The West Winds

Established in June 2010, The West Winds gin has caused a stir within the UK as it made its way around the cities earlier this year and introduce itself to the bartenders and public. Why the clamor? This is a brand that offers something a little different. The West Winds Gins were created by fourContinue reading “The West Winds”

Ep’ 3 The Mixxa vs Salvatore D’amico

The Mixxa vs …. sees multi award-winning, world record-holding, author, entertainer & mixologist Paul ‘The Mixxa’ Martin take on the UK’s top mixologists in a range of head to head challenges to discover who is the best at mixing a specific cocktail. The choice of cocktail is down to Paul’s guest and the twist isContinue reading “Ep’ 3 The Mixxa vs Salvatore D’amico”