Fusion Bar’s New Cocktail Menu

Last week I had the chance to try out the new cocktail menu at Manchester’s premier casino – Manchester 235. Set in the converted Great Northern Warehouse, their Fusion Bar attracts all walks of life no matter what day or time, and the four recipes on hand for me to tackle supported this case in style!

Gentleman's Smith

First up I went for the unusual – Gentleman’s Smith (£7.50). A mix of Gentleman Jack, creme de cassis and syrop de fraise with a layer of John Smith’s bitter created a drink reminiscent of an Belgian style strawberry beer, but had a crisp, clean texture with subtle hints of the Gentleman Jack. A house speciality was the next to be created, the 235, which had a blend of Disaronno Amaretto, creme de fraise, and strawberry puree charged with Champagne (£8.50). A surprising instant hit of fizz with a tangy feel, and not as sweet as expected and had a fantastic long finish. The Bartenders Breakfast (£7.50) came next, with the use of Beefeater gin, marmalade, Aperol, limoncello, Koko Kanu and citrus shaken with sugar and garnished with toast. Personally, one of the best Breakfast Martini’s I’ve tried! Very fresh with lots of fantastic marmalade flavours and citrus coconut aromas mixing nicely as its sipped.

Bartenders Breakfast

One cocktail that didn’t make the Fusion teams cut was a simple recipe of Watermelon and Raspberry Martini. Using raspberry vodka, Manzana, apple juice and watermelon syrup, it gave off a slight sweetness that was balanced with white apple flavours. How this didn’t make the final cut is beyond me, but it shows the standards that the Fusion team have gone for in selecting their cocktails to showcase. Wanting to use all the spirits available to them, they created over 60 different recipes and showcased them to both the management of Manchester 235 and the public at the recent Cocktail’s in the City event held at Manchester’s Town Hall. Whittled down, they now have the best of the best on their menu, with styles to suit tastes.

So get yourself down to the bar, open till the early hours every day, and i’ll see you their for a Breakfast Martini!

Check out my Facebook page for more photos of their new cocktail menu, as well as previous visits by myself.

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9 thoughts on “Fusion Bar’s New Cocktail Menu

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