Get Cosy By The Fire With Heartsease Farm’s Muddy Boots Cocktail

Heartsease Farm - Muddy Boots

As autumn is upon us, indulge in all your thick woolly sock pleasures with the Muddy Boots cocktail from Heartsease

When creating this country cocktail, your senses will be aroused by the floral star anise, spicy tones of Jamaican
ginger, the deep warmth from the spiced rum and the slight tingle that is left on your tongue.
Indulge in the perfect accompaniment to autumn, you don’t even have to get muddy.

Muddy Boots

Ingredients – 

150 ml Heartsease Farm Fiery Ginger Beer
50 ml Spiced Rum
Star Anise
Wedge of lime

Method –

Artistically pour the chilled ginger beer followed by the rum into an old fashioned champagne glass. Perch a perfectly
cut lime wedge on the rim. You could add Star Anise to taste if you wish.


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