Hendrick’s Gin Uncover Unique Botanical on Perilous Quest Deep in the Venezuelan Rainforest

12996-Lesley & David

After days of trekking through the Venezuelan rainforest in pursuit of the extraordinary, the Hendrick’s Perilous Botanical Quest team have returned. Dirty, scratched, bruised, and pounds lighter than when they left, the team are immensely excited to announce that they have discovered a most unusual and flavoursome botanical with which to make a stimulating new “special edition” gin.

The intrepid venture into the Guayana Highlands of Venezuela saw Hendrick’s Master Distiller, Lesley Gracie, exploring the flora and fauna of the remarkable landscape under the stewardship of Mr. Charles Brewer-Carias, one of the world’s most distinguished moustachioed explorers, and renowned botanist, Francisco Delascio. Together, they guided Lesley through the remote wilderness of the rainforest and advised on botanicals.

Over the course of the trip the team covered several different terrains of the Guayana Highlands, from savannahs and mountain foots to riverbanks and the deep jungle. Armed with her tiny ten-litre alembic still, Lesley made a number of distillates from promising plant species pointed out to her by Charles, Francisco and the local tribesman, but it was one botanical in particular that captured her senses, that of the most unusual, ‘Scorpion Tail’. Believed by natives of the jungle to be a plant with magical powers for warding away evil spirits and traditionally used in tea infusions to treat stomach complaints, Scorpion Tail has an intriguing complex deep green note that will work well with the peculiar character of Hendrick’s Gin.

 “The flavour of Scorpion Tail is really difficult to describe, as it doesn’t taste like anything I’ve ever experienced before. However, its intriguingly unique palate will sit well with Hendrick’s and is sure to excite and delight taste buds.” said Lesley on unearthing Scorpion Tail. “The quest has been such a remarkable opportunity for us to discover new and unique flavours for distilling and has been an experience that will stay with me forever, but I’m happy to be back in Girvan again where there aren’t any sand fleas and spiders the size of saucers!”

In the heart of the jungle, Lesley distilled 8.4 litres of Scorpion Tail concentrate, which she successfully transported home and back to Scotland in her suitcase. Once she’s acclimatised to the very different terrain of South Ayrshire Lesley will start work on the new very rare edition of Hendrick’s Gin, a gin that will be inspired by the delectable Scorpion Tail and the pursuit of the extraordinary.

For more information on the Hendrick’s Perilous Botanical Quest, please visit sign up to the Hendrick’s Gin Society of the Unusual at www.hendricksgin.com/botanicalquest.

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