Jess Graber.

Not a name that many of you will know, but he is a man who has shown passion for distilling since the age of 22, and it’s all down to his neighbour. You see, when Jess’s neighbour moved, he left behind his 10 gallon still, resulting in Jess tinkering, learning the art and reading up on the craft, all whilst working a living. For the next 30 years, distilling was his hobby, until 2004, when he decided he would distil full-time. Tincup is his latest creation and follows up on the likes of Stranahan’s, but Tincup is what he believes is his take on an American classic.

Tincup has a predominantly high rye mash bill, aiming for Jess’s aim of creating a whiskey with a bourbon profile.  Midwestern grains are used and is made using new American white oak barrels, and cut with spring water from the Rocky mountains.

The name? A nod to the Colarado miners and first whiskey drinkers. They drank their whisky out of tin cups whilst they looked for gold. A bottle of Tincup comes with a cap which also acts as a tin cup vessel, so you can truly experience the miners delight.

So how does it fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Tincup – 42%

A sweet, aromatic aroma on the nose, with a good blend of vanilla and rye. Sweet yet a sharp dose of vanilla on the palate, causing it to linger slightly. It creates a dry, spice finish. Incredible.


Jess himself says the best way to enjoy Tincup is straight, or with a dash of water. I myself, wouldn’t want to add a single drop. This is one of the best rye whiskies I’ve tried and, as many of you know, I’m a big believer that if it has been created and bottled like that, it should be enjoyed in the same way. Tincup backs my theory with a clank of its lid. One to buy for sure.

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