Have A Ball With A Monks Maracana

Monks Maracana[1][9]

It’s time for the sporting event of the year, and what better way to celebrate the World Cup than with a Monks Maracana created for Bénédictine by Shaker BarSchool. Enjoy a delicious mix of both spicy yet fruity flavours, inspired by the lively and exciting lifestyle of host city of Rio de Janeiro!

Samba down to muddled limes, fresh passion fruit and the herbal notes of Bénédictine, to create a cocktail that is exciting and passionate, perfect to indulge in during the football madness.


50 ml Bénédictine
3 Lime wedges
1 large fresh ripe passion fruit
1 spoon castor sugar
Crushed or cracked ice


Lime twist and passion fruit half


12oz Rocks


Muddle limes, squeeze in passion fruit pulp, pour Bénédictine, add crushed ice, churn, top with more ice and garnish!


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