Celebrate National Absinthe Day With Absente!

Absente Absinthe Board - Riddles in Altrincham

On Saturday March 5th 2016 it’s National Absinthe Day, and to celebrate, Absente Absinthe of Distilleries et Domaine de Provence have put together some of the best venues across the UK to enjoy one of the original absinthes from France.

A special for National Absinthe Day, the Absente Absinthe boards at Riddles Bar in Altrincham, South Manchester, will be on offer for just £6, whilst NOLA Bar in London (the home of London’s Distilleries et Domaine de Provence ambassador Ian McIntyre) are whipping up arguably THE classic New Orleans cocktail of the Sazerac that sees Bulleit Rye or Hennessy Fine de Cognac stirred down with sugar and bitters and served in an Absente absinthe rinsed glass.

Speaking of London, Bar Boulud at The Mandarin Oriental have for you the The Deal Closer, which sees Beefeater gin, lavender syrup, Absente Absinthe and huckleberry jam come together, with Christopher’s Martini Bar also getting into the French spirit by offering you De La Louisienne. This sees Wild Turkey 81, Sweet Vermouth, Bénédictine, Peychaud bitters and a dash of Absente Absinthe enjoyed at any time of the day during National Absinthe Day.

Manchester also offers to you Pen and Pencil, who have to hand a twist on Hemmingway’s “Death in the Afternoon” that sees the 69% abv version Grande Absente Absinthe blended with cucumber, apple, lemon juice and sugar, with a fresh top of Champagne. Alberts Schloss are also on hand with Absente Absinthe as the Bavarian beer palace show off the traditional spirit, as are Cottonopolis, the home of Manchester’s Distilleries et Domaine de Provence ambassador Gethin Jones.

Absente Absinthe have preserved the traditional processes of producing artisan spirits, and following the ban of Absinthe in France in 1914, Absente was introduced in 1995 as the first legal absinthe, and at 55% abv, Absente offers a well-balanced profile with a delicate, fresh aroma and subtle flavours of anise, mint and spice.

Absente Smash
Absente Smash

Try our simple Absente Smash:

Glass: Collins


15 ml Absente Absinthe
30 ml London Dry Gin
25 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
2 Fresh Basil Leaves
3 Pineapple Chunks


Muddle the pineapple and basil together. Mix all ingredients in a shaker and shake, then double strain and serve in a tall glass with basil leaves and a lemon slice to garnish.

The Absente Absinthe range – Absente (55% abv) and Grande Absente (69% abv) – are available from all leading retailers including DrinkShop.com, Gerry’s and Wine Rack.

“the herbally complex Absente, a gorgeous peppermint, aniseed and liquorice-stacked 55 per cent alcohol offering”

Jane Macquitty – The Times

“..John Darling of London Hilton’s Zeta Bar suggest his absinthe-based inspiration: for each glass, soak a sugar lump in cognac, add a shot (25ml) of Absente 55.., top up with Champagne and garnish with mint and half a lychee. Pure decadence”

Joanna Simon – The Sunday Times

For news and cocktail ideas, follow Absente Absinthe on Twitter @ProvCocktails or Facebook at www. facebook.com/ProvCocktailscom

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