Hendrick’s Presents a Most Unusual 13th Day of Christmas Window Display

Hendrick’s gin have recently created a rather unusual take on the classic christmas carol by James Halliwell, ‘The 12 days of Christmas’, as part of their Hendrick’s Most Unusual Christmas Shop Window. They’ve partnered with the Most Unusual Minds from the worlds of art, jewellery and taxidermy to create this delightfully peculiar interpretation. From ten sleazy ‘Lords a Leaping’, twelve ‘Wild haggis drumming’ to, three ‘Giant snails’ pretending to be French hens to a lone partridge in a cucumber plant, the striking display will come forth this Winter as the UK’s Most Unusual Christmas Shop window.

12 Drummers Drumming (Wild Haggis, by the Little Theatre of Dolls)


12 Drummers Drumming (Wild Haggis, by the Little Theatre of Dolls)

11 Pipers Piping (merry jazz bagpipe dancers, by Matthew Killick).

10 Lords-a-leaping, discovered on a carousel of sleaze! (by Magnus Irvin)

9 Ladies Dancing (Painted Lady butterflies – transforming into sexy showgirls by the Little Theatre of Dolls)

8 Maids-a-milking (Samantha Sweeting, tenderly feeding baby)

7 Swans a Swimming (Matthew Killick)

6 Geese-a-laying (Prime Geezers, laying in a bed of their own brine, by Natty Bo)

5 Gold Rings (jeweller Hannah Martin’s striking eagleheads)

4 Colly Birds (a pair of crows and their curious babies, by Matthew Killick)

3 French Hens (that other famous French delicacy – snails! Live Giant African Snails, by Matthew Killick)

2 Turtledoves (representing the 2 lovers, exactly half turtle, half dove, by Matthew Killick)

And a Partridge in a Cucumber Bush (by Sophie Turner)The 12 Drummers Drumming are WILD HAGGIS, bashing on their bongo drums as they march through the wilderness. (By the Little Theatre of Dolls)

The Hendrick's Most Unusual Christmas Window Display

The Hendrick’s Most Unusual Christmas Shop Window will be displayed at Jeroboams, Belgravia London (from w/c 21st November) and Peckham’s, Edinburgh Scotland (from w/c 5th December).

Whilst you’re checking the display out, Marian Beke, from the award-winning bar Nightjar, has created a cocktail to accompany the window display named the 13th Day of Christmas. The drink uses some traditional Christmas ingredients, but brings them together in a suitably unusual fashion to compliment the Hendrick’s Gin window display.


The Thirteenth Day of Christmas

The Thirteenth Day of Christmas
By Marian Beke, Nightjar.

40ml Hendrick’s Gin
40 ml Christmas Wine Mix *
3 dashes roasted cocoa and Mauritia pine nuts bitters
1 bar spoon Italian marzipan paste 
2 whole quil eggs 

Combine all ingredients in shaker over ice. Shake extremely hard and strain ingredients into a glass that has been dusted with Luwak Powder and Chocolate. Garnished with edible Chocolate Spoon. 

*Christmas Wine mix contains
(ratafia, byrrh, sweet vermouth, white port, amontillado sherry)

This drinks’ aroma and appearance instantly conjure up images of Christmas, with the flavours of marzipan and pine leading the nose, before the flavours of port and cocoa dominating the finish on the palate. The dusted glass provides the perfect setting for this festive gift. 


Contributing Artists:

Hendrick’s Gin, with Matthew Killick, have assembled a diverse team of artists to bring this dream to life…

Matthew Killick is a painter who makes hyper-detailed scenes from his own imagination, inspired by his undersea explorations as a diver, with work in the collections of Bryan Adams and Roland Mouret amongst others. http://viktorwyndfineart.co.uk/mattbiog.html

Magnus Irvin – artist, performer, pataphysics agitator and publisher of The Daily Twit. www.magnusirvin.com

Little Theatre of Dolls are a pair of Scandinavian artist/puppetmakers, whose daydreaming magical imaginations result in surreal shows for children and adults… http://thelittletheatreofdolls.com/

Sophie Turner is a photographer, collagist, and assembler of found objects, who often works with odd taxidermy. http://sophieeleanorturner.com/

Natty Bo is a singer with huge touring roots band Ska Cubano, and The Top Cats, a surrealist performer and painter – www.skacubano.com

Samantha Sweeting is an artist working in performance, video, and photography, who has shown at major institutions worldwide, including most recently Tate Liverpool. http://www.samanthasweeting.com

Hannah Martin is a young fine jeweller, whose exciting designs, inspired by ‘the incredibly ancient and incredibly modern,’ have seen her catapulted into worldwide renown. http://www.hannahmartinlondon.com


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