Joseph Cartron Tasting Notes

Joseph Cartron

Liqueurs can sometimes be overlooked, especially the standard flavours like strawberry, orange or raspberry. But every bar has them to add flavour and colour to a drink, or even used within food and desserts. They’re versatile and have been part of the drinks trade for many a year. With this, it makes sense to showcase a name that has not only been around for years, but for over 100.

Joseph Cartron dates back to the year 1882. A French family business with ties to the town of Nuits-Saint-Georges at the heart of Burgundy’s cru vineyards. With fantastic growing conditions, the various fruit ingredients combine with specially created recipes. Using maceration and infusion techniques that have been developed over many years, so much so in fact that individual production methods exist to make the most of every type of fruit and berry.

Joseph Cartron’s portfolio covers liqueurs, crèmes, ratafia, marc and eaux-de-vie. With many to come across, I’ve started with one flavour that is guaranteed to be on every bar. Hopefully over time i will be able to offer the full range, but for now, I give to you my tasting notes so far –

Joseph Cartron Curaçao Orange – 35%

Made from the essential oils of sweet oranges (Para variety from Brazil and Florida). Fresh, intense orange on the nose, leading to a smooth offering on the palate with a well-balanced sweet orange flavour. A slightly bitter end that lingers for a while.

Fantastic over ice, and great with one of these too –



Glass – 


Ingredients –

30 ml of Tequila 100% Agave (recommend Calle 23 or Cabrito tequilas)
20 ml of Joseph Cartron Triple Sec
15 ml of Cartron n°7
20 ml of fresh Orange juice
20 ml of fresh Lemon juice
A dash of salt

Method –

Shake, filter and pour in a rocks glass full of ice.

A versatile liquid, and one that you could find many uses for it you ever wanted to play around with it.

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