Rum Fire Tasting Notes

Theres a new overproof rum to excite and tantalize the drinking world, Rum Fire! Created and produced by the guys at Hampden Estate, a company that dates back to 1753, it’s back heeling the likes of Wray and Nephew to become a dominant force in the overproof category.

But what makes Rum Fire unique from its competitors?

Hampden Estate is famous for its high ester rums which provide bold flavours that Jamaica is famous for. They also specialise in using pot distillation over the more commonly used continuous distillation (their use of pot distillation produces many more flavours than a column still can).

Rum Fire itself was the brain child of the new owners of Hampden Estate who wanted to carry on the tradition of making heavy pot still rums, but wanted to hit the markets straight away. The answer was to go for something that doesn’t need to be aged – white overproof rum.  First bottled back in March 2011, Rum Fire has been making waves in its short life, being nominated at the Berlin Rum Festival in the category of ‘Best Overproof Rum’ and also receiving a nomination at the UK RumFest for the Golden Barrel Award for ‘Best New White Rum’. This year, Rum Fire won a Silver Medal in San Francisco for the Ministry of Rum competition.

So how does this already award-winning rum fare? Well below I give to you my tasting notes –

Rum Fire – 63%

Lots of nut and vanilla aromas on the nose with a strong citrus blast near the end. As expected, a strong hit of pepper and spice greets the palate first, but mellows quickly into a smooth, sweet yet short finish.

Rum Fire don’t recommend to drink its spirit neat, but instead to mix with ingredients to really enjoy its full flavour. Heres the best out of the bunch –

Rum Fire – Reggae Rum Puch

Reggae Rum Punch (1)

Glass –


Ingredients –

50 ml Rum Fire
50 ml Fresh Pineapple juice
50 ml Fresh orange juice
25 ml Fresh lime juice
12.5 ml Grenadine

Method –

Shake with plenty of ice and serve in a Hurricane glass. Garnish with a pineapple slice.

Although not everyones first choice of tipple when it comes to selecting a spirit to drink, overproof rum is a surprisingly good contribution to cocktails, and gives it that kick that you sometimes need to spice up your drink. Give it a go!

Check out the rest of the photos, taken at The Circle 360, via my Facebook page.

(1) Cocktail creation credited to Ian Burrell. I myself have changed the brand base ingredient.

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