Warm Up This Winter With A Piping Hot Tipple From Rigg’s


Enjoy a little festive cheer, as Rigg’s invites you to toast this Christmas with its Piping Hot cocktail, the brand new winter warmer from the blackberry and raspberry spirit.

This party perfect cocktail overtakes your senses with the fruity tones of berries and warming apple. A sweet hint of maple syrup and tang of citrus adds a tasty kick to this hot tipple. And whilst indulging in this perfect accompaniment to the cold nights, let your thoughts drift to log fires, extravagant furs and cozy arm chairs.

Piping Hot

Ingredients –

30ml Rigg’s
200ml Eager Apple Juice
10ml Lemon Juice
10ml Maple Syrup

Method –

Shake all ingredients but Eager apple juice without ice and strain into a small tankard. Warm the apple juice in a saucepan. Top the Rigg’s, lemon juice and maple syrup with the warm apple juice and garnish with three apple slices. Add cinnamon stick to taste.

Rigg’s is made using a premium grain spirit, distilled to maximum purity and made from English wheat. This totally neutral spirit is then macerated with the juices from the finest quality blackberries and raspberries, to form Rigg’s unique blend.

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