Porcupine Ridge Viognier Grenache Blanc Tasting Notes

On my last visit to Majestic Wine’s in Sale (https://drinksenthusiast.wordpress.com/2011/10/01/majestic-wines-tasting-notes/), I purchased a bottle of South African Porcupine Ridge and their Viognier Grenache Blanc (14.5%). Recommended to me, I was looking forward to cracking this open, and to be honest, trying one of my first South African wines. I’m more a South American lover if I were to choose a region,Continue reading “Porcupine Ridge Viognier Grenache Blanc Tasting Notes”

Majestic Wines Tasting Notes

Swung by my local Majestic Wines looking for a bottle of wine to take away with me and to try their open sample bottles that are available daily. Currently they are promoting their range of South African wines and below are my tasting notes on the six that were available – Reds  Robertson Winery Pinot Noir 2011 OnContinue reading “Majestic Wines Tasting Notes”