Cocktail of the Week – The Easter Martini

The latest Cocktail of the Week by collaborator and Head Barmen at the Vineyard at Stockcross David Coveney shows how Easter and chocolate don’t always have to come covered in foil. For the holiday, or indeed any other day of the year, he’s gone for a little spice –

The Easter Martini

The Easter Martini
The Easter Martini

Glass – 


Ingredients –

35 ml Ron de Jeremy Spiced Rum
35 ml Akashi Tai Umeshu
20 ml Monin Chocolate Syrup
2 long dashes of Adams Aphrodite Bitters

Method – 

Shake all the ingredients over ice and fine strain into a Martini glass.

David mentions that even though it sounds sweet, it’s a rather well-balanced drink. If you add a twist of lemon, it makes a perfect aperitif, and a large twist orange works well when you want to enjoy something by the fire at the end of the night. He even recommends to drink it with some dark chocolate on the side.


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