Frizz Coffee Tasting Notes

Now I’m not a coffee loving person, but my palate is always open to new and exciting products, with Frizz Coffee being the latest to tantalize. Frizz Coffee is a premium Italian espresso drink with hints of caramel and vanilla mixed with soda. Made in Calabria, Italy, Frizz Coffee is based on a century-old recipe and markets itself as a great alternative to other ready-to-drink beverages.

Frizz Coffee

Instant hit of coffee on the nose, but mellows nicely to become a rather light and fresh. Again light on the palate with a slight carbonated feel. Reminiscent of cola, but has a more mild flavour of coffee and vanilla that creates a lasting after-taste.

Frizz Coffee is also been advertised to being a mixer in cocktails including –

Frizz & Cream – Pour Frizz Coffee over ice and add Half & Half to taste for a decadent creamy drink.

Frizz Float – Fill glass with vanilla ice cream, pour in the Frizz Coffee.

Frizz Mudslide – Fill glass with ice, add one shot each of Irish cream liqueur & coffee liqueur.  Pour in Frizz, stir and serve.

Frizzkey –  Pour whiskey in large glass filled with ice, add Frizz Coffee, stir.

“White” Frizztini – Mix in cocktail shaker with ice; 1/2 shot Kahlua, 1/2 shot Vanilla Vodka, 1/2 shot half & half or cream, 1/2 bottle Frizz Coffee.  Shake, strain into glass and serve.

“Black” Frizztini – Mix in  a cocktail shaker with ice; 1/2 shot Amaretto, 1/2 shot Brandy, 1/2 bottle Frizz Coffee.  Shake, strain into glass.

It can of course be enjoyed on its own, preferrable chilled or over ice.

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