Gloworm Tasting Notes

Glo Worm

I touched recently on mixers, pre-made flavours where all you need to do is add your own spirit. Sometimes seen as a cheats way into making a good quality drink, but the wind seems to have changed, Gloworm are breaking in and offering something a little different, a bit more premium.

Gloworm, the brainchild behind the guys from Boost Drinks, is a mix of a variety of flavours and stimulants,  designed to encourage consumers to try new combinations and create more interesting serves with their spirits. Created to make the most of high margin spirit sales, these taurine and sugar-free serves are causing a stir within the trade as bartenders are increasing their spirit offerings alongside this four strong portfolio.

Bit of an odd name though, although looking into it, it makes sense. Glow-worms can emit a steady and continuous glow at night, much like Gloworm’s trick in that it brings people to life after dark and enjoyed steadily from the beginning to the end.

But does it work, and more importantly, how do they fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Gloworm Cucumber and Apple – 0%

Light cucumber on the nose, with fresh green apple aromas developing and eventually dominating. Low carbonation resulting in a creamy blend of apple and cucumber. Plenty of aromas flying around, with a lingering finish.
Recommended: Serve alongside Hendrick’s or William Chase.

Gloworm Raspberry and Orris – 0%

Plenty of fresh raspberry aromas on the nose, with kicks of orris every once in a while. Soft on the palate, with the orris more noticeable, but still finishes with a lingering raspberry and smooth end.
Recommended: Serve alongside Finlandia or Absolut.

Gloworm Pear, Spice and Lime – 0%

Subtle flavours of the pear, lime and spice, with pear coming through more as it progresses. Subtle spice develops, resulting in a little dryness on the palate. The pear and lime flavours dominate, but blend well to balance.
Recommended: Serve alongside El Dorado 3yr or Matusalem Platino.

Gloworm Ginger and Lemongrass – 0%

Well-balanced on the nose, with the ginger edging out on the end. The fresh lemongrass dominates on the palate, with the ginger catching the end to dry out a little. Short but flavoursome.
Recommended: Serve alongside Jim Beam White Label or Benchmark.

Four great combinations on their own, and all lifted with the addition of spirits. Simple recipes accompany, with a shot of spirit added to your favourite expression to create either a Vodkaglo, Rumglo, Ginglo or Bourbonglo. Garnish with the appropriate addition and you’ve got yourself a rather effective range of premium drinks.

These 150 ml cans are only available from bars currently, but are being pushed with city-wide bar events and exhibitions in place for the coming year, so there’s plenty of chances to try and of course experience something a little bit different.

Give them a go.

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