored by Altrincham based Lund Bennett
Best Sparkling Wine Rest of World: Sponsored by The Real Algarve in Hale Barnes
Music Food and Fizz

There will be a pop-up food area, live music and a range of informal masterclasses.

The festival has a modern feel with no snobbery and a fun and relaxed atmosphere. It really does attract those who want to know more about their favourite sparklers and what better way to do that and stock up for Christmas at the same time?

Swedish Victory In The Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai Challenge 2017


The last two weeks has seen me embrace my favourite rum brand more than ever with a trip to St Lucia for the Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai season. Hosted at Capella Marigot Bay Resort and Marina, the 5* venue became the hub for a host of international and island based bartenders for several days, welcoming with a Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Ice Tea upon arrival and offering the relaxed and chilled vibes St Lucia is famous for.

The aim of the Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai season is to culminate in a combined final of winning efforts from across the world from the last year, paired with St Lucian counterparts to crown the ultimate Mai Tai team and recipe. Representatives include the United Kingdom, USA, Spain, France, Portugal and Sweden, who each won their respective national heats to earn their way to the final.

After being inspired by a tour of St Lucia Distillers within the Roseau Valley, spiced rum talks from local producers, and an insightful chat on all things tiki by the renowned bartender and owner of Spirit of Tiki, Georgi Radev, culminating in the paired teams having the opportunity to experience the Castries Market in the capital city and pick up some local and home-produced ingredients and vessels, ready for the evenings finale.

Mai Tai

With 5 judges, including myself and Alva Preville (Taste of the Caribbean winning bartender in 2010 amongst his host of accolades), each paired team had to create a twist on the Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai, using their inspiration from their trip so far, whilst also showing off teamwork and producing to us all a display that would be worthy of the top prize!

With magic tricks and crowd chants for showmanship, it all accompanied serves such as the ‘Sop It To Me Baby’ by 3rd place winners Anthony Guaetta (Twin River Casino, USA) and Daniel Francois (Capella, St Lucia) that saw Chairman’s Reserve Spiced mixed with the 6th edition of 1931 rum, a homemade spiced liqueur and Key Lime juice. Second place had the ‘Chairman’s Spiced Intellect’ presented by Andrew Turner (Milk Bar, UK) and Ron Hillar (Capella, St Lucia). They shook up a blend of their homemade spiced syrup, Chairman’s Reserve Forgotten Cask, lime juice, pineapple juice, Angostura bitters and a dash of Chairman’s Reserve Spiced, complete with a pineapple, ginger and rosemary garnish.


The winning drink though? It was the ‘Culture Paradise’ by Sharam Mohebbi of OGBG Bar & Restaurant in Sweden and his St Lucian counterpart Stephen Peter. Mixing Chairman’s Reserve Original and Chairman’s Reserve Spiced with Caribbean sherbet, ginger spice and passion fruit plus freshly squeezed lime, it won the judges plaudits! Earning them a cash prize, trophies and a trip for Sharam back to St Lucia, and Stephen to Sweden, plus local television coverage, it’s meant a truly well-deserved effort from both the winning team and all participants in placing them on the map when it comes to the Mai Tai cocktail!

Look out for the 2018 Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai season as more countries become involved with the challenge, as well as plenty of opportunities to experience a variety of Mai Tai twists, or indeed you can create Sharam’s and Stephen’s today!

Winning Cocktail
‘Culture Paradise’

40ml Chairman’s Reserve Original

30ml Chairman’s Reserve Spiced
30ml Caribbean Sherbet
20ml Ginger spice & passionfruit
20ml Freshly squeezed lime

Shaken over ice and served within a bowl or goblet. 

For more information on St Lucia, visit here.
Learn more about Chairman’s Reserve by visiting here.
To experience Capella Marigot Bay Resort and Marina, visit here.

© David Marsland and Drinks Enthusiast 2017. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog/sites author and owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to David Marsland and Drinks Enthusiast with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

The Glenlivet Launches Campaign To Celebrate Life’s Definitive Moments

The Glenlivet 18 years old

The Glenlivet is launching its most ambitious campaign to date to celebrate its role as the definitive Speyside Single Malt in the Scotch Whisky category. Aptly named The Whisky, The Glenlivet, the global integrated campaign will give the brand a modern and contemporary feel. The Whisky, The Glenlivet is an evolution from the brand’s heritage as “The original single malt brand that set the standard” and is set to reinforce its role as a visionary within the single malts category.

Launching on 22nd September globally, the campaign will run across TV, digital, print and out of home advertising, The Whisky, The Glenlivet campaign celebrates the unwavering pursuit of its founder, George Smith, to create the definitive Speyside Single Malt.

Never settling for anything less than excellence, George Smith carefully selected the local spring water from the valley to make, what he believed was, The Whisky. Seeing his continued success, many of Smith’s neighbouring distilleries started to add Glenlivet to their name in an effort to appeal to the whisky drinker. Determined to act as the guardian for the outstanding quality and craftsmanship for which his whisky had become known, George Smith took legal action to preserve his distillery’s reputation, laying in place the foundations for the whisky we know today as The Glenlivet. This triumph has established The Glenlivet as a benchmark of excellence from the Livet Valley and is the driving force behind the new campaign – while other whiskies could have used Glenlivet in their name, none could claim to be The Glenlivet.

The campaign will launch with two films – ‘The Night Sky’ and ‘The Fire’ – both demonstrating the beauty of the unspoilt world and encouraging consumers to seek out definitive moments with the definitive whisky. The artistic representations help to show consumers that by looking beyond the ordinary they can unlock something special, which is what George Smith did by accomplishing his quest to create the definitive Speyside Single Malt.

Miriam Eceolaza, Global Marketing Director, comments: “Our new campaign is designed to celebrate the most natural and humbling experiences which allow us to lead richer and more fulfilling lives. The Whisky, The Glenlivet showcases the beauty in the unspoilt world and encourages consumers to search for those definitive moments with the definitive whisky.”

Sean Condon, Creative Director at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam comments: “This work is like nothing ever seen before in the category, exploring pleasure and singular experiences in a startlingly original way. It’s bold and beautiful and a little bit brash. It’s work that, like the product itself, should be savoured.”

Bring The Bar Home With Revolution’s All-New Online Store

Revolution Handrafted Flavours - Online store group (low res)

Vodka lovers rejoice! Revolution is bringing the party straight to your doorstep today with the Vodka lovers rejoice! Revolution is bringing the party straight to your doorstep today with the launch of the Revolution Online Store, selling the renowned Handcrafted Flavours range alongside Revolution cards, cocktail masterclasses vouchers and gift cards.

The store will initially offer three exclusive Handcrafted Flavours to start with — pear drop, The store will initially offer three exclusive Handcrafted Flavours to start with — pear drop, bubblegum and cherry — which will be the ideal gift for vodka aficionados, a uniquea ccompaniment to an adventurous dinner, or a great way to recreate memories after one of the bar’s famous cocktail masterclasses. Priced at £20 per bottle (70cl) plus shipping, orders can be made through Revolution’s website at Alternatively, bottles can be ordered via Deliveroo for £25 all in.

Using only the best ingredients, Revolution is well-known for its line of 30 delicious Handcrafted Using only the best ingredients, Revolution is well-known for its line of 30 delicious Handcrafted Flavours (20% ABV), each created using high quality seven-times distilled grain vodka in their very own Flavour Factory. The bar group has sold nearly three million bottles since launching the range and plan to add more varieties to the online store as the demand grows.

Europe’s Leading Bartenders Descend On Manchester For The Second Instalment Of Bombay Sapphire’s The Glasshouse Project

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE®, the world’s number one premium gin, hosted some of Europe’s leading bartenders at the second instalment of The Glasshouse Project with a three-day workshop in Manchester. Exploring topics ranging from sustainability and trend forecasting, to design and flavour, the global initiative has been conceived with world’s top tier bartenders in mind. Consisting of a series of seminars and workshops from people outside of the drinks industry, the programme aims to inspire and push the boundaries of cocktail creativity and drive trade advocacy. The session follows the successful pilot of the platform in London in September 2016 and first 2017 workshop in Mallorca last month.

Taking place over three days, the session was attended by some of Europe’s most influential bartenders including Martina Breznanova (The Gibson), Sian Buchan (Panda & Sons, Edinburgh) and Cederic Millet (Casbar, Sint-Truiden, Belgium), as well as Raj Nagra, Global Brand Ambassador for BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, Sean Ware, Northern Europe Brand Ambassador, and Renaud de Bosredon, UK Brand Ambassador.

Over the course of the programme, attendees were involved in a series of creative workshops, interactive exercises and seminars led by a team of world-leading experts from outside the drinks industry. Guests were carefully selected in order to engage, inspire and inform attendees, giving them the tools to rethink mixology in the gin category and to create their own bespoke serves to list in their respective bars.

Speakers were: Trends, Insights and Strategy consultant Sean Pillot de Chenecey; Mark Shayler, Director of This is Ape – a sustainable innovation consultancy; renowned Food Scientist and Flavour Expert, Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart and Chris Hines MBE, founder of UK-based surfers against sewage and former Sustainability Director of the Eden Project.

Sessions were hosted in venues designed to mirror elements discussed by guest speakers and included the People’s History Museum, which prides itself on showing its audiences that ‘there have always been ideas worth fighting for’, as well as Plant Noma, a neighbourhood design studio.

The event culminated in a presentation by each of the bartenders, highlighting what they found most inspiring in the workshop, what they had learnt, and how they would work differently in their bars moving forwards.

Julian Davies, Global Marketing Manager at BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, states: “Following a successful pilot last autumn, our ambition was always to take The Glasshouse Project to a broader audience across our key markets. As the world’s number one premium gin brand, we feel it is our responsibility to nurture the creativity of leading mixologists and push the boundaries of cocktail mixology, within the gin category as a whole. The Glasshouse Project assembles groups of like-minded people, sharing inspiring new ideas that are shaping our world right now, and fostering creative opportunities to impact our future. It’s an incredibly exciting experience.”

Further The Glasshouse Project workshops are confirmed to take place in Germany in August, Australia in September and in the AMEA region in November, with the potential for even more.