Mancunian Matters welcomes new columnist

Thought i’d share with you all the piece that Mancunian Matters wrote to introduce me as their new columnist. Great times ahead!

MM welcomes new columnist – Manchester’s favourite taster and mixologist… ‘Drinks Enthusiast’

Article Image

ENTHUSIAST: Manchester’s finest consultant
Posted Monday, February 13, 2012 – 17:51

By Dean Wilkins

MM will be collaborating with one of Manchester’s best drink consultants to bring you the latest and greatest news and reviews of the city’s finest watering holes.

David Marsland is a respected blogger in the Manchester area and is widely regarded as the man to please when it comes to fresh concoctions whipped up by the city’s daring bartenders. Drinks Enthusiast and Mancunian Matters have teamed up to deliver exciting coverage of the most recent drinks nights, latest tastes and what exactly is causing a stir in home-grown bars and restaurants.

David has uncorked his thoughts on numerous festivals across the city and nationwide, including the National Winter Ale Festival 2012 and Manchester’s Food & Drink Festival 2011. He has also received praise for his work from alcohol heavyweights Malibu, Southern Comfort and Crabbies Ginger Beer.

On working with Mancunian Matters David said: “The chance to work with a local company, with as much passion as MM has, is exciting! It’s a great opportunity to collaborate with a team that is rivalling one of the city’s biggest publications.”

David has worked as a bartender for the past five years and has been noting his thoughts and opinions on beverages since last July. Both parties are aiming to cover the most important events in Greater Manchester, events which David described as ‘plentiful’.

He added: “There’s always something going on in Manchester, with drinks to taste and events to go to. I started doing it in my spare time and now have people asking me to come down and review their nights. It’s sort of spiralled out of control.”

There will be a range of pieces to follow, covering Manchester’s vast range of restaurants and bars. This spring will see the return of numerous drink festivals and watering hole events, MM will be supplying content courtesy of a man with specialist taste, who appropriately chooses his favourite drink as ‘The Godfather’.


To see the article in all its glory, clich here

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