Gusto Show Off Their Cocktail Offerings

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Gusto in Alderley Edge has established itself as an institution of London Road, offering food and wine to suit all tastes, styles and experiences. But what about their cocktails, their creative side with the abundance of flavours available?

Well, lets take a look.

Peach Boulevardier

Glancing at their drinks menu, the first page takes you to the Aperitivo section, offering drinks on the lighter side of life and a great start to your Gusto experience. Highlights include the Grape and Cherry Spritz (£7.50) which offers you the flavours of fresh grapes, cherry preserve, Ketel One vodka and lemon, all topped with Prosecco. Or perhaps The Bianco Spritz (£7.50) where you can enjoy Cocchi Americano Bianco vermouth, served long with sweetened lemon juice, soda and Prosecco. Perfect for sunny afternoons out on the terrace!

If you’re like me though, you’d aim for the Gusto twist on a rum classic, the Redcurrant Mai Tai (£8.50) which sees redcurrants, Bacardi Carta Ocho rum and Cointreau crushed
with lime and almond syrup. Indeed the Peach Boulevardier (£8.50) from their Signature Section offers cheeky twist on a twist. Bulleit bourbon stirred with Aperol and crème de peche, complete with a garnish of flamed orange. Elegant, aromatic, perfect.

To keep it classic and simple though, perhaps the Negroni (£8.50) will tickle your fancy, with equal measures of Tanqueray 10 gin, Antiqua Formula vermouth and Campari. Or the Classic Bellini (£7.50) that sees white peach purée and crème de peche stirred with Prosecco could be the winning finish to your evening?

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Deli Board

Of course, you can’t enjoy chatting and experiencing Gusto without nibbles, and I recommend the Deli Board (£7.25) which offers to you any three of the following; bresaola, prosciutto ham, salami ventricina, salami, soppressa, speck ham, dolcelatte, goat’s cheese, taleggio, smoked provola and buffalo mozzarella!

As mentioned, Gusto is known for its wine and food over cocktails, but you shouldn’t rule it out in offering you something a little different and in line with many of their cocktail focused venues within the group, including The Alchemist and Manchester House.

Ask and you shall receive. Then you’ll ask again for sure.

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