Casa Agave Named Exclusive Importers Of Mezcal Real Minero

real-minero-range-full-ancestral-artesanal-casa-agave-ltdHaving launched last year as importers and promoters of all thing’s agave, Casa Agave is very proud to announce the latest addition to their range: Mezcal Real Minero!

Real Minero: ‘Porque solo lo autentico perdura’ (‘Because only the authentic endures’)

Considered across the globe as one of the finest mezcal producers, the family has been making mezcal for many generations in Santa Catarina Minas. They are famed for their traditional approach using natural fermentation and small clay pot stills giving their product a smoother and softer character in comparison to many others available.

As incredibly small batch distillates there are some batches that have been imported which have only had 78 litres produced in total. Using combinations of either entirely wild or cultivated agaves and both ancestral and artisanal production methods, which involves back breaking crushing methods of the baked agave hearts with mallets.

If this isn’t reason enough to get your hands on one of these incredibly delicious and rare bottlings, they also have one of the largest and most diverse sustainable agave reforestation programs!

The imported range of 7 mezcals, consisting of 3 ancestral and 4 artesanal creations include an Espadin (51.1%), a Largo (48.9%), a Barril (49.6%), an ensemble of Espadin and Largo (50.7%), ensemble of Tobala and Largo (51.8%), ensemble of Espadin, Madrecuishe, Barril, Largo (52.7%) and an ensemble of Barril and Madrecuishe (53.4%). Each one has an incredibly unique character, and is very gentle on the palate, a reason for which is that the distilled product is left to rest in glass for several months, before they are bottled by hand.

Casa Agave aim to further promote the wonders of agave spirits to consumers and industry professionals alike through training, education, pop ups and trying to increase consumer awareness and understanding of the category.

All their brands are available through their website ( to both consumers and trade. And for more information about Casa Agave or any of their brands, feel free to get in touch via email:

Salud y viva Mexico!


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