Magners Unveils Refreshing Twist To Orchard Berries

Magners Orchard Berries - 500ml bottle shotMagners, the premium Irish Cider brand, has unveiled a fresh new look and bottle size for its popular Orchard Berries flavour – a clear 500ml bottle which shows the juicy red colour inside, packed with ripe strawberries, tangy raspberries and zesty blackcurrants.

Previously named Magners Berry, the new-look Magners Orchard Berries is perfect for hot summer days, with a popular fruity taste and attractive bottle size; it’s an ideal accompaniment for picnics and parties with friends.

Offering an additional twist on the classic serve, Magners’ expert mixologists have created a range of fresh and exciting cocktails using the Orchard Berries product to coincide with the launch of the new look bottle. Perfectly pairing the zesty flavour, the team have built a collection of deliciously refreshing drinks to highlight the fresh, fruity tones of the classic liquid.

Accessible and easy to create from home, the cocktails are designed in three mouth-watering variations – Orchard Berries Blossom, Orchard Berries Royal and Very Merry Berries.

Karen Crowley, Brands Marketing Manager for Magners, said:

“Flavoured cider has boomed in the UK, since we first launched our berry variant in 2012. Our new look Orchard Berries combines the original unique recipe with a stylish fresh design to appeal to the product’s growing fan base.

“Backed with a delicious collection of cocktail recipes, targeted towards new and current cider lovers, Magners Orchard Berries is the perfect summer drink, best served straight and over ice or with an additional fruity twist.”

Magners Orchard Berries is available from supermarkets including The Co-operative and Tesco, convenience stores and selected bars across the UK. For more information please visit

Magners Orchard Berries Cocktails

Orchard Berries Blossom
Orchard Berries Blossom

Orchard Berries Blossom (one Magners Orchard Berries bottle makes two cocktails)


· 8 Mint leaves
· 4 lime wedges
· 15ml sugar syrup
· 200ml Magners Orchard Berries
· Crushed Ice

To garnish: mint sprig and a trio of speared berries

Glass: wine balloon


· Lightly muddle mint, lime and sugar
· Fill ¾ glass with crushed ice
· Add 50ml of the Magners Orchard Berries, churn and stir
· Cap with more crushed ice and top with 150ml Orchard Berries
· Garnish with a sprig of mint and a trio of speared berries

Orchard Berries Royale
Orchard Berries Royale

Orchard Berries Royale (One Magners Orchard Berries makes five cocktails)


· 1 sugar cube
· 10ml Creme De Cassis
· 100ml Magners Orchard Berries
· 25ml Proseco or Champagne

To garnish: lemon twist

Glass: Champagne flute


· Simply add all ingredients to the flute glass
· Garnish with a lemon twist

Variations: Substitute Cassis for Aperol or Campari or Absinthe

Orchard Very Merry Berries
Orchard Very Merry Berries

Very Merry Berries (one Magners Orchard Berries makes two cocktails)


· 4 raspberries
· 4 strawberries
· 4 blueberries
· 35ml pink grapefruit juice
· 15ml sugar syrup
· 200ml Magners Orchard Berries

Glass: Pint glass tanker

Garnish: Grapefruit twist and strawberry garnish


· Quarter the strawberries and half the blueberries
· Add the berries into the glass along with the ice, grapefruit juice and syrup
· Top with the Magners Orchard Berries
· Garnish with the grapefruit twist and strawberry garnish

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