Pigalle Tasting Notes


Pigalle vodka came across my radar in the past week or so, with intrigue from their bottle design capturing my eye. I received one of five different bottle labels, with mine symbolising Paris with the use of a red light glowing from a lamp post, with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Being a French vodka, Pigalle uses the tradition of the French Spirit Valley Houses and has within French wheat  from the Limousine, Cognac region. It’s fermented in batches and distilled five times, before being blended with 4°C water from the Gensac springs that lowers the abv to 42.6%.

So how does it fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Pigalle – 42.6%

Incredibly smooth, with hints of the French wheat noticeable at the end. Smooth on the palate, with hints of almond, slight peppet and a growing spice. A long, warming finish.

Not bad to be honest, making it not just the design (others being  a club door, dollars, craps and a show girl) that will have consumers and trade talking. Although not available in the UK as of yet, I can imagine it will be on its way. If you can’t wait, it’s just an excuse to nip to Paris for the weekend and experience! Oh and it’s also award-winning, grabbing a Gold Medal at the BTI (Beverage Testing Institute) official Tasting Institute of Chicago 2013.

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