Drambuie Reopens the Iconic Tron Kirk – The Original Home of Hogmany In Edinburgh – For a Festival of the Extraordinary

This Hogmanay, Drambuie is bringing the celebration back to its original venue as it throws open the doors of the historic Tron Kirk on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile from 30th December 2012 to 1st January 2013. The Scottish spirit will host A FESTIVAL OF THE EXTRAORDINARY– from the night before the night before to the morning after – to celebrate the first re-opening of the original home of Hogmanay in Edinburgh in twenty years.


The Tron Kirk is one of Edinburgh’s most recognisable landmarks and was the traditional focus for Edinburgh’s annual Hogmanay celebrations until 1993. The building has been largely closed to the public since the early 1950s but is a key part of a blueprint to restore the historic heart of the city, by bringing unused buildings back to life as cultural and arts venues, with support from private investors, commercial operators and arts organisations.


For three days and three nights, the Tron Kirk will open to locals and visitors welcoming in the New Year in Edinburgh. By day, the curious are invited to The Drambuie Surreal Sessions to enjoy an extraordinary program of events including:

  • A breathtaking digital art projection by Edinburgh-based digital artist, Andy McGregor, which will provide a 72 hour feast for the eyes, taking visitors from 2012 into 2013
  • A series of extraordinary film screenings using a classic 35mm movie projector supplied by The Grosvenor Cinema in Glasgow
  • Mixology masterclasses with Drambuie Brand Ambassador, Bruce Hamilton where participants will find their inner mixologist as they experiment with Drambuie’s complex and intriguing blend of aged Scotch whisky, spices and heather honey. Masterclasses can be won on twitter @drambuie and facebook.com/UKDrambuie
  • Unexpected live performances by emerging talent from across Scotland
  • The Surreal Cocktail Showcase where guest bartenders will created the most extraordinary cocktails Edinburgh has ever seen

By night, The Extraordinary Drambuie Gatherings will see Scottish purveyors of aural delight take to the stage to welcome in the New Year. The impressive line-up includes:

  • 30th December 2012: The Post Procession Party with Craig Smith (6th Borough Project)
  • 31st December 2012: The Most Extraordinary Hogmanay Party with Heavy Gossip & Ultragroove
  • 1st January 2013: The Unexpected New Year’s Day Party with LuckyMe, S-Type and Eclair Fifi & The Blessings

Revellers should also look out for Drambuie’s legion of Extraordinary Butlers, who will bring a taste of the extraordinary to the streets of Edinburgh, performing unexpected feats and inviting them into the unusual world of Drambuie.


The Tron Kirk was commissioned by King Charles I and built by Scottish architect John Myle between 1636 and 1647. It originally served as the city’s principal parish church and was the gathering place for Hogmanay celebrations. It ceased to be a church in 1952 and has been largely closed to the public since. The grade ‘A’ listed building is a site of immense historical and archaeological importance: the remains of Edinburgh’s oldest surviving street – the 16th Century Marlin’s Wynd – lie beneath the site.


Jonathan Brown, Heritage Director at Drambuie, comments, “Through A FESTIVAL OF THE EXTRAORDINARY we hope to help secure the future of the Tron Kirk as a central arts and culture venue in Edinburgh. For Drambuie, it is a return to our roots. During the first decade of the 20th century production of our famed liquid moved to Edinburgh from the Isle of Skye. We were based on Union Street, just over a mile away from the Tron Kirk. We are delighted, on behalf of the city of Edinburgh and the Tron Kirk, to bring this festival to  a traditional place of celebration during the New Year festivities for which Edinburgh is rightly famed.”


A FESTIVAL OF THE EXTRAORDINARY will be located inside the Tron Kirk, 122 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1PD. The Drambuie Surreal Sessions are free to enter and will take place from 9am to 9pm. The Extraordinary Drambuie Gatherings will take place each night from 10pm to 3am. Tickets will cost £10 and advance tickets can be purchased from See Tickets at:




For more information on A FESTIVAL OF THE EXTRAORDINARY, visit: drambuie.com/happenings @drambuie or facebook.com/UKDrambuie.

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