Bell’s Original Blended Scotch Tasting Notes

Bell’s, a blended Scotch whisky that has been around from as early as 1825, is a well-known brand that is found in most pubs, bars and restaurants. After finding a bottle on my recent move, it would be unprofessional of me to let it sit there and not be sampled! So here goes – on the nose there’s a light nutty aroma with fresh fruit coming through as well. On the palate, a rather smooth oak taste lingers with a slight nut and spice coming through. A warm tingle after-taste follows which leaves a long flavour (which will be making you want to finish your dram rather quickly!) and at 40 % it’s not too strong and overpowering as some blended whiskies can be.


Bell's Blended Whisky

Something I never knew was that Bell’s is the only major blended whisky to be aged for 8 years, so you’ll be drinking something a little bit special! Its steeped in history that includes Arthur J Bell and his two sons Arthur Kimmond Bell and Robert Duff Bell. His sons are responsible for expanding the product overseas and to trademark the now familiar ‘Arthur Bell & Sons’ and their motto ‘Afore ye go’.  

Its rrp is around £15-17 so a bottle can be easily picked up in most places, and as mentioned, can be found in nearly all pubs, bars and restaurants. Other brands in that price range include Teachers, Famous Grouse and Grants.

I would recommend Bell’s Original to the whisky novices as it’s a good introduction to blended whisky. Give it a try!

You can purchase Bell’s here –

Check out Bell’s website –

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