Be Wicked This Halloween With A Rigg’s Trigger Happy Cocktail


If you’re looking for a tipple that appeals to your wicked side this Halloween, then treat yourself to the Trigger Happy cocktail from Rigg’s, the new blackberry and raspberry spirit from Eager Drinks.

The combination of apple and hedgerow fruits evokes the feeling of Autumn. Cider brandy adds depth and complexity to this refreshing drink, making it a very moreish cocktail.

Created by Rigg’s, the cocktail is the perfect pick me up for the chilly Autumn months.

Trigger Happy

30ml Rigg’s
20ml Somerset Cider Brandy
20ml lemon juice
50ml Eager apple juice
100ml vintage cider (available at all good supermarket)

Garnish: Red apple fan

Glass: 14oz Tankard

Method: Shake all ingredients but cider with ice and strain over cubed ice in a large tankard, top with cider and garnish with 3 apple slices.

Note: This drink also works really well with Cognac or Calvados

Rigg’s is made using a premium grain spirit, distilled to maximum purity and made from English wheat. This totally neutral spirit is then macerated with the juices from the finest quality blackberries and raspberries, to form Rigg’s unique blend.

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