Ep’ 3 The Mixxa vs Salvatore D’amico

The Mixxa vs …. sees multi award-winning, world record-holding, author, entertainer & mixologist Paul ‘The Mixxa’ Martin take on the UK’s top mixologists in a range of head to head challenges to discover who is the best at mixing a specific cocktail. The choice of cocktail is down to Paul’s guest and the twist is that the winning cocktail is selected by the most important judges of all….. the British public. So, this is a simple matter of which they like the best.
In Episode 3, The Mixxa takes on Salvatore D’amico, head bartender at the Cinnamon Club in London.

If you want a chance of winning all the ingredients used in the winning cocktail, simply click here to subscribe and you will be entered in to the prize draw! Winner announced on Valentines Day!

You can also follow Paul ‘The Mixxa’ Martin on Twitter at @TheMixxa or website for past episodes and cocktails.

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