First International Noilly Prat Classic Dry Martini Cocktail Challenge Winner Announced

Noilly Pratt Dry Martini Winner 2015

France’s Romain de Saussure from Prescription Cocktail Club named champion.

NOILLY PRAT® has announced France’s Romain de Saussure as the global winner of the first ever Noilly Prat  classic dry Martini cocktail challenge. With competition from 17 bartenders across 5 countries, the final heat took place in April 2015 as some of France’s best bartenders executed their recipes at La Maison Noilly Prat in Marseillan.

Romain’s innovative ‘Noilly Prat Dry Méditerranée’ cocktail earned him the title of ‘World’s Best Tasting Noilly Prat classic dry martini cocktail’ as well as an all-expenses paid trip to New York to visit the birthplace of the classic dry martini cocktail: The Knickerbocker Hotel.

Noilly  Prat’s inaugural  cocktail  challenge has seen some of Europe’s best bartenders showcase their  own  recipes,  recreating  the  iconic  Noilly  Prat classic  dry  martini  cocktail.  Since  thecompetition began in September 2014, leading drinks experts from around the world have judgedeach bartender’s unique expression.

Leading the charge from their  respective markets  were Gekkos’Gabriel Daun (Germany) and MASH’s Steve Lawson (UK), however it was French market champion Romain de Saussure’s ‘Noilly Prat Dry Méditerranée’ cocktail that impressed judges, including Noilly Prat Global Ambassador, Ludovic Miazga.

“Romain’s clear passion for the industry and adept understanding of  flavours triumphed in this  winning cocktail,  it  was delicious,”said  Ludovic.  “His  creativity,  technical  ability  and  precision,combined with  an original  taste  proved  that  less  really  is  more when it  comes to the world’s best tasting  Noilly Prat  classic dry martini cocktail.

“Romain’s passion, innovative spirit and L’Art de vivre was clearly reflected  in  this  perfectly  balanced  cocktail  that  is  a  truly remarkable expression of the iconic serve.”

Throughout the challenge, Romain was up against an exceptional standard of  competition.  However,  it  was  his  Dry  Méditerranéethat seduced the judges and truly demonstrated the unparalleled excellence of Noilly Prat.

Drinks trends such as foams and foraging were evident throughout the challenge, as participants experimented with unusual flavours and adventurous processes such as homemade tinctures and infusions, smoking guns and regional ingredients from Marseillan.

Whilst  respecting  the  challenge  rules,  Romain’s  twist  on  the  classic  dry  martini  cocktail  is  an outstanding reflection of the perfectly balanced flavours and excellent quality of Noilly Prat Original Dry.

Noilly Prat Dry Méditerranée Recipe:


20ml Noilly Prat Original Dry
40ml homemade tincture (Bombay Sapphire infused with Noilly Prat, green olives and rosemary)
Grapefruit peel


1. Prepare and clean martini glasses and chill in the freezer
2. Fill a mixing glass with ice
3. Add Noilly Prat Original Dry and Bombay Sapphire
4. Add the grapefruit peel and stir until perfectly diluted and cold5. Strain into chilled glasses and garnish with rosemary and cheese (optional)


Romain’s  innovative  take  on  the  iconic  serve  has  won  him  an  all  expenses  paid  trip  to  the effervescent city of New York. As a guest of Noilly Prat he will stay at the birthplace of the classic dry martini cocktail, New York’s Knickerbocker Hotel.


Having been immersed into the long-standing craftsmanship of Louis  Noilly’s  original  recipe, and over 200 years of history and heritage, participating bartenders were charged with the seemingly simple but notoriously challenging task of creating the world’s best tasting classic dry martini cocktail at Le Bar Noilly Prat in Marseillan. 17 participants from 5 countries were judged on the complete experience, from the serving ritual and storytelling through to the temperature, glassware and taste of the serve, executing their serves in 7 minutes using only 3 ingredients.

The world’s bartending community watched with anticipation whilst the Dach Nordic, UK and French markets participated in their respective heats of the challenge at La Maison Noilly Prat in Marseillan.


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