Majestic Wines Tasting Notes

Swung by my local Majestic Wines looking for a bottle of wine to take away with me and to try their open sample bottles that are available daily. Currently they are promoting their range of South African wines and below are my tasting notes on the six that were available –


Robertson Winery Pinot Noir 2011

On the nose it gave off fresh strawberry and raspberry flavours with hints of gooseberry that came more apparent as it hits your palate. A good medium-bodied red wine with a slight dryness on the after-taste.

Available for £5.99 with their 20% off South African wines deal (£7.49 normally)

Rasteau Domaine Notre Damn des Pollieres 2009

A strong mix of wild berries on the nose but becomes smooth and soft on the palate. A slight kick of spice hits the after-taste.

Available for £12.49 or buy two and save £5

Vergelegan Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

On the nose the aromas of the dark fruits of plums and blackcurrants instantly hit your senses, whilst on the palate you receive a slight kick of spice to add to the experience that softens out as it dries a little.

Available for 20% off at £13.59 (usually £16.99)


Boschendal Sauvignon Blanc 2011

A ripe gooseberry flavour on the nose that has hints of olive oil mixed in. On the palate the gooseberry mellows out into a smooth and very soft wine with a slight tingle on after-taste.

Available for 20% off at £6.99 (usually £8.74)

Bernard Series Hand Picked Viognier 2010

On the nose there’s instant aromas of sweet peach, tropical fruit and a small hint of litchi that blend well onto the palate to create a sweet and rich yet smooth finish.

Available for 20% off at £8.79 (usually £10.99)

Groot Constantia Sauvignon Blanc 2009

A good mix of fresh green peppers and gooseberries on the nose that give a smooth, fresh, ripe flavours on the palate. A great medium South African.

Available for 20% off at £9.99 (usually £12.49)

The Bernard Series Hand Picked Viognier 2010 was personally recommended by Matt and what a wine! Perfect for my sweet tooth so a bottle was bought!

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You can purchase all the above wine here –

4 thoughts on “Majestic Wines Tasting Notes

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