Reyka Designs Innovative Martini Machine To Guarantee The Perfect Serve

Reyka Martini Dispenser

The UK Ambassador for Reyka, the premium Icelandic vodka, has invented a Martini Dispenser that delivers perfect, ice cold Reyka cocktails every time.

Fuelled with a mix of Reyka vodka, vermouth and limited edition Reyka bitters; at the push of a button the Martini Dispenser pumps the cocktail through flash coolers that chill the liquid down to -18 degrees Celsius before neatly dispensing it from a brass tap into your martini glass. All that’s needed to perfect the cocktail is a final red grapefruit zest garnish.

Joe Petch, UK Brand Ambassador for Reyka, commented: “With several events on the horizon, I’ve been looking for a way for guests to serve their own perfectly cold Reyka Martinis. The machine we came up with reflects the inventive culture of Iceland, where people do things a little bit differently but also in a resourceful way – reinventing unwanted or unused objects to fulfil another purpose.”

“The continued growth in cocktails has meant that consumers are hungry for new and interesting brands, unique serves and creative bartending. More than two thirds of consumers are willing to pay more for a unique serve in the on-trade*, so being able to create the ‘perfect serve’ has never been so important.”

The Rekya Martini Dispenser was unveiled at Fortnum and Mason on Tuesday 9th December and will appear at various UK bars throughout 2015.

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