Fever Tree To Pop-Up On World Gin Day

In celebration of World Gin Day, the Fever-Tree World Gin Day Pop-Up Bar will be taking up residency on the Southbank from 9th – 11th June for a weekend of fun, festivities and G&Ts. The debut appearance of its all new double-decker container bar, there will be rooftop masterclasses, live music and a sneak peekContinue reading “Fever Tree To Pop-Up On World Gin Day”

Finest Call

High volume venues can struggle to produce consistent cocktails, especially in the high-demand areas where one below-par drink can effect several others. It’s with this that developers have sought out opportunities to produce brands that can take the stress away from cocktail creations, especially in venues that are not traditionally cocktail led. By coming upContinue reading “Finest Call”

Thomas Henry

Mixers, and premium ones at that, are becoming a force within the drinks industry as more and more spirits tie themselves to unique brands to show off a signature serve. The mixers alone are seen as more fashionable to order too, with Fentimans complimenting their mixer range with their soft drink expressions, and Fever TreeContinue reading “Thomas Henry”

Pimento Tasting Notes

‘At last, a beverage without alcohol, stronger than alcohol’. Sounds like the perfect tag line to grab your attention doesn’t it? Back in 2009, it caught the attention of it home nation France, an in particular Paris, where it was launched in March of that year. But what exactly is it? Well Pimento is a carbonatedContinue reading “Pimento Tasting Notes”

Gloworm Tasting Notes

I touched recently on mixers, pre-made flavours where all you need to do is add your own spirit. Sometimes seen as a cheats way into making a good quality drink, but the wind seems to have changed, Gloworm are breaking in and offering something a little different, a bit more premium. Gloworm, the brainchild behindContinue reading “Gloworm Tasting Notes”

Shot Dropz Tasting Notes

“We’ve all been there. On a cruise, dying to let our hair down and let loose. You get a bottle of rum, vodka, whatever you prefer, and you get your party started. But something doesn’t quite taste right. You need something to mix with your shot and you don’t want to pay the insane pricesContinue reading “Shot Dropz Tasting Notes”

Quina-Fina Tasting Notes

I’ve featured two brands from New Zealand on my site in the form of Lighthouse gin and Broken Shed vodka, but now there’s a great accompaniment in the mixer category in the form of Quina-Fina. Quina Fina can take its inspiration from the history of tonic water. You may or may not know, but tonicContinue reading “Quina-Fina Tasting Notes”


Many of you will drink a spirit with a mixer. A Gin & Tonic, Vodka & Lemonade or a Whisky & Coke would not be frowned upon if ordered at a bar, pub or restaurant. But do you ever take notice of what that mixer is? You are more than likely going to ask for yourContinue reading “Fentimans”