Kejzar Liqueurs Tasting Notes

Slovenia. Not a country that most people talk about in daily conversations, but with the beauty of the drinks industry, it’s a country that wouldn’t surprise you if a spirit was to be labelled with this Eastern European name. Kejzar is the latest brand to come out of the blocks running with its unique take on fruit liqueurs from a country that is well supplied with forests and fresh harvests.

This small family run business produce their liqueurs at home with bio grown fruit and without any artificial additives. I’ve been lucky enough to come across their blueberry liqueur and honey brandy, but what makes these variants different from your usual fruit liqueurs?

The blueberry liqueur is made naturally from fruit including a base of apples, pears and plums. Later in the process, fresh woodland grown blueberries are mixed with sugar to create the right taste, colour and sweetness. A cup (100ml) of fresh blueberries is added into each bottle. The packaging itself is very unique; the bottle is specifically made at Steklarna (glassworks) Hrastnik in Slovenia and is patented to the Kejzar brand. The bottles are then corked and waxed to give them an additional homemade feel. Their honey brandy is marketed as a perfect winter warmer and suggested to be added to your tea or coffee, or drunk as a sweet after dinner drink served at room temperature. The brandy base is the same as the blueberry liqueur, apples, pears and plums, however there is no sugar added this time. 100ml of natural honey is added to each bottle to create the desired warm taste. The bottle again is specifically made at Steklarna Hrastnik in Slovenia.

So with the knowledge of home-grown fruit flavours, how do they stand? Well below I give to you my tasting notes on each –

Kejzar Blueberry Liqueur – 26%

Very fresh on the nose but with a bold aroma of blueberry instantly hitting. Sweetness is immediate on the palate with again an instant hit of blueberry, although not overpowering as it mellows quickly. A rather long flavour with memories of cheesecake as it begins to dry a little at the end.

Kejzar Honey Brandy – 24%

Very strong and a good kick on the nostrils with a rich hit of brandy more than honey. However rather smooth on the palate and with a short profile. Not as bold as you would expect after the aromas but does warm as it nears the end.

The Kejzar brands are rather versatile when it comes to mixing with other ingredients, showcased here with recipes using blueberry liqueur –

Blueberry Collins

Glass –


Ingredients –

25ml Blueberry Liqueur
25ml Gin
1 Whole Lemon
2 or 3 strawberries
Soda water

Method –

Muddle the lemon and strawberries, add the gin and Blueberry Liqueur and loads of ice. Shake until ice-cold and strain over ice into a tumbler glass. Top up with soda.

Although not widely available at the moment, don’t be surprised if you were to start seeing these gracing bars in your area on both cocktail and after-dinner menus. Definitely worth a try if ever presented!

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