Roberto Cavalli Tasting Notes

Some of you may know Roberto Cavalli as a leading Italian fashion designer, the creator of the ‘sand-blast look’ for jeans, and detailed exotic prints which has made him a cultural icon. But did you also know that he has created Italy’s first wholly produced vodka?  “Inspired and dedicated to the sexy woman who is the iconic, eternal muse for Cavalli style”, Roberto Cavalli has moved into the premium vodka market with optimism for which he is renowned worldwide and which have always characterized his collections.

Intended for the most discerning palates, the vodka was made according to traditional Italian distillation excellence. Created using the finest selection of wheat cultivated in the valleys where the South-Western Alps meet the Po, a soft type of wheat which, by using a higher content of type A starch, converts the sucrose into a very pure form and makes the distilled alcohol purer and smoother. The water used in the dilution process flows directly from the slopes of Monte Rosa and, with a low natural mineral content, gives the vodka an unique quality. The alcohol is then distilled carefully to give just the right flavour that will define Roberto Cavalli.

There are four columns for the first stage of distillation, and a special copper recipient for completing the procedure to give absolute purity. The filtering process uses not only the typical cellulose panels but also marble powder, important for guaranteeing the correct pH levels for the finished product. Bottling in small batches is the final act in creation of its exclusive character.

So with all this style, finesse and Italian art, i give to you my tasting notes –

Roberto Cavalli – 40%

Very light with a slight pepper aroma on the nose with citrus following soon after. Follows nicely onto the palate, creating a silky smooth texture with a slight buttery flavour. Small hints of sweetness dance around for a long finish. Almost delicate.

So it goes very well on its own, but how about mixing with fresh fruit?

Cavalli Tiger

Cavalli Tiger

Glass –


Ingredients –

50 ml Roberto Cavalli Vodka
30 ml passion fruit pulp
20 ml pineapple juice
5 ml grenadine
5 ml Grand Marnier

Method –

Shake all ingredients over ice and strain into chilled Martini glass. Garnish with half passion fruit.

A fantastic combination of flavours to ask your bartender to create for you, or easy enough to create at home!

Check out the rest of the photos, taken at The Circle 360, via my Facebook page.

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