Launch of Dow’s Oak-Aged Tawny Ports

Dow's Tawny Port Collection (10,20,30,40)

The Symington family hold one of the largest and most valuable stocks of Port ageing in seasoned oak, including barrels that date back to the 19th century. Charles Symington has used these beautifully mature wines to redefine the Dow 10, 20, 30 and 40-Year-Old Ports.

Charles has maintained a dry finish for these wines, the hallmark of Dow’s Vintage, but he and his team have evolved the Tawny Ports to give them additional concentration and structure, with darker hues of polished mahogany, by using wines that have been aged in small seasoned oak vats, as well as in cask.

The new Dow’s Tawny Ports are presented in a classic Port bottle and the new labels reflect the extraordinary skills required from the family’s tasters, coopers and lodge staff to produce these authentically hand-crafted wines.

Charles Symington says: “With increasing demand for Tawny Ports, I have spent many months working to redefine our Dow’s wines. I have selected those made from two of our finest vineyards: Quinta do Bomfim and Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira and in a departure from traditional practice, I have used Ports that were aged in small oak vats, as well those aged in traditional 550 litre casks.”

World-wide sales of Aged-Tawny Ports are valued at over €77 million and have grown by an astonishing €21 million since 2010 (+38%)*, belying the myth that today’s consumers are less interested in Port.

*Source: Total ex-cellar Port sales 2017, IVDP/Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture

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