Rémy Martin Announces Sponsorship of GQ Men of the Year Awards 2013


It’s all about the R&G this year as Rémy becomes the drink of choice at the GQ magazine’s annual awards ceremony this 3rd September 2013

Rémy Martin, the iconic cognac, is excited to announce that it will be the lead spirits sponsor at the GQ Men of the YearAwards on 3rd September 2013. Serving the R&G and other bespoke cocktails at the main awards ceremony, Rémy will also be creating a bespoke bar at the after-party on the Royal Opera House balcony.

Rémy was GQ’s clear choice as it has long been leading the pack on creating cognac based cocktails to introduce a whole new generation to an exceptional brand with 300 years of heritage. With this enterprising spirit in mind, Rémy is also sponsoring the Breakthrough Award for best newcomer to the scene.

The 2013 Rémy Martin Breakthrough Award heralds the arrival of a person who’s making the headlines for all the right reasons. Just as Rémy is the cognac that breaks tradition, so the winner of this prestigious decoration is somebody who’s already shaping our future.

When Rémy’s mixologists were briefed to create the perfect cognac cocktail this year, they kept coming back to the perfect blend of Rémy VSOP and ginger, which led to the creation of R&G – a simple and refreshing cocktail that all guests at the GQ Men of the Year Awards will be enjoying on the night.

Rémy VSOP is versatile and perfect for mixing and is available at bars nationwide – ask for yours with ginger ale and a twist of lemon peel to re-create an R&G wherever you are.

Remy and Ginger


50ml Rémy Martin VSOP
Ginger ale – to top up
Lemon peel garnish


Pour Rémy into high ball over ice, top with ginger ale and add a twist of lemon peel

As well as the classic R&G, Rémy’s mixologists have developed a bespoke serve for the night: the R&GQ. The R&GQ builds on the classic pairing of ginger and Rémy VSOP, which is mixed with British Ale and served in a traditional 1/2 pint tankard, complete with a frothy head.


35ml Rémy Martin VSOP
20ml Lemon juice
15ml Bottle Green Ginger and Lemongrass syrup
Very cold British Ale


Build into a chilled 1/2 pint glass tankard

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