Sailor Jerry + Jeffrey West | Stewed, Shoed & Tattooed


Sailor Jerry and Jeffrey West Launch Limited Edition Shoes for Selfridges

Renowned British Shoe Brand Jeffery West, have entered their 25th year and have began celebrating this anniversary by creating a pop-up store in collaboration with Sailor Jerry and Selfridges entitled ‘Stewed, Shoed and Tattooed’.

On the 7th February, Jeffery West will launch the ‘Stewed, Shoed and Tattooed’ pop up display in the Men’s Shoe Department of Selfridges’ flagship Oxford Street Store. The collaboration involves utilising the creative flair of highly respected artist Aasen Stephenson from design brand Deathhouse, who will be ‘tattooing’ or etching into a shoe for any customer that purchases a pair of Jeffery West shoes over the 4-week period.

Sailor Jerry embodies the independent spirit and unapologetic attitude of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins who was noted for saying “My work speaks for itself.” The concept behind Stewed, Shoed and Tattooed honours a legendary piece of ‘Sailor Jerry’ flash that harkens back to the days of sailors spending their shore leave on Honolulu’s iconic Hotel Street. Sailor Jerry Spiced, the rum created to honour the legacy of Norman Collins, is a straight-up, no nonsense, old-school rum, blended the way it should be, bold and smooth.

The Jeffery West ‘Stewed, Shoed and Tattooed’ Pop-Up will be in-store at Selfridges from the 7th February until the 6th March. To book in a specific time or ask any stock specific questions please call the Selfridges Shoe Department on 0207 318 2366.

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