Sale Beer Festival – Fancy a Beer Mate 2012

Last night there was a more local affair happening in the town of Sale as the Fancy a Beer Mate company came to Sale’s Masonic Hall for the start of a two-day festival of all things ale. Promising local breweries in both ale, cider and perry, along with entertainment, it would be rude not to go along and give it a go!

Now I will admit, a fair few ales were consumed on this night, so I’ve had to refer to the tasting notes from the programme to jog my memory on the odd occasion.

Costing only £5 to enter (including the customary festival glass), myself and a friend of mine trawled through the list of breweries available to us to see which one would get the night rolling. First up for me was a recommended tipple from the Quantum Brewing Company named ‘Euro IPA’ (5.5%). A good soft mix of European hops from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany, with some refreshing fruit flavours slowly coming out between malty aromas. Going down rather quickly, I went in search for the ‘Mere Gold’ (3.8%) by the Dunham Massey Brewing Company. Brewed exclusively for Mere Golf Club, it combined traditional English Bitter with fuggles and goldings hops.

Next up was ‘Albert’s Glory’ (5.0%) by Trotters Independant Brewing Company from Swadlington. A rich, smooth porter with lots of malt and chocolate that mixed well. This was followed by Black Hole Brewery from Burton Upon Trent, and their offering of Supa Nova (4.8%). A premium pale ale using a variety of hops from both Europe and America to produce a rather soft floral taste.

5th of the night was the simply named ‘Headless’ (3.9%) by the Red Willow in Macclesfield. An extremely refreshing pale ale which had strong hints of orange bitter leading the way. Lots of fruit flavours balanced it well though. Nearing the end of the night, The Shardlow Brewing Company were the last offering with their ale named ‘Reverand Eaton’ (4.5%). There was a good balance of malt and hop flavours, with a slight sweetness lingering.

After 6 ales, it was time to hit the hay and stumble home with a cracking night had by all! Roll on the Winter Ales Festival in November!

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