Cream liqueurs in the drinks market are seen as a Marmite category; some people love them, some see it as too sweet. But yet, nearly every bar and restaurant will have some sort of cream liqueur, whether it’s the well-known Bailey’s or the likes of Amarula, there will always be a place for them when drinks are offered.

Launched in the USA back in 2010, Rumchata is one such name that’s starting to bring the rum based cream liqueurs back to the forefront. It brings a unique blend of premium five times distilled Caribbean rum to the table, adding dairy cream from Wisconsin to the blend and finally a world-wide sourced secret spice mix.

But how does it fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Rumchata – 15%

Notes of hazelnut and a cinnamon dusting on the nose, moving to a rich nut flavour upon the palate. Subtle vanilla follows, offering a soft, sweet profile that warms to a lingering cinnamon finish.

I can see why Rumchata reportedly sells more than Bailey’s across the US! I can see it working well within this classic serve too –

Rumchata White Russian

Glass – 


Ingredients – 

25 ml Rumchata
25 ml Kahlua
25 ml Vodka
25 ml Milk or Cream

Method  –

Combine all the ingredients within a rocks glass over ice and serve.

A different look to your evening, especially after dinner, and although perhaps not for the purest rum lovers, it’s a good shout if bringing friends and family together who aren’t into the traditional rum sip. One for the fridge.

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One thought on “Rumchata

  1. Saw a drink made with rum chata and espresso vodka a few months ago and would like the directions how to make it

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