Dorset Ginger Tasting Notes

Dorset Ginger

Ginger beer is one of my favourites. Whether I enjoy on its own or with a spirit, lets say rum for example, it always seems to create a fantastic experience for me. Imagine my delight then when I came across a company in Dorset who produce their own!

Dorset Ginger is a traditional hand produced drink created in small batches to an old family recipe handed down over generations. It houses two in their range – Original and Strong and Dark. Originally produced in Bournemouth on a small-scale by a family butcher for many years, Dorset Ginger was founded as a company in the early eighties. The owners took the product around the country to many County Shows, building up a reputation before handing the company over in 2007 and moving production to Lytchett Matravers in Dorset.

So how does this family tradition fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Dorset Ginger Original

Soft ginger aroma with a subtle spice that darts through near the end. Light on the palate but spice flavours develops quickly, creating an extremely long, but lingering finish that freshens.

Dorset Ginger Strong and Dark

Rich ginger on the nose with a slight treacle and heavy sweetness following. Raw sweetness mixes with fiery spice on the palate and creates a heavy dose that can catch you unaware. Fantastically long.

Dorset Ginger is versatile enough for a couple of cocktails too –

Gin Ginger
Gin Ginger

Gin Ginger

Glass – 


Ingredients – 

25 ml Gin
25 ml Dorset Ginger

Method – 

Build and serve with ice & slice.


Spicy Dorset Mojito

Glass – 


Spicy Dorset Mojito
Spicy Dorset Mojito

Ingredients – 

Half a lime (cut in two)
Half a teaspoon of brown sugar
4 large mint leaves
200 ml apple juice
50 ml Dorset Ginger

Method – 

Squash the lime, sugar and mint into the bottom of the glass add Dorset Ginger, crushed ice and the apple juice, then mix up from the bottom.

Refreshing! Worthy of a purchase if you ever come across them. You’ll mainly find the brand within farm shops, delis, garden centers and independent food stores.

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