Rigg’s Tasting Notes


What do Prohibition and rum smugglers have in common? Answer? Riggs.

Who? What?

Riggs is an alcoholic spirit. You may know its bigger brother though as Eager Drinks (the premium juice maker), who in July this year, Ed Rigg came out with something a little more potent in the form of fruit (mainly raspberries and blackberries) and alcohol combined. There’s already a market for these kind of cordials, with the likes of Belvoir hitting the supermarkets in the past year, but Riggs offers its take on the drink that was made popular back in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The rum smugglers of that time use to use fruit to disguise the taste of tarnished alcohol in order to keep profiteering from it, as did the patrons of the Prohibition era in America when they started to create cocktails to do away with the sometimes foul straight spirits.

Rigg’s is a nod to these eras, and has been created to add fresh fruit flavours to some of the classic cocktails of our time. A neutral grain spirit is steeped in the juices of blackberries and raspberries, but how does it fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Rigg’s Shrub – 28%

Subtle raspberries and blackberries on the nose, with a fresh after-feel that lingers. Soft on the palate, with bursts of the raspberries overtaking the deep, bold blackberry base. A little tart over sweetness for a short finish.

Great on its own to be fare, but as mentioned, this is one for adding to cocktails. Or maybe even just a simple creation like this –

Summer Rigg’s

Glass  –


Ingredients – 

30 ml Rigg’s Shrub
90 ml Ginger Ale

Method – 

Mix Rigg’s Shrub and ginger ale together in an ice filled highball and serve with whole blackberries and chopped strawberries.

It is mentioned that Rigg’s is perfect for the summer months, maybe even a good substitute for Pimm’s, but i can’t see any reason why you can’t enjoy this over Christmas. Imagine drizzling this over a dark berry fruit crumble? Try it and let me know what you plan on creating!

Oh, and when you hit the end of you bottle, let me know what you find facing you from the inside. It sums up Rigg’s personality of the brand.

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