Simon Rimmer Hosts Man v Food: Round 2 At Robinsons Brewery

Robinsons Man v Food 2

Following a gruelling first round, TV Chef and restaurateur Simon Rimmer returns to Robinsons Brewery on Friday 7th March to host an ample second serving of Man vs. Food.

This belly busting event, inspired by the hit US series ‘Man V Food’, pits 50 competitors against each other in a race against time to consume an offensively huge dish.

Perfectly timed for Great British Pie Week, Simon Rimmer and Robinsons Development chef Christian Whittleworth have upped the ante for Round Two. The previous 30 minute time limit has been devilishly cut in half leaving only 15 minutes to defeat the best that the Great North Pie Company has to offer; a mouth-watering selection of pies designed to stretch your stomach and taste buds to the limit.

“We’ve devised a menu that will push our competitors to the absolute limit” said Simon. “In Round One we saw seven competitors walk away with the win; but I would be highly surprised if anyone can overcome the colossal challenge we have in store. Something tells me this next round will truly separate the men from the boys! It’s a great excuse to celebrate the Great British Pie during British Pie week.”

The challenge will consist of four different pies: a giant Great Northern meat pie, a luscious Lancashire cheese and onion, a fiery chilli-tom-carne pie made with Robinsons legendary Old Tom Ale and a delicious chicken and ale pie made with another Robinsons favourite: Dizzy Blonde. Food combatants will also have to contend with a punishing pint of mash potato and a pint of peas.

On completion of the gargantuan challenge, the successful elite will get their meal for free; complete with a unique, money can’t buy, winners t-shirt. The fastest to clean their plate will also win their own height in beer.

The event takes place on Friday 7th March 2014 at Robinsons Visitors Centre in Stockport. Tickets are available from £10 per person with competitor and spectator places available. Spectators can scoff a regular sized version of the challenge menu for no extra cost (and with no time limit).

To book tickets call 0161 612 4100 or email

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