Buffalo Trace and The Last Supper Club

The Last Supper Club2

The Last Supper Club

Inspired by the looming Mayan prophecy which predicts the end of the world on 21st December 2012, ‘The Last Supper Club’ has brought together the creative production expertise of The Halo Group with the gastronomic inventiveness of Platterform to create a feast for all senses at one of East London’s best-kept secret venues, The Yard, Shoreditch.

Doom’s Day Dinner

For the final week of The Last Supper Club, DJ BBQ are creating a barbecue feast unlike any London has experienced  before. Countdown to the end of the world with a Mad Max inspired smoked out meat extravaganza. Not to be missed is the 18 hour ‘Burnt End of the World Beef Brisket’ with a lethal injection of Buffalo Trace bourbon marinade.

Doom’s Day bar specials include ‘Doom’s Day Smash’ with Buffalo Trace bourbon, apple brandy, pomegranate syrup and smashed Persian limes and ‘Planet X Picklebacks’, which combine Buffalo Trace bourbon with absinthe rinsed pickle juice dispensed by resident alien from Nibiru.


DJ BBQ are one of the new talents that Jamie Oliver is introducing to the planet on his soon to launch FoodTube channel. Look out for “THE ADVENTURES OF DJ BBQ”.

The Last Supper ClubBuffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace is a complex bourbon with signature aromas of vanilla, mint and molasses. The palate is distinctively sweet with notes of brown sugar, spice and oak and has a dry and smooth finish with a hint of licorice. Available at ASDA, Waitrose, Harrods, Harvey Nichols and specialist retailers from £24.35.

Running 6 December – 22 December 2012

Last Supper Club: www.lastsupperclub.co.uk
Buffalo Trace: http://www.buffalotrace.co.uk/
Doom’s Day Diner Menu: http://lastsupperclub.co.uk/menus/DoomsDayDiner.pdf
Doom’s Day Bar Menu: http://lastsupperclub.co.uk/menus/DoomsDayCocktails.pdf
Booking enquiries: bookings@lastsupperclub.co.uk

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