The Last Lap at Chinawhite Launches £2,012 Cocktail






Golden Cocktail

The Last Lap at Chinawhite has launched London’s most exclusive cocktail, priced at £2,012 to celebrate what is set to be the biggest summer of sport in UK history.


The Golden Cocktail contains an extravagant mix of Hennessy Paradis Imperial Cognac, Luxor 24ct gold-leaf champagne and a handmade set of 18ct gold rings, which can be found at the bottom of the glass. The luxurious gold rings have been custom-made by London jeweller, Hirsh in 18ct gold and include four precious stones; ruby, black diamond, emerald and sapphire.


The cocktail, which will be randomly gifted to some lucky British Gold winners, and can be pre-ordered by guests, has been created as part of the ‘The Last Lap at Chinawhite’, seventeen nights of exclusive events from July 27 to August 12. The series of events, which are specifically designed to provide the world’s top athletes with the perfect environment to toast their achievements on track and field, is a concept first seen at Sydney in 2000.


Rob Woodhouse, The Last Lap Founder and Olympic medallist added: “Athletes don’t want to think about celebrating until they finish their last race or event.  Then it’s party time, and they want to party in the heart of the city they’re in, to experience the local culture. The Last Lap is set to be the best party in town and with this golden cocktail on offer for successful Brits, it’s even more reason to go for gold!”


As well as offering this exclusive cocktail to successful British athletes, French champagne, Luxor will personalise an exclusive 75cl bottle, gilded in gold-leaf as a lasting memory of their achievement.


For further information and to purchase your 17-day golden pass tickets visit




2 thoughts on “The Last Lap at Chinawhite Launches £2,012 Cocktail

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