Zubrowka Unveils Second Full Moon Cocktail

Celebrate the full moon on 2nd August with the deliciously captivating Zubrowka Bianco Full Moon cocktail, conjured up by Zubrowka brand ambassador and cocktail connoisseur, Pawel Rolka.


Legend has it that under a full moon, in the remote Bialowieza Forest in north-east Poland, the bison grass grows strikingly well and becomes remarkably fragrant, releasing a unique almond-like vanilla aroma during this lunar phase.


The reasons for this are shrouded in mystery but the added essence of the bison grass transformsZubrowka into exceptional vodka.


The full moon is expected to occur when the moon reaches the opposite side of the Earth from the sun at around 3.30am (GMT) on 2nd August. To celebrate the unusual influence the full moon has on the bison grass, Pawel Rolka has created a Full Moon Cocktail – the Zubrowka Bianco.


Commenting on his Zubrowka Bianco Full Moon Cocktail, Pawel Rolka said: “A full moon in August is particularly spectacular as the weather is warm and it seems the moon is brighter than usual. When I was thinking about the Full Moon cocktail, I thought about how gleaming and white the moon is – and what better way is there to toast thismonth’s full moon than with the Zubrowka Bianco.”


The Zubrowka Bianco Full Moon Cocktail will be shown on Zubrowka’s new Facebook page at www.facebook.com/zubrowkauk. Bartenders and budding cocktail creators everywhere will be invited to submit their own Full Moon Cocktail creations on the Facebook page.


This Zubrowka Full Moon Cocktail is the second in a series – a delightful new cocktail combination will be created each month on the date of the full moon.


Zubrowka Bianco

Zubrowka Bianco Full Moon Cocktail




40ml Zubrowka

10ml dry vermouth

10ml traditional pressed apple juice



Mixing instructions


Combine Zubrowka, vermouth and apple juice in a cocktail shaker and stir. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with some diced apple.

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