U’Luvka Vodka Appoints Love Drinks For The UK Market


Love Drinks has made an addition to its portfolio of premium and hand-crafted range of spirits, liqueurs and beers with the introduction of the super-premium, luxury vodka, U’Luvka.

U’Luvka has had a presence in the UK market since 2005. However, it is the first time that the brand has appointed a sales agency to create advocacy within the bartending community as well as growing distribution and brand awareness in the on and off trade.

Over the years, U’Luvka has won over 60 awards for its distinctive, iconic packaging and its smooth, sippable and full-flavoured taste. The origins of U’Luvka can be traced back to the 16th century Polish Royal Court where a famous alchemist was commissioned to develop a vodka of the finest purity and the most exceptional quality to be enjoyed by the Royal Court. The alchemist, Sendivogius, proved his worth by delivering a spirit of legendary finesse.

The centuries old recipe was rediscovered in ancient records and has been meticulously recreated using the finest Polish rye and grain by one of Poland’s most respected master distillers, Elzbieta Goldyka to create U’Luvka.

Kirsty Loveday, Founder and Managing Director of Love Drinks said; “It’s fantastic that U’Luvka is now part of the Love Drinks portfolio and we’re delighted to be working with a brand that has so much history and heritage. One of the most important criteria for us when choosing a brand to complement our existing range is that the liquid must be of the highest quality and that’s absolutely the case with U’Luvka.

“We’ve been on the look-out for a straight vodka that would be the perfect for our portfolio for many years and we’re delighted to be working with U’Luvka. We’re looking forward to further establishing U’Luvka’s credentials as a super-premium luxury vodka and ensuring that it has its deserved place on the back bars of the best bars and on the shelves of quality retailers, both on-line and in-store.”

Nick Kirkpatrick, Co-founder of U’Luvka Vodka said: “The quality and reputation of U’Luvka speaks for itself. We are investing in the brand with renewed vigour and are confident that we have found a great partner in Love Drinks who share and understand the very essence of U’Luvka which is lovingly created and drunk with Friendship, Love and Pleasure.”


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